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    How do fish hydrate?

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    How do fish hydrate?

    What do fish hydrate with?

    1. Saltwater fish have less saline body fluids than the water that surrounds them, and by not drinking they would risk dehydration. ...
    2. Freshwater fish, on the other hand, behave differently.

    How do fish drink?

    The former drink continuously because they continually lose water through the gills and skin. ... On the contrary, freshwater fish never drink as the water penetrates their body continuously and must, therefore, dispose of it very often, producing very diluted urine.

    How do fish quench their thirst?

    Marine fish

    The fish, therefore, to compensate for the loss, continues to ingest water which is then filtered and desalinated by the excretory system (i.e. the kidneys). The excess salt, introduced by drinking water with a high saline concentration, will then be expelled with the urine and through the gills.

    What do fish drink when they are thirsty?

    Saltwater fish have less saline body fluids than the water they live in and run the risk of becoming dehydrated if they don't drink, so they ingest seawater, excrete excess salt through special openings in the gills or through digestion and they hold the water they need.

    What water do seals drink?

    Even seals don't drink water, they are able to get all the water they need from the food they eat. When they are unable to find enough food, their bodies help compensate for the loss by using the fat in their bodies to make enough water to survive.

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    What do cetaceans drink?

    They take advantage of the water already present in food, and in addition they are able to produce more during the chemical reaction that is the basis of respiration, when the organic substance of the food combines with oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide and water.

    What do water turtles drink?

    Some are vegetarian (so they feed on seaweed), while others feed on jellyfish and small fish so they approach the surface of the water to eat. By intuition, we know that they drink salt water and this happens thanks to the glands that are able to eliminate the salt.

    Why do fish need salt water?

    Each animal is adapted to its environment, so a saltwater fish needs the exact concentration of oxygen present in this water and the right concentration of salt.

    Why do goldfish stay on the surface?

    When we see goldfish gasping on the surface we always think they are hungry. ... In reality, when goldfish reach the surface of the water to gasp, they do so because they lack oxygen.

    How do fish live in salt water?

    Salt water, however, is a liquid with a higher salt concentration than the blood, consequently the fish is almost always in excess of its body needs and the salts accumulated in excess by the body will subsequently be sent away in the form of concentrated urine.

    How does the snake drink?

    Snakes drink, often drops of dew or rain, but also in puddles and streams. Unlike more familiar animals that use their tongues to bring water to their mouths, snakes ...

    When does goldfish change color?

    Goldfish can change the color of the livery and become white, gray or black for various reasons: poor water quality, due to a wrong frequency of change for which the chlorine, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate values ​​are higher than normal .

    How long does the life of a goldfish last?

    The longest-lived ones can even reach 40 years, even if those we keep at home hardly exceed 10 years. There are about 300 varieties, selected on farms. Some are very popular, like the classic amusement park goldfish.

    How do you tell if a fish is sick?

    Characteristics: The fish is sprinkled with raised white spots, the size of a pinhead, all over the body. On sick fish, only the adult form is observed, incising itself under the skin.

    Why do fish explode?

    The chemistry of water and the supercharging of fish

    Nitrate and ammonia levels can rise and oxygen and pH can drop to potentially lethal levels for our finned friends.

    What happens if I put a saltwater fish in fresh water?

    Some fish species, called euryhaline fish, can live in both fresh and salt water. ... However, most fish species can only survive in one or the other based on their tolerance to salinity, or how much salt their bodies can hold.

    Why can't fish live out of water?

    Fish extract 80% of the oxygen from water while humans, for example, absorb only 25% of the total oxygen present in the inhaled air. ... In a subaerial environment, therefore, the main cause of death for a fish is general body dehydration and in particular the dehydration of the mucous membranes.

    How to give turtles water?

    For terrestrial turtles you don't need a lot of water in the terrarium. A basin with fresh spring water will suffice, which you replace often. The tank must be deep enough for the turtle to immerse itself completely.

    How often do turtles drink?

    In fact, Testudos drink very little, to the point where you may never have seen your turtle take in water. As we have already seen, however, there is a big difference between drinking little and not drinking at all. Their organism, among other things, is structured to brilliantly overcome drought.

    How do whales drink water?

    Although it is not known how much they drink, whales are able to drink seawater because they have specialized kidneys to process the salt, which is excreted in their urine. ... While the whale processes its prey, it extracts water. Also, whales need less water than we do.

    What do dolphins drink?

    As for the water needs of dolphins, it is interesting to know that they do not drink sea water by filtering it, but directly absorb that contained in the fish they eat.

    How did cetaceans evolve?

    The traditional theory of cetacean evolution was that these animals were related to the Mesonychidae, an extinct order of carnivorous, wolf-like ungulates and akin to artiodactyls. ... For this reason, researchers have long believed that cetaceans evolved from a mesonychid.

    How do cetaceans breastfeed?

    The female has breasts that secrete milk. ... In reality, the breastfeeding of the cubs does not take place as for the other mammals: the babies of the dolphin have no lips and consequently cannot suck the milk. Then the mother ... squirts it directly into his mouth.

    How long can a goldfish last without eating?

    Owners of expensive and picky fish should not be away for more than a week, two at the most.

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