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    How long do the panse last?

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    How long do the panse last?

    In autumn and winter put them in full sun, if you leave them in the shade they tend to have few flowers. In spring, when the sun is warmer, they need dim areas. It blooms from October until May.

    How much water to give the Panse?

    Watering must be done in moderation according to the season, in summer the soil must never dry out, while in winter it is necessary to water at most every 15 days, taking care to avoid stagnation if frosts are expected.

    How long does the flowering of violets last?

    Flowering occurs in autumn, continues during the mild winter periods and becomes exceptional in spring, then continues until early summer. Horned violets offer a profusion of small wild-like flowers, pansies have larger flowers.

    How long do potted violets last?

    This practice allows to have acclimatized plants able to start an early and abundant flowering in spring. Potted violets, if well kept, are able to flower for many months, until close to summer.

    How long do the bellies last?

    Pansies enliven the garden throughout the winter, but that's not all; in fact, with the development of new types of these plants (hybrids) the flowering time can last all year round.


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    When to buy Panse?

    It blooms from October until May. You can find them in garden centers in many different colors: blue, purple, pink, yellow, red, orange, light blue and white. When the flower fades you must always remove it to avoid mold.

    How to keep pansies?

    Follow these tips to prevent them from wilting in pots. Water the pansies once a week and she leaves the soil moist. During hot, dry days, she checks the jars every two days. If the soil is dry, she gives the pansies extra water.

    Where to place the violets?

    However, try to place your pots in a fairly sunny area during the winter so that they can benefit as much as possible from the sun's rays even in cold weather. Pansies prefer fertile, well-drained soil.

    Where to keep the violets?

    Violets are very resistant plants and can be grown in pots to be placed outdoors on balconies or terraces or placed directly on the ground in the garden.

    How are potted violets grown?

    When buying a potted viola, remove it from the container gently and gently untangle the roots by moving them with your hands. This will allow the roots to develop better in the soil. Do the same thing if you are repotting to grow larger potted violets.

    When to water pansies?

    The viola requires frequent watering, usually it is watered every 10-15 days, always in relation to the season. In winter the irrigations will be more sparse and the substrate is allowed to dry slightly before watering again.

    When to plant pansy seeds?


    The sowing of pansies can be carried out in two periods: June if you want to get the first flowering in November, or recommended by me, the period from mid-August to early September, with a rich spring flowering as early as March.

    When is the period of planting winter violets?

    Viola can also be planted in early spring (February-March), but the best blooms are obtained in the fall. The soil must always be moist but never soaked: irrigations must be regular but without exaggerating. It is a plant that suffers from water stagnation, which favors root rot.

    When to transplant Panse?

    Pansies perform best in colder climates and are therefore usually planted in spring or fall. These plants like well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, and full of sun or partially shaded (read more: how to create a compost pile).

    How to cut violets?

    Trim your pansies to keep them healthy.

    Cut the stems of the violets to a height of about five centimeters. Try making the cut about 0,06cm above the set of leaves closest to this five centimeter length. You can compost cut foliage if it isn't diseased or moldy.

    How much do violets grow?

    Pansy takes on a purplish color during spring and reaches a maximum height of 10 centimeters. A particularly widespread species in Sicily, on the Madonie Mountains, is the Nebrodi violet, characterized by a dark purple color and a particularly small diameter corolla (about 2 millimeters).

    How to grow cyclamen in pots?

    Sow the cyclamen between July, August and September in a wooden box with humus-rich soil. Then you can transfer your plants in pots or in the garden. When the seedlings have at least two leaves, you can thin them out and transplant them gently to distribute them in the best place.

    How to cure viola cornuta in summer?

    If you want to keep the Viola Cornuta in good health, it is necessary to carry out small periodic interventions, such as the topping of the jets and dried flowers, and the maintenance of the soil always moist but well drained through a mulch with foliage or other material that avoids a excessive perspiration.

    How to collect pansy seeds?

    Check for seed pods that weren't plucked with flowers. If you find pods present, remove them immediately. If your plant is an heirloom you can try to preserve the adult pod and harvest the seeds to start more pansy plants inside.

    How to make a good soil?

    To make a fertile soil it will be appropriate to mix different materials, here are the most used ones:
    1. Bag.
    2. River sand.
    3. Land of cultivation.
    4. Earthworm humus.
    5. Vermiculite.
    6. Wheat chaff.
    7. Pumice stone.
    8. Dry leaves of beech.

    How to keep cyclamen in winter?

    Where to keep cyclamen in winter

    Try to place cyclamen in cool areas of the house, with temperatures between 10 and 18 degrees. Be careful not to leave them in the center of drafts or in areas exposed to gusts of wind: cyclamen do not like them.

    How many blooms do roses make?

    Roses are divided into two large groups: the non-re-flowering ones that have only one flowering, generally in May, and the re-flowering ones that instead continue their more or less abundant flowering until the first frosts of late autumn.

    What are autumn flowers?

    13 autumn blooms
    • Cyclamen. A very classic autumn flower, the cyclamen cheers up the windowsill with its autumn flowering. ...
    • Pansies. Wild growing violet bushes are not that unusual in autumn meadows. ...
    • Zinnie. ...
    • Chrysanthemums. ...
    • Aster. ...
    • Alchechengi. ...
    • Hydrangeas. ...
    • Dalie.

    Why do we say pansy?

    The meaning of the pansy that comes from a tale of Greek mythology. In France, the pansy is called pensée and it is said that by observing the petals of the flower it is possible to glimpse the face of the loved one.

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