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    How is paypal activated?

    How is paypal activated?

    To begin with, connected to the home page of the PayPal website, press the Register button located at the top right of the page and check the Personal account option on the page that opens.

    How do you activate a PayPal card?

    How to activate Paypal prepaid

    To activate or evolve your prepaid card, you need to connect to the portal, in the Paypal prepaid card section and click on fill out the form on the partner site.

    How is PayPal done and how much does it cost?

    As you will see, opening an account is free, as are the operations of sending money, whether they are payments or transfers to friends or relatives. In the second case, sending is free if done by withdrawing from the PayPal balance or from the linked current account.

    How do you make PayPal from the tobacconist?

    Where to apply for the card
    1. First you have to go to a tobacconist authorized for the operation (look for it near you on, bringing with you an unexpired identity card and tax code.
    2. Subsequently you will have to request a Paypal prepaid card, giving the dealer the two documents mentioned above.

    Where do you get PayPal?

    Having PayPal is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is access the service site or download the application for smartphones and tablets, enter the required data and open a PayPal account online at no cost with which you can receive and send money.


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