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    How are bamboo baskets used?

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    How are bamboo baskets used?


    The use of the bamboo steamer is not very different from that of other steamers. First you need to take a pot and fill it with hot water, then boil it for a few minutes, then place the bamboo baskets on top of the pot. After this turn off the heat and let the food cook.

    How do you use the bamboo era vapors?

    The functioning of the bamboo steamer is almost identical to that of the other steamers: it uses the steam which, passing from one level to another, is able to cook food. The main difference, compared to other steam generators, lies in the mechanism used to produce the steam.

    How to use the steamer?

    First, we heat the water until it boils. Then put the basket steamer on top with the vegetables inside and then close with the lid. We can cook any type of vegetables or even potatoes inside the steamer.

    How to clean bamboo baskets?

    Cleaning the bamboo steamer is very simple.You just need simple water, perhaps combined with a spoonful of vinegar, lemon or baking soda. The use of aggressive detergents and washing in the dishwasher is not recommended, as this could irreparably damage the delicate wooden utensil.

    How do you cook rice with the steamer?


    Wash the rice well and put it in the container for cooking the rice, add the lightly salted water. Put the container in the steamer and cook for about 15 minutes.

    Bamboo Basket - Steaming?

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    Where do you put the rice in the steamer?

    Once you have prepared the container with the rice, water and the rest of the ingredients, place it in the steamer basket and plug the basket itself. Cooking times vary, since, as we mentioned at the beginning, there are many varieties of rice on the market.

    How much laugh for one person?

    How much rice per person? 70 g for the risotto; 60 g for paella; 80-100 g of black rice; 60 g of basmati rice.

    How to steam with bamboo baskets?

    - Place the bamboo basket on top of the pot where the water is boiling and turn off the heat. At the bottom of the basket, place some salad leaves or baking paper: they will protect the wood. On top, lay the foods that need to be steamed. Close the basket and let it cook.

    How do you clean the steamer?

    If mold has already formed and you want to eliminate it, it is advisable to immerse the steamer in boiling water with bicarbonate vinegar and rub the sides carefully using the soft part of the dish sponge.

    How to wash bamboo utensils?

    - wash the objects immediately after use, with common detergent, to prevent the food from sticking to the bamboo, - avoid soaking in hot water for more than 5 minutes, - carefully clean the forks between the prongs (the tips).

    How to flavor the water for steam cooking?

    - While cooking, you can perfume the steam water by adding wine, citrus slices, aromatic leaves, grains of spices. Simmer this broth for at least 15-20 minutes, so that the aromas have time to develop and then wrap the food in the basket.

    How do i use the steamer basket?

    Usage is very simple. The basket must be placed on the pan, so that the underlying water obviously cannot reach the food. The pot with the water and the basket, with no food inside, must be placed on the fire so that the water can reach a boil.

    How to steam cook with pots?

    Fill a common pot with high sides with about two or three fingers of water, place your colander on the pot and inside it the foods you want to steam. Turn on the flame, being careful to keep it moderate throughout the cooking time, and cover the colander with a lid.

    How do you use the non-electric steamer?

    How to steam without an electric steamer

    After having filled a pot with about two fingers of water, a basket or a simple metal or silicone colander, bamboo baskets, with the food to be cooked placed inside and well spaced, must be inserted inside.

    How do you steam?

    The simplest way to steam is to use a normal saucepan, on the bottom of which a little water is brought to a boil. Inside are inserted a basket or a metal colander in which the food to be cooked is arranged.

    How to clean the Girmi steamer?

    Your secret weapon in this case is a simple bottle of wine vinegar. Just put the liquid in the tank instead of water and start the steamer for about twenty minutes.

    How is the electric steamer used?

    How the electric steamer works

    The operation of an electric steamer is really very simple. Just fill the tank with water, taking care not to exceed the maximum level indicated and then place the food you intend to cook in the baskets that are placed on top of the tank.

    How to remove limescale from the kettle?

    In this case, just put a solution with ¾ of water and ¼ of vinegar in the kettle, as well as 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Once brought to a boil, let the solution rest for a few hours, or rather overnight, before proceeding to emptying and cleaning the interior with the sponge.

    How to cook with bamboo?

    Once cooked (boiled for about 25-40 minutes), the bamboo shoots have the ideal consistency to be cut into slices, preferably diagonal. When we have our bamboo "slides" we can add them to soups, with or without rice, or turn them into cream together with legumes, thanks to a blender.

    How is the amount of rice calculated?

    To measure the rice per person, you can use a soup spoon (13 g), a glass for water (150 g) or wine (130 g), a breakfast cup (160 g) or tea cup (150 g). gr), even a coffee (60 gr).

    How do you measure a plate of rice?

    If you want to weigh the rice with the coffee cup, it must be taken into account that a coffee cup full to the brim contains about 60 grams of rice. It is also possible to weigh the rice using a white plastic cup which, when full to the brim, contains 150 grams of rice.

    How does the Russell Hobbs steamer work?

    The steamer works with an adjustable timer up to 60 minutes and switches off automatically when the time runs out. Each tray has a capacity of 9 liters and is stackable to optimize cooking times and cook more dishes at the same time.

    How do you steam without a steamer?

    Put a little water in the pot, less than half or in any case so that the water does not touch the colander. Put the colander on top and inside what you want to cook, in my case two potatoes. Cover with the lid. Turn on the flame and cook for about 30 minutes.

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