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    How long does it take to obtain the 24 credits?

    How long does it take to obtain the 24 credits?

    How long does it take to obtain the 24 credits?

    Is there still time to achieve the 24 ECTS? Yes, the competitions for teachers are held every two years, so there is time to achieve the 24 credits; since the ordinary competition will probably have to be held this year, the next call will be in 2023.

    How long does it take to take the 24 CFU?

    The Decree on 24 ECTS is in fact from August 2016, in view of competitions that should have been held as soon as the Decree on initial teacher training was ready. The forecast was approximately 6 months, those useful for universities for the provision of courses.

    How to get 24 CFU right away?

    For the recognition of the 24 credits, the “Certification of conformity of the educational objectives and teaching contents” must therefore be requested in accordance with decree 616/17 at the university where the exams were taken.

    How to get the 24 university credits?

    Where to obtain the 24 CFU / CFA

    At universities (state and non-state, including telematics), at AFAM institutions and legally recognized academies of fine arts. Credits can be obtained in: - curricular form: credits corresponding to training activities already included in the study plan.

    Which exams to take for the 24 CFU?

    24 CFU for Teaching
    • M-PED: Pedagogy, Special Pedagogy and Didactics of Inclusion.
    • M-PSI: Psychology.
    • M-DEA / 01, M-FIL / 03, ART / 08 Anthropology.
    • M-PED / 03 and M-PED / 04 - General teaching methodologies and technologies.

    24 CFU for Teaching: How Do They Work? | COMPLETE Guide to Credits for Teaching

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    What exams are needed for the 24 CFU?

    What are the 24 credits for teaching?
    • pedagogy, special pedagogy and didactic inclusion;
    • psychology;
    • anthropology;
    • general teaching methodologies and technologies.

    How much does it cost to take the 24 CFU?

    The maximum cost established by law for 24 ECTS - for state institutions - is 500 euros, which is proportionally reduced based on the number of credits to be obtained.

    How much does the 24 CFU course cost?

    This certification of previous credits attested by the University must be presented to access single courses. The price for the relative number of courses is: 4 Courses 24 CFU: 500,00 € 3 Courses 18 CFU: 450,00 €

    How to get 24 CFU online?

    With there is the possibility to integrate the 24 CFU in a simple, quick, fast and online way. is an institution that works only with online universities recognized by the MIUR, enabled to provide online exams.

    How to know if I have 24 CFU?

    To understand which credits are missing for access to competitions and rankings, it is necessary to compare your study plan with all the exams taken with the tables of the competition classes, and check which exams are missing. In fact, alongside each competition class (A01, A02, etc.)

    How much are the 24 ECTS worth in the ranking?

    24 ECTS and school rankings

    n. 60/2020 and attached assessment tables), do not give any score in the school rankings, but constitute a requirement for access to the second GPS band which, as specified above, is superimposed on the third band of the same school rankings.


    • Postgraduate or Master Course (regardless of the type): 1 point.
    • Language certification (without CLIL) - B2: 3 points; C1: 4 points; C2: 6 points.
    • IT certification: 0,5 points for each qualification. Up to four certifications of this type can be presented, for a maximum total of 2 extra points.

    What scores in the ranking?

    These are the main titles that allow you to increase your scores:
    • 1st and XNUMXnd level Masters: XNUMX point.
    • Language certifications: B2 book 3 points, C1 4 points, C 2 6 points.
    • CLIL course (language certification required): 3 points.
    • Advanced courses: 1 point.

    How is the score calculated for the rankings?

    The score must be calculated by school year; it is not possible to add the replacement days of one school year to those of another. The score can also be achieved by virtue of the sum of several "non-specific" services, such as to reach the maximum score of 12 points.

    How to get the credits recognized?

    For those who already have all the required CFU / CFA, a certification attesting them is required. With note 29999/17, it was clarified that this certification must be requested at the last AFAM university / institution in which the training activities to complete the course were carried out.

    How to get the training credits recognized?

    To obtain credit recognition, it is sufficient to present the history of the exams taken plus an updated curriculum vitae and within a few days, maximum a few weeks, it is possible to find out how many exams have been validated and how many must be integrated for that specific degree course.

    How to check the study plan?

    To understand which class of competition you can access through your degree, you can consult the site and select your qualification. This will show the classes that can be accessed.

    Where to find SSD exams?

    Normally the SSD is reported in the study manifesto and / or in the exam and degree certificate. This is the alphanumeric code that is usually reported in correspondence with each exam.

    How does the validation of credits work?

    The validation procedure presupposes that the student has already partially or entirely acquired all the contents of the course subject to validation, by passing an exam taken as part of the training course of a university level degree course.

    How many training credits can be recognized?

    If originally it was possible to be recognized up to 120 CFU for professional experience, slowly this limit has been completely reduced and today the recognition of CFUs can be granted for work experiences up to a maximum of 12 University Educational Credits for each cycle. ...

    How does the scoring work in schools?

    Service Score: Up to how many points can be obtained with a substitute
    1. from 16 to 45 days same p. ...
    2. from 46 to 75 days same p. ...
    3. from 76 to 105 days same p. ...
    4. from 106 to 135 days same p. ...
    5. from 136 to 165 days same p. ...
    6. from 166 days onwards, same p. ...
    7. Uninterrupted service from 1 February until the polls p.

    How to calculate your ATA score?

    ATA service calculation
    1. 6 points for each school year, or 0,50 points per month or fraction of more than 15 days for service provided in state schools;
    2. 3 points for each school year, or 0,25 points for each month (or 16 days) of service carried out in non-state schools;

    How to count ATA score?

    If you have served for 1 year, 2 months and 10 days at a state kindergarten as a school employee, the calculation will be: (1 year = 6 points) + (2 months = 1 point) = 7 points in total. The 10 days are not counted because they are less than 15 days.

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