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    Belly button piercing reddened in pregnancy?

    Belly button piercing reddened in pregnancy?

    Belly button piercing reddened in pregnancy?

    If you have your belly button pierced during pregnancy, it may start to get irritated as your baby bump grows or it may get caught in your clothes. Watch out for redness, which indicates that the piercing may be too tight. Dry and tight skin.

    Can you have a navel piercing when you are pregnant?

    The tattoo must be kept (also because to remove it you would need a specific laser which, once again, is contraindicated in pregnancy); even the piercing can be kept: "However, if it is located right on the belly, as the months go by the skin becomes tighter and thinner and the piercing could give ...

    When does the navel start to change in pregnancy?

    At the end of the month, i.e. the 36th week, the uterus is approximately 36 centimeters long and extends beyond the navel line by approximately 14 centimeters. Around the eighth month, the belly button of the expectant mother begins to lose its characteristic indentation, until it becomes completely flat.

    What to do in case of a navel piercing infection?

    If the piercing is infected, doctors usually prescribe local application of antibiotic creams, in the case of a mild infection, or antibiotics to be taken by mouth, in the presence of a severe infection.

    How long does it take for a navel piercing to close?

    Generally speaking, the hole heals completely over the next 6-12 months. During this period it is recommended: Do not replace the hypoallergenic piercing with a jewel, before 3 months (note: the hole must not be inflamed, red or swollen);


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    How to tell if a navel piercing fits you?

    In 90% of cases it is a perspective or the jewel that weighs on one side over the other, making the hole appear crooked. After the navel piercing has healed or by changing the jewelry you will find that the hole is actually perfectly aligned.

    How do you know if a piercing has healed?

    Throughout the healing period you may feel itchy, hold on and don't scratch! The secretion of a white / yellowish liquid, which dries up in contact with the air, forming crusts around the jewel near the hole is perfectly normal.

    How long does it take to heal the Helix?

    A hole in the auricular cartilage heals in about 4-5 months, during this time the chosen jewel must never be removed and careful cleaning care must be taken to facilitate healing.

    When can I change my ear piercing?

    After the convalescence it is possible to replace them with high quality earrings (possibly gold). Until complete healing (5 months for the lobe puncture and 12 months for the cartilage one) you must avoid pendulum earrings and favor the pin or ring ones with the inside in the shape of a pin.

    Why does the navel come out in pregnancy?

    Even in pregnant women, the navel cavity tends to eversion from its cavity due to the pressure of the fetus on the belly, but it returns normally after delivery.

    When does it hurt below the navel?

    Pain in the navel may also result from urinary tract infections, peritoneal irritation secondary to pelvic inflammatory disease, perforated peptic ulcer, or intestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis.

    What happens if you touch your navel?

    According to a recent study by the University of North Carolina, at least 1400 different strains of germs can hole up inside the navel, with a very high risk of infection of the same in case of repeated contact with the fingers.

    Can you get a tattoo when you are pregnant?

    "Absolutely not. Pregnancy lowers the woman's immune defenses, which is more vulnerable to local infections and infectious diseases. Furthermore, during the wait, the skin is more sensitive and the risk of allergic reactions and pigment rejection also increases ”.

    How do you remove the navel piercing?

    First, wash your hands thoroughly using an antibacterial detergent and, with the same care, disinfect the new jewel. Once this is done, unscrew the ball of the piercing that was inserted by the piercer and remove it delicately, insert the new jewel with the same delicacy, screw it in and you're done!

    Is your belly hard or soft when pregnant?

    How to distinguish a pregnant belly from simple abdominal fat? Those who are fattened have a flaccid and soft belly, with the fat that tends to turn downwards. On the contrary, the pregnancy belly has tightly stretched skin, it is a hard belly that aims upwards or outwards.

    What kind of earring can I put on like Helix?

    Initially you will wear something very similar to the classic earring commonly used for lobes, in titanium or surgical steel as they are rarely reactive to allergies.

    How to take care of freshly made earrings?

    Thoroughly clean the hole and the surrounding area with a sterile gauze soaked in a disinfectant solution, for example with hydrogen peroxide. Eliminate any secretions until the wound has healed.

    How long does ear hole pain last?

    After the puncture it is normal for some swelling and redness to appear. It should disappear within 48 hours following our post-puncture care instructions. If the pain, redness and swelling do not subside, contact a doctor immediately.

    How to heal the hole in the cartilage?

    Keep the piercing clean with a saline solution.

    Cleanse the piercing area with gauze soaked in saline after washing your hands. Then dry gently with absorbent paper. Saline can be found in body art stores or pharmacies.

    How many times a day to disinfect a piercing?

    An ear piercing should be disinfected at least twice a day, preferably morning and evening. For cleaning, you can use a cotton swab dipped in saline solution or healing ointment. After each disinfection, remember to swirl the piercing in the hole to remove any scabs that have formed internally.

    How do you disinfect a piercing?

    To disinfect any type of piercing, you can prepare a saline solution yourself by dissolving a tablespoon of salt in 200 ml of distilled water heated over the fire. Alternatively, you can buy it at the pharmacy or use a non-alcoholic disinfectant.

    What is the meaning of the navel piercing?

    The Navel Piercing or the navel piercing has long been one of the most popular piercings by girls, who have considered it a real symbol of seduction and attraction: a part of one's body to be displayed in public embellished and dressed up with a precious little jewel to make ...

    How to sleep after having a navel piercing?

    No contact with external body fluids such as saliva, sweat or seminal fluids. Do not put pressure on the hole, especially at night, trying to sleep leaning on the side opposite the hole or in case of piercing in the central areas of the body sleep on your back or vice versa.

    How to cover a piercing hole?

    Hide the jewelry with a flesh-colored patch.

    It is a remedy that obviously does not hide the fact that you have pierced your ear, but at least it covers the jewel. Use this method only if hiding the jewelry from view is more important than keeping the piercing a secret.

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