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    How do you use the pool winterizer?

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    How do you use the pool winterizer?

    How is it used? It should be introduced into the water the day after effectively cleaning the tank, the skimmers, the pump pre-filter, and only after backwashing the sand filter, correcting the pH and performing a shock chlorination.

    How to cover an above ground pool in winter?

    The winter cover is also a form of protection for the above-ground pool. This type of cover is made of reinforced PVC, a polyester fabric and other technical polymers that is resistant to both UV rays and frost, but is at the same time light, tearproof and waterproof.

    How much winter in the pool?

    Do the shock treatment and keep the water moving for at least 6-8 hours. DOSE OF USE: Then add SVERNANTE POOL in a dose of approximately 8-10 liters per 100 cubic meters (80-100 mL per cubic meter of water). Continue to filter for 8-10 hours. Arrange the plant for the winter.

    When to use the winterizer in the pool?

    The wintering agent is a liquid product for the winter pool treatment and is used at the end of the summer season when you decide to close the pool with a winter cover.

    How to use the winterizer for above ground pools?

    Use a wintering chemical and an anti-algae (as long as the wintering product does not already contain it). Unfold the cover and turn off the filtration system. Spread the Leaf Collecting Net (Polartex Net) over the cover.


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    How to put the pool back in place?

    Once the summer season is over, and if the outside temperature drops below 10 ° C, we strongly recommend that you disassemble our pools and store them in a dry place, inside the protective packaging and indoors, to avoid any damage. resulting from climatic conditions.

    How to close the above ground pool?

    The most practical solution is the purchase or rental of an electric pump. If you have nowhere to throw the water, just put the drain hose of the electric pump in the garden and suck up the water a little at a time, allowing the soil to have time to absorb it.

    What does the pool winterizer contain?

    What is the use of the winter product in the pool? The wintering is a product designed specifically to preserve the state of the water during the cold months. Contains algaecide and sequestering substances that prevent the formation of algae and deposits on the bottom of the tank.

    How to remove flocculant residues from the bottom of the pool?

    The pool is cleaned with the mud vacuum. Together with the leaves and the various debris, the flocculant "balls" are also collected. Unlike debris though, it may take some time to get it all out.

    When to do pool shock treatment?

    when the pool is opened. at the time of winter closure. during the season when there are problems of cloudy water due to the presence of algae or organic matter or when too high concentrations of combined chlorine are found.

    How much wintering per cubic meter?

    The dose of the Liquid Winterizer for Pools is approximately 8-10 liters per 100 cubic meters (80-100 mL per cubic meter of water).

    When to use anti-algae in the pool?

    The use of an anti-algae is recommended above all when the temperature is very high, therefore during the summer season, as a preventive and maintenance action. If, on the other hand, there are already algae in the pool, then it will be advisable to first adjust the pH of the water.

    What is the flocculant used for?

    A flocculant or clarifier is therefore that chemical product used to coagulate the solid pollutants present in the water so that they are retained by the filter, that is, a product that helps the filter to retain the smallest particles creating larger aggregates.

    How do you keep the pool water in winter?

    To better conserve the pool water during the winter phase, it is recommended to use a wintering product (WinterPro), this will prevent the formation of algae, mold and any deposits and encrustations.

    How do you prepare your pool for winter?

    If the pool is in an area subject to freezing, it is advisable to lower the water level under the skimmers and empty the pipes. Adjust the pH of the water to the winter value. Carry out the chock chlorination and leave it in circulation for 24 hours, then add the winter algaecide.

    How to store the pool towel?

    Also wash the liner thoroughly with the anti-algae liquid to avoid unpleasant surprises in spring. Allow the cloth to dry completely and store it in a dry place away from sunlight.

    What to do after flocculant?

    spread the chemical product evenly on the surface of the pool; leave the pump running excluding the filter; let the flocculated material settle for at least 8-10 hours before removing it from the bottom with a mud vacuum and sending it directly to the drain.

    How to clean the bottom of the pool manually?

    Use citric acid. For a radical cleaning and therefore able to completely eliminate dirt, verdigris, droppings and larvae of birds and mosquitoes, it is advisable to empty the pool, so as to be able to access the bottom and use citric acid to clean it.

    How to clean cloudy pool water?

    spread the liquid flocculant directly on the surface of the pool. leave the filtration system in "recirculation" for at least half an hour in order to have a homogeneous mixing of the product. turn off the filtration pump and wait for the flocculated limestone to settle on the bottom of the tank.

    How to clean a pool without a pump?

    Even vinegar is not lacking in the house, mixed with a little water can be another simple and inexpensive solution to clean your pool. Dip a soft sponge in this solution and scrub thoroughly, this procedure will also disinfect the pool as well as clean it.

    How to store pool liner?

    Let's see some tricks that can help you keep your pool liner nice and clean for as long as possible.
    1. Check the water used to fill the pool. ...
    2. Keep your Ph values ​​monitored. ...
    3. Measure the chlorine carefully. ...
    4. Avoid high temperatures in the water. ...
    5. Use the best water treatment.

    Should the pool be covered when it rains?

    Above ground pools: and when does it rain? The rain brings with it not only water but a large amount of dry leaves, rubble, twigs, especially if it is windy! For this reason, the swimming pool must always be covered when it is not in use: even more so in summer, when sudden showers are the order of the day.

    When to put the flocculant in the pool?

    The doses of flocculant must be 400 - 500 g of product diluted at 10% per 100 m3 of water. Afterwards it is necessary to carry out an energetic backwashing every 4/5 hours of filtration and immediately start a new flocculation treatment until the desired crystallinity is obtained.

    How to use the flocculant without a skimmer?

    Above ground pool flocculant: how to use it?
    1. Increase the water level. ...
    2. Balance the pH level at around 7,0. ...
    3. Dilute the flocculant. ...
    4. Add the flocculant directly to the pool. ...
    5. Turn on the pool pump for a few hours. ...
    6. Turn off the pump and let it sit overnight.

    What to do if the pool water turns white?

    What to do if the pool water is white

    vacuum and clean the bottom and sides of the tank well; clean the filter thoroughly; activates the filtration system 24h / 24; repeat the steps until the water is clear again.

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