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    How many categories are vertical signs divided into?

    How many categories are vertical signs divided into?

    Vertical signs are divided into the following categories: A) danger signs: warn of dangers, indicate the type and behavior to be adopted; B) prescription signs: they indicate obligations, prohibitions and priorities: signs of precedence.

    How are vertical road signs divided?

    No. 285 of 1992) and are divided into 4 main categories:
    • Danger signals;
    • prescription signs;
    • indication signs;
    • supplementary panels.

    How are the signals divided?

    Vertical road signs are divided into these groups and subgroups:
    • Danger signals;
    • prescription signs: priority signs; prohibition signs; mandatory signs;
    • indication signs.

    How many categories of signals are there?

    Article 38 of the Highway Code collects all road signs in 4 types, to which are added for completeness also the reports of the agents in charge of traffic regulation. We therefore have: Vertical road signs. Horizontal road signs.

    What kind of vertical signs are there?

    Vertical Indication Signs
    • green for motorway signs and related indications.
    • blue for the suburban roads.
    • white for urban streets.
    • yellow for temporary signals.
    • brown for tourist signs.
    • black for industrial and commercial areas.
    • orange for school buses and taxis.


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    What are vertical signs?

    Vertical signs include the signs placed on the sides of the carriageway, which have a vertical position and rest on a support. ... Already in 1903 there was a first distinction of signs according to their function: direction signs, slowdown signs and danger signs.

    What is the difference between horizontal and vertical signs?

    The other colors are generally used to delimit secondary spaces, such as blue, used to delimit paid parking areas. The vertical signs are instead the set of signs that surround the streets and which are placed in a vertical manner.

    What are the 5 groups of road signs?

    Taking up the provisions of the Code, road signs include the following groups: vertical signs, horizontal signs, light signs, complementary signs and equipment.

    What do the signposts have in common?

    Indication signs are all those signs that provide road users with the information necessary for driving and identifying roads, places, itineraries, etc.

    What is meant by prohibition signs?

    Prohibition signs are mandatory signs, like right-of-way and mandatory signs. They have a circular shape, a white background color and a red border and are placed at the point where the prescription begins.

    What are the most important traffic signs?

    The most important are: danger: like the one that signals the possible crossing of animals; prescription: which are distinguished in signs of precedence, prohibition (no entry) and obligation (stop);

    What are the groups into which road signs are divided?

    Art. 38. Road signs
    • Road signs include the following groups:
    • a) vertical signs;
    • b) horizontal signs;
    • c) light signals;
    • d) complementary signals and equipment.

    What do the triangular road signs mean?

    Triangular road signs can indicate danger or an obligation to give way. Let's see shapes, designs and colors.

    What are the signs placed 150 meters before?

    The right-of-way intersection sign is usually placed 150 meters before the intersection and heralds the general rule of giving priority to vehicles coming from the right.

    What category of signals do the devices placed on the carriageway to slow down the speed of vehicles fall into?

    The devices intended to prevent parking or to slow down the speed are also complementary signals.

    What do the prohibition and obligation signs have in common?

    Prohibition signs, divided internally into prohibition signs and mandatory signs, have the shape of a disc; normal sized signs have a diameter of 90 cm while small sized signs have a diameter of 40 cm; they must be located at the point where the prohibition or obligation begins, except ...

    What do the shapes of the road signs indicate?

    Those of triangular shape indicate danger, while those of circular shape indicate a prohibition or an obligation, depending on whether they have a red border, a white background and a black symbol (prohibition signs) or are white on a blue background (obligation), while right-of-way signals are usually triangular, even ...

    What do the brown signs mean?

    for extra-urban roads or to start them. Marrone: for indications of places or points of historical, artistic, cultural and tourist interest; for geographical, ecological, recreational and camping names.

    What is the warning sign?

    A warning sign is a type of vertical road sign. It usually has a triangular shape with one of the vertices upwards and is usually placed 150 m from the beginning of the danger it signals.

    What are all the prescription signs?

    The term prescription stands for norm, or also disposition, command, therefore by Prescription Signals we mean all those signs that give dispositions, commands. Road signs of this type are Prohibition, Obligation and Precedence signs.

    What are the warning signs?

    Mandatory signs
    • Rough road.
    • Dosso.
    • Cunetta.
    • Dangerous curve to the right.
    • Dangerous left curve.
    • Series of dangerous curves, the first on the right.
    • Series of dangerous curves, the first on the left.
    • Level crossing with barriers.

    What is meant by road markings?

    But there is also another way to give directions to the motorist, namely with horizontal signs. ... By horizontal signs we mean all the writings and stripes painted on the road pavement with the purpose of regulating road circulation.

    What signs do we find on the pavement or roadway?

    Road markings and signs on obstacles
    • The strip along the center of the carriageway.
    • Discontinuous white stripe in the center of the carriageway.
    • Continuous white stripe in the center of the carriageway.
    • The double streak continues.
    • Central continuous strip flanked by a discontinuous strip on the left.

    Which signs take precedence?

    The horizontal signs are instead those drawn on the asphalt and made up of the traditional stripes (the stop, the parking one, the one that delimits the lanes and carriageways, etc.). In the event of a contrast between vertical and horizontal signs, the first, considered more important, prevails.

    Where do you buy road signs?

    Well, from what has just been said it is clear that road signs cannot be bought everywhere, but only from companies that sell signs authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

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