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    Checking the vine when?

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    Checking the vine when?

    Spollonatura and scacchiatura, the second completes the first. In general we are talking about a so-called "green" or "summer" pruning on the vine precisely because, unlike the dry one, it is done on herbaceous shoots, therefore not during the winter, but towards mid-May.

    When to remove the shanks of the vine?

    If you want to carry out a single intervention, it must be done about 30 days before veraison, to allow the plant to emit seedlings which will be efficient in the pre-veraison period, which is essential for the accumulation of substances inside the plant.

    When is the green pruning of the vine carried out?

    Green pruning is carried out in the spring-summer period as it takes place mainly on the green organs of the vine.

    What is Chess?

    scacchiatura sf [der. to chess]. - In agriculture, a green pruning operation which consists in eliminating the fruitless jets (cacchi) of the vine (but also of the tobacco and, in general, of not very vigorous plants), in order to favor the development of the jets that bear the fruit.

    What are vine suckers?

    Suckers are shoots which do not bear grapes, which subtract energy from the productive ones and which can reduce the aeration of the bunches; their timely elimination allows an adequate development of the plant according to the desired training system.

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    What are the sissies in the vines?

    Introduction. The feminelle represent the buds deriving from the ready buds. They develop at the axil of the leaves and are mostly not very productive or sterile. In any case, even the few bunches produced rarely reach an acceptable ripeness and are therefore neglected during the harvest.

    What are the feminelle of wine?

    The female shoots are buds that arise from the ready buds of the shoots of the year, that is, from the cacchi. The germination of the female shoots depends a lot on the type of vine and can be stimulated by the topping operations that cut the tip of the main shoots.

    How to favor the fruit set of the vine?

    The triacontanol, the phenolic extracts and the vegetable amino acids of ILSAVEGETUS stimulate the activity of the enzymes that regulate the main reactions of carbon and nitrogen metabolism, thus favoring photosynthesis, flowering, fruit set, even in times of stress.

    What does it mean to trim a plant?

    The operation of trimming. In particular: a. Cutting or tearing of the upper part of a plant to limit its development in height or to concentrate the juices in the part that bears the fruits or flowers; it can also be operated laterally to increase the exposure of the leaf surface to light.

    How to lower a fig tree?

    The main operations concerning production pruning are:
    1. Remove badly positioned or excessively vigorous twigs.
    2. Make back cuts on too tall and leafless branches.
    3. Make back cuts to balance the hair.
    4. Remove the branches placed too low.

    When is the best time to prune the vine?

    The pruning of the vine is carried out mainly in winter, when the plant has completely lost its leaves. The ideal period is January or February.

    When do you top the vine?

    The topping is usually done between the end of June and the beginning of July, after the bunches have been set. It is not to be done close to veraison, therefore in a late period, as, after the topping, the plant could emit new seedlings, which would compete with the ripening bunch.

    When does veraison start?

    Depending on the climate and the variety, veraison usually takes place between August and September.

    How to prune suckers?

    Regarding the methods of removing olive suckers, the rules are those of generic pruning: it is good to avoid drastic interventions, and not to cut more than a third of the total volume of the plant, using disinfected and well-sharpened scissors, making clean cuts and I decided (down and out) and ...

    When and how are tomatoes topped?

    However, it is advisable to do the topping during the summer months, between July and August. Although the topping of tomatoes is an act that serves to "block" the growth of the plant, there are no contraindications. On the contrary, by doing it you can help the whole plant to produce genuine fruit.

    How and when to trim pumpkins?

    The topping of the branch is carried out periodically and is an important pruning job to balance the plant and direct its resources towards the formation of the fruit. To trim the pumpkin you need to cut after the second or after the fourth leaf (depending on how developed the plant is).

    When Cimare avocado?


    If possible, I recommend a season with a strong vegetative drive, so I would intervene from late spring until all summer and early autumn.

    When does the flowering of the vine end?

    The flowering on the plant lasts about 10-20 days depending on the climatic and environmental factors in which the plant is contextualized and on the single bunch of 4-8 days.

    How to favor the fruit set of the cherry tree?

    FOLICIST and NUTRI-GEMMA B-Zn, applied close to flowering, prevent the metabolic and environmental stresses that characterize this phase, favor the uniformity of flower development and increase fruit set, reducing fruit drop.

    How does the fruit set take place?

    The fertilization of flowers by pollination determines the transition from flower to fruit. In fruit growing this delicate phase is called fruit set. It is usually expressed in percentage terms, referring to the number of flowers on the tree (percentage of fruit set).

    What is the European vitis vinifera called?

    The common vine or Eurasian vine (Vitis vinifera L., 1753) is a climbing shrub of the Vitaceae family. It is the most widespread cultivated vine sensu lato, present in all continents with the exception of Antarctica.

    How do you recognize the tomato shanks?

    Recognize the sissies

    The female or cacchi are those shoots that form at the intersection between the trunk and the actual branch of the plant. Generally the antlers have a more or less horizontal direction, while the females point more vertically.

    What is the name of the vine seedling?

    Vitis L., 1753 is a genus of shrub plants belonging to the Vitaceae family. The best known species of the genus is Vitis vinifera L.

    When to thin the grapes?

    Until just before the moment of veraison (change of color of the berries) it is possible to thin out the bunches to balance the production and eliminate unwanted excesses of production.

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