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    Azalea how to cure it in winter?

    Azalea how to cure it in winter?

    Azalea how to cure it in winter?

    plant the azalea in a pot with a drainage hole, so as not to leave the soil excessively wet. use an acidic, well-drained, peat-based soil that does not contain lime. use a fertilizer that is rich in potassium and contains iron. use distilled or rain water to proceed with irrigation.

    How do you keep an azalea?

    Azalea is an acidophilic plant that needs a specific soil with a pH below 6,5. To keep it that way, the plant must be watered with water as free of limestone as possible; the best is the rain one.

    How to water potted azaleas?

    Let's water our azaleas in pots when the soil is dry, from March to September, avoiding leaving them without water for a long time; in the same way we avoid excesses, and therefore we avoid leaving the soil soaked in water for a long time.

    How do you care for azaleas in pots?

    The azalea plant, especially if grown in pots, requires frequent and abundant watering, especially with the arrival of summer: make sure that the soil is moist, but not excessively wet, to avoid rotting the roots and doing damage irreparable.

    Where to put hydrangeas in winter?

    In addition to what has already been indicated, in the alpine and pre-alpine regions, repair it in a cold greenhouse or under transparent sheets. Same advice in the Apennines: the limit altitude beyond which the lack of shelter leads to death of the hydrangea is 1200 m of altitude.

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    What temperatures do hydrangeas tolerate?

    This can continue uninterrupted for almost two months. The ideal temperature for healthy hydrangea growth should be around 18 degrees, as higher temperatures block flowering. Under conditions of incorrect humidity and internal temperature, hydrangeas wither and no longer produce new flowers.

    When to cover hydrangeas?

    In areas where winter temperatures do not drop below freezing, a layer of mulch is enough to protect your flowers. If, on the other hand, you live in an area where frosts are frequent, you need to protect the hydrangeas for the first frost of the season by building a shelter.

    Where to place azalea?

    In areas with a generally mild climate, the azaleas are planted in a sunny place; in areas with hot summers it is advisable to place the azaleas in a semi-shady or shady place. Garden varieties do not fear the cold, even in very cold temperatures.

    How to remove dried flowers from azaleas?

    To keep azaleas in excellent health, the flowers must always be removed by also removing the peduncle, in order to prevent the plant from producing seeds by dispersing energy.

    When is it time to repot an azalea?

    The period to transplant the azalea without damaging it is the one following its flowering. When the flowers start to fall, that's the time to repot. If it is to be placed in a larger pot, it is essential to place a layer of expanded clay on the bottom, so that it drains the liquids.

    How often to water the azalea?

    Potted azalea should be watered thoroughly and daily. It is necessary to see the water come out of the saucer which must then be regularly emptied.

    How much does an azalea pot cost?

    The cost can range from 3 Euros for a very small plant up to 10 Euros for a slightly larger one. Azalea is also the symbolic flower of AIRC, the cancer research association.

    What to do if the azalea sheds its leaves?

    It is not uncommon for azalea leaves to begin to suffer and gradually fall off. The main causes are usually insufficient acidic soil or incorrect irrigation: you may in fact be using water that is too rich in calcium.

    How to keep the calla lilies in pots?

    The calla raised in pots during the winter must be sheltered from the cold and give freezing winds. To prevent the root system from being damaged due to sudden changes in temperature, a light mulch consisting of dry leaves or straw is recommended. During the vegetative rest it is advisable to remove the saucer as well.

    Why do azalea flowers fall?

    If placed in partial shade, the azaleas will not have the strength to produce blooms while if in full flower, the azalea will immediately tend to wither. Lack of light is one of the most common causes when azalea is not blooming.

    How to remove dried flowers?

    The best way to remove these withered flowers is to cut or pinch the base of the flower to separate the flower from the stem. This way, the clean cut will heal faster and are less likely to damage the rest of the plant.

    How to remove the dried flowers of the Rhododendron?

    Detach the withered flowers directly at the root of the leaf, in this way no energy is consumed for the development of the seeds and the shoots grow thicker. With a radical pruning it is possible to give a regular shape to bare plants or rhododendrons that must not exceed a certain size.

    Where to place azalea in the garden?

    Azaleas certainly prefer temperate climates but also survive very well in different areas (generally they do not suffer excessively between -10 ° C and + 20 ° C). In winter the best exposure is undoubtedly to the south, positioned next to a wall to protect the plant from the coldest winds.

    What to plant with azalea?

    You can also choose fall or winter type plants that create a contrast, such as witch hazel or barberry. Narcissus and snowdrop are also perennial plants and flowers that are great when it comes to pairing with azaleas.

    How to get blue hydrangeas?

    Blue hydrangeas are obtained from pink hydrangeas; to change the color from pink to blue they must have an acidic soil, with a pH lower than 6. If, on the contrary, the pH is higher than 6, the flowers will be in shades of pink. This happens because the petals of the hydrangea are sensitive to aluminum ions.

    What to do now for the hydrangea?

    Hydrangeas must be rejuvenated by removing the branches of the withered bushes and the weaker internal ones. In this period pay attention to watering, especially if the weather is dry: being an acidophilic plant, the hydrangea wants rain water that may be recovered or acidulated water.

    How to make hydrangeas bloom?

    Making hydrangeas bloom requires exposing the plant in a semi-shaded area, as they need a lot of brightness, which must not be prolonged, moreover the hydrangeas must not be in direct contact with the sun's rays which could cause discoloration and drying the flowers.

    How to store dried hydrangea flowers?

    How to dry hydrangeas
    1. 1) Soak the stem of the flowers in a vase containing approximately 5 cm of water. ...
    2. 2) On the eighth day, the flowers will start to dehydrate and dry out, so hang them upside down in a cool, breezy, dry and dark environment (like in the cellar!).

    How to care for hydrangeas in the fall?

    To keep the shrub compact and stimulate flowering, it is advisable to prune the hydrangeas every year. It proceeds in autumn or towards the end of winter, when the plant is in vegetative rest. First of all, withered flowers and damaged, stunted, twisted or diseased branches are removed.

    When to plant climbing hydrangea?

    It is planted in October-November or in March-April. It wants fresh, deep, acidic, well-drained, fertile soil, possibly enriched with compost, mature manure or peat. Use the substrate for acidophiles.

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