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    Cancellation of the rai fee to whom to send it?

    Cancellation of the rai fee to whom to send it?

    Cancellation of the rai fee to whom to send it?

    Registered mail to the Revenue Agency: the transmission of the form by post is to be made by registered letter with return receipt, to the Revenue Agency, Turin Office 1, SAT - TV subscription desk - Casella Postale 22 - 10121 Turin.

    How to cancel the TV fee in the bill?

    How to cancel the RAI 2022 fee
    1. Access the RAI fee cancellation form online in the pdf bill.
    2. Choose the registered letter with return receipt to be sent to the Revenue Agency.
    3. Enter the data of the sender of the cancellation of the RAI subscription.
    4. Fill out the RAI Fee Exemption Declaration online.

    How to cancel the Rai 2021 fee?

    When should the RAI 2021 fee exemption request be sent? To cancel the TV fee, the citizen must send the cancellation form by 31 January 2021 in order to be exempt from paying the tax for the entire year 2021.

    How to cancel the Rai fee for the transfer of a nursing home?

    In the event of a transfer to a nursing home, a letter of cancellation must be sent to RAI, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. A photocopy of the identity document of the pass holder must be attached to the letter.

    How to send the Rai fee exemption form?

    Rai fee, how to send the request for exemption

    by sending a registered letter without an envelope, to the address: Agenzia delle Entrate - Provincial Directorate I of Turin - Office Canone TV - P.O. Box 22 - 10121 Turin.

    How not to pay the RAI license fee (exemption for not owning the TV)

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    How to communicate the RAI fee to the Revenue Agency?

    Since the fee is due only once for each family, it will be sufficient to notify the Revenue Agency on which electricity user the charges must be made by filling in Part B of the self-declaration form published on the websites and

    How to send the substitutive declaration relating to the subscription fee?

    The substitutive declaration can also be submitted by certified electronic mail, digitally signed, to the address

    Who is exempt from paying the Rai license fee?

    As explained by the Revenue Agency, "Citizens who have reached the age of 75, with an annual income of their own and that of their spouse not exceeding a total of 8.000 euros and without cohabitants who have their own income (except for domestic workers, maids and carers) , may submit a declaration ...

    When is the Rai license not due?

    For the purposes of the right to exemption from the TV tax, it is necessary that the age of 75 has been completed by January 31, 2021. If, on the other hand, the age requirement was reached by July 31, the exemption is only for the second semester.

    How much does Rai Fee 2021 cost?

    In detail, for 2021, the amount to be paid on the RAI license fee is € 90 per family. Furthermore, from 2016, the TV ownership tax is no longer paid with the postal order.

    How to request a refund of the Rai fee?

    Alternatively, the request for reimbursement can be presented, together with a copy of a valid identification document, through the postal service with registered letter to the following address: Agenzia delle Entrate - Provincial Directorate I of Turin - Canon TV Office - Post Office Box 22 - 10121 Turin.

    How to request the refund of the Rai over 75 fee?

    To obtain reimbursement of the installments already paid and not due, the citizen over XNUMX must send the RAI Fee refund form to the Revenue Agency also online, but only AFTER having submitted the substitute declaration certifying the possession of the new requirements.

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