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    Can you save money?

    Can you save money?

    Obviously the savings obtained - about 2/3 less than the cost of a built-in kitchen - is due not only to the costs of the materials used, but also to the lower cost of labor. The design and assembly of the modules can however be entrusted to a craftsman.

    What are brick kitchens like?

    Masonry kitchens are often made of concrete, stone and perhaps defined with portions of stones and pebbles to create 'exposed' sections. These are materials that need a masonry or an expert in the sector to be used and to give life to a job well done.

    How are fake masonry kitchens made?

    The fake masonry is made with plasterboard panels or plywood, and the latter material is the plywood 90% used in masonry kitchens or more precisely called "masonry effect". The plywood is then covered with tiles or painted with washable wall paint.

    How much does a built-in kitchen cost per meter?

    In any case, for an average built-in kitchen it is advisable to foresee an expense of at least 6.000 euros. In calculating the costs, the following must certainly be considered: those relating to masonry works - 60/70 euros per square meter - and to carpentry and coating works; those needed for kitchen flooring - eg.

    How much does a small kitchen cost?

    A small economy kitchen (180 x 215 cm) costs around 480 euros and includes: vanity unit with door. base with door and drawer. built-in base for electric oven.

    Do-it-yourself masonry kitchen

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    How much does it cost to make a DIY masonry kitchen?

    In general, the costs of a built-in kitchen range from about 2 thousand euros if you decide to build the kitchen with your own hands and therefore with the DIY, up to 10 thousand euros.

    How much does a Lube built-in kitchen cost?

    Cucine Lube, prices range from approximately 6 thousand to 18 thousand euros. It is impossible to define a precise scissor as the compositions are all customizable and therefore numerous and also very different from each other in terms of dimensions, structure, finishes, colors.

    How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

    The physical effort required to set up an outdoor kitchen ranges from simple tasks such as moving objects, to intensive construction and laying of pipes and wires: Construction work in general costs around 5.000 - 12.000 euros, of which 70% it is made up of labor and 30% of material costs.

    How much does a country kitchen cost?

    Country-style gas cookers have prices ranging from 320 euros upwards, for gas cookers with electric oven and two-burner hob. The models with more elaborate finishes can even reach over 3 thousand euros. A freestanding country kitchen with 4 burners and electric oven costs around 550 euros.

    How to renovate a built-in kitchen?

    There are two options for renovating it: change it for an oiled or laminated wood countertop, or even a marble countertop, or cover it with a mineral concrete, which can also be placed on the sideboard if you don't like tiles.

    How much does it cost to redo a kitchen floor?

    The cost of the kitchen floor is usually around € 25 / m². It is necessary to take into account that the cost of labor must also be added to these prices. In total, the price for renovating the tiling and kitchen floor will come in at around 1.500 euros.

    How much does a kitchen with island from Mondo Convenienza cost?

    Much depends on the quantity and type of the elements chosen for the single composition, but also on the dimensions and finishes. In principle, however, Mondo Convenienza modular kitchens have a price between 950 and 2000 euros.

    How much does a bespoke kitchen from Mondo Convenienza cost?

    The prices of Mondo Convenienza kitchens are very competitive. All those who want to change their kitchen on a budget can opt for this brand. The average price ranges from around 900 euros upwards.

    How much does a Lube Pantheon CUCINA cost?

    A perfect balance of design and aesthetic content will guarantee you complete satisfaction once the project is completed, at a price of only € 6947. Among the many compositions that we distribute, the Lube cucine classic white linear Pantheon kitchen visible here is truly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    How much does a Lube Agnese KITCHEN cost?

    For only € 8270 you will have the KITCHEN Lube cucine Agnese OUTLET PRICE, suitable to reflect your personal style.

    How much does it cost to stay?

    All in all, the basic price of a modern budget stay is 490 euros. If the living room is also a dining room, a dining table with 6 chairs must also be added (price: from 220 euros).

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