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    Despar tribe how does it work?

    Despar tribe how does it work?

    Despar tribe how does it work?

    Through the Despar Tribù app, some products will be periodically advertised on the website, in the flyer and in the participating points of sale, which will allow you to obtain more Heart Points. To get them, simply purchase the product and show your personal code at the checkout before payment.

    How to update Despar tribe?

    1. Press the App Store icon to access, also make sure you have the internet connection enabled. ...
    2. Search for the Despar Tribù app by pressing the magnifying glass icon;
    3. Open the Despar Tribù app by Aspiag Service Srl;
    4. Click on the GET button and then on INSTALL.

    How do Despar points work?

    How can I use the points I have earned? The points collected can be used to generate shopping vouchers: 2.000 Points for a € 2 voucher on a € 25 purchase 5.000 Points for a € 5 voucher on a € 50 charge

    How much are Despar heart points worth?

    After registering and choosing a reference point of sale, you immediately start earning Heart Points. You will be awarded € 2 discount for every 2000 points, € 5 for every 5000.

    How to convert Despar points?

    The consumer can convert points into shopping vouchers only at the point of sale indicated as "preferential" or at the point of sale on whose receipt the updated points balance is visible, and more specifically only at the point of sale where the loyalty card was issued.

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    When does the Despar points collection end?

    The stamp collection is valid from March 15, 2021 to June 13, 2021, you have until July 11, 2021 to collect your prize. Make your collection easier: discover the Digital Stamp Collection! Download the Despar Tribù App!

    How to make a Despar loyalty card?

    Despar card: how to request it

    Requesting it is very simple: just download and fill out the form you find on this page and deliver it to your trusted store. The Despar card will be activated immediately and you can start taking advantage of all the benefits dedicated to cardholders.

    What are tribe coupons?

    Automatic Tribe Coupons allow you to discount your shopping faster. ... The heart points relating to the Coupon actually used will be deducted. Remember: the coupon is not active by default, activate it in the "Activate Promotions" section.

    What is the name of the Despar prepaid card?

    Gift Cards are prepaid bearer cards that allow purchases to be made exclusively at points of sale, under the "Despar" - "Eurospar" - "Interspar" banner, indicated on the website .

    How to make a Lidl card?

    Your digital loyalty card

    Your loyalty card is always available in the Lidl Plus app, so you save space in your wallet! Just scan it at the checkout every time you make a purchase to benefit from all the discounts (activated coupons) and special prices dedicated to you.

    When do Conad points expire?

    The Conad Mipremio points collection is valid for one year. It is possible to accumulate points from January 1st 2020 until December 31st 2020. The deadline for requesting the catalog prizes is January 26th or February 28th 2021.

    What are Despar heart points for?

    Heart Points are virtual points that allow you to access exclusive discounts and save on shopping through the features of the Despar Tribù app. By showing the personal code of the Despar Tribù app at the cashier, before paying, you will receive 15 heart points for every 1 € * spent.

    What can you do with Conad points?

    The shopping vouchers can be used for purchases with a minimum purchase of 25 € with a single receipt but they can be accumulated and used for amounts that are multiples of 25. For example, on an expense of 50 € we can use two shopping vouchers; in a cost of 75 € we can use 3, and so on ...

    What can you get with Conad points?

    Carta Insieme is the card that allows you to participate in the points collection of the Conad rewards catalog, and that offers you many other advantages and reserved offers: exclusive services, special rewards, products at discounted prices and products that give you points for the rewards catalog.

    What are the prizes in the Conad 2021 catalog?

    Earn points with your shopping until December 31, 2021
    • 1 point for every euro spent. You will earn 1 point for every euro spent on a single receipt.
    • Double points on Tuesday. Shop on Tuesday and earn even more points, even faster!
    • sponsor products extra points. ...
    • immediately 50 free points.

    How to get Lidl discount coupons?

    the Lidl Plus card must be scanned before paying at the cashier; each customer in possession of a Cancel and Win will always win a coupon, the amount of which will vary according to the number of purchases made by the customer during the calendar month; the list of coupons that can be won will vary according to the calendar month.

    How can I download the Lidl app?

    To download the Lidl Plus app, simply download it from the Play Store for Android smartphones or from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad owners. Once the tool has been installed, an account must be registered immediately (for those who do not already have it).

    How does the Lidl app work?

    How the Lidl app works
    • Tap the application icon.
    • Now press Next.
    • Tap Let's get started.
    • Press on Select branch to find the Lidl store closest to your home (offers, coupons and content shown in the app may change according to the selected store)

    Where can you find gift cards?

    Physical Gift Cards are on sale at the best retailers including: Auchan, Aspiag, Carrefour, Conad, Esselunga, il Gigante, Iper la grande i, laFeltrinelli, Mondadori Store, Pam, Panorama, Simply, Supermedia, Tigros and many others.

    Where are the prepaid cards located?

    Prepaid cards can be purchased at the post office, at the bank, at Lottomatica or Sisal tobacconists. Today there are numerous rechargeable prepaid cards on the market, issued by different companies, with different costs and spending limits.

    What is Happy Card Despar?

    They are prepaid payment cards available in denominations of € 10, € 20, € 50, € 100, € 150 that can be purchased directly in the cash desks of the authorized Despar Eurospar and Interspar points of sale. They are active after purchase and are valid for 24 months from their first use.

    How to activate the Despar card?

    An identification number is indicated on the “I AM Despar Card”, which the Cardholder must use during the activation phase. Activating the Card by registering your data is the only way to join the initiative, accumulate points and get shopping vouchers.

    Where to buy Mastercard gift card?

    In fact, it is possible to purchase the Epipoli Prepaid Mastercard Card by taking it from one of the MYGiftCard exhibitors of the following chains: Auchan, Carrefour, Simply, Conad, Pewex, Despar, Esselunga, Eurospar, Il Gigante, InterSpar, La Feltrinelli, Supermedia, Tigros, Trony.

    How to use Epipoli Gift Card?

    Epipoli Prepaid Mastercard: how to use it

    To use it in physical stores, simply insert it in the pos, a pin code is not required to complete the payment and no signature is required.

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