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    How many miles are napoli capri?

    How many miles are napoli capri?

    From 1954 the race, then organized by the newspaper Il Mattino, stabilized on the current route from Capri to Naples (36 kilometers, about 19,5 nautical miles), taking on the appearance of a one-day race which, until 1992, assigned to its winners the official titles of champion and world champion of ...

    How many miles are Naples Capri?

    Duration of the trip from Naples to Ischia

    The Naples-Ischia route is about 28 km (15 nautical miles) long and the ferries cover it in an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    How many miles are Napoli Ventotene?

    It is a medium range cruise, ideal for crews who like to sail, about 36 miles starting from the nautical bases of Pozzuoli and Procida. Renting a boat from the Procidana nautical base will have the advantage of reducing the hours of navigation that separate you from Ventotene.

    How many miles are Sorrento Capri?

    Distance from Sorrento to Capri

    The port of Sorrento and the port of Capri are approximately 9 nautical miles from each other and the Sorrento Capri ferries travel with day and night crossings.

    How long does it take from Sorrento to Capri?

    The route from the port of Sorrento to that of Capri is 16 km (9 nautical miles) long, and the crossing takes about 25 minutes by hydrofoil and 40 minutes by ferry.

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    How to get to Ventotene from Formia?

    From the blue quay of the port of Formia, the Laziomar ferries leave for Ventotene. At Molo Vespucci, a 5-minute walk from the embarkation dock, there is free parking for cars. Those who reach Formia by train can reach the port on foot from the station in just 10 minutes.

    How many miles between Procida and Ventotene?

    From Ischia to Procida there are about 4 miles and from Procida to Ventotene there are about 25 miles of navigation. At 9.30 in the morning we enter the new port of Ventotene.

    How to calculate nautical miles?

    Therefore we must consider that the nautical mile is the unit of measurement that corresponds to the following mathematical ratio: 40.000 km / 21.600 '= 1,852 km = 1 nautical mile and its unit of measurement is “M”. Therefore, each prime of the earth's maximum circumference equals 1 M (1,852 km).

    How far is it from Procida to Ischia?

    The straight line distance between Monte di Procida (Naples) and Ischia (Naples) is 10.80 km, but the driving distance is 62 km. It takes 1 hour 32 minutes to go from Monte di Procida to Ischia.

    How to reach the island of Ponza from Naples?

    The quickest way to get from Naples to Ponza is to car ferry which costs € 30 - € 45 and takes 2h 50m. Is there a direct ferry between Naples and Ponza? Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Naples and arriving at Ponza. Services depart five times a week, and operate Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Where do you take the ferry to go to Ventotene?

    The ports of departure

    There are four main ports where you can embark to get to the island of Ventotene: Formia, Terracina, Naples and Ischia. The ports of Formia and Terracina can be reached both by car and by train from Naples and Rome. Both ferries and hydrofoils depart from these four ports.

    How much is the ferry from Formia to Ventotene?

    The fast unit has an ordinary ticket of € 17,90; the reduced for passengers from 2 to 12 years is € 9,00; from 0 to 2 years it is free. For additional baggage you pay € 1,50.

    How to reach Ventotene ferry?

    The main port of embarkation to reach the island is that of Formia, from where the hydrofoils and ferries of the Laziomar ( depart, which provides public transport service to Ventotene with at least 2 daily connections.

    How long does the Naples Procida trip last?

    The Naples Procida ferry trip has an average duration of 1 hour, while by hydrofoil the navigation time is halved.

    How long does it take from Naples to Procida?

    From Naples. From Naples you can take ferries and hydrofoils from Molo Beverello and from Calata Porta di Massa. From Molo Beverello the ferries of the Medmar and Caremar companies leave for a journey of about 45 minutes. Snav and Caremar hydrofoils leave from Porta di Massa and the journey takes about 40 minutes.

    How many miles Circeo Ponza?

    The island of Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, about 11 kilometers long and located 21 miles from the closest coast of Circeo.

    How many miles is Ponza from the coast?

    280 m asl Ponza is located in the central Tyrrhenian Sea, facing the Gulf of Gaeta 21 nautical miles south of San Felice Circeo. It is the largest island in the archipelago of the Pontine Islands, which also includes Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

    How many miles are from San Felice to Ponza?

    Ponza: 50 km. San Felice Circeo: 40 km. Ventotene: 95 km.

    Which ferries leave from Sorrento?

    The routes from Sorrento are operated by the shipping company SNAV, NLG, Positano Jet & Alilauro Gruson, depending on the period you will find a choice of up to 31 crossings per day. There are up to 31 ferry crossings daily from Sorrento with sailing durations starting from 17 minutes.

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