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    How much does an olive grove yield?

    How much does an olive grove yield?

    The density of olive trees is about 1600 per hectare and the average production of olives from the fourth year is 100 quintals per hectare. The average income of super-intensive olive growing is 1200 euros per hectare per year.

    How much do you earn with one hectare of olive grove?

    The quantity of olives / plant ranges from 30 to 60 kg, so the average production per hectare of a modern olive grove ranges from 80 to 100 quintals. The average oil yield varies between 13 - 20%.

    How much do 300 olive trees yield?

    300 plants / ha means that a plant produces an average of 15 kg of olives per plant. This result is not impossible to obtain, it should be borne in mind that the average Tuscan production is 5Kg / plant.

    How much does a kg of olives yield?

    Under optimal conditions an excellent oil yield is 25%: this means that "just" four kg of oil are required to obtain one liter of oil. In common practice, the yield is decidedly lower and on average it takes from 5 kg to 6 kg of olives to obtain a liter of oil.

    How much do you earn from an olive grove?

    The yield of the olives is on average 13%, which means that those 3.600 kg of olives, once pressed, will turn into 468 kg of extra virgin olive oil. The cost of pressing is around 16 euros per 100 kg of olives so the total cost of pressing will be 540 euros.

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    How to make an olive grove?

    The planting of a new olive grove or a single olive tree is carried out in spring, although it is good to prepare the soil in autumn with plowing or burglary, to allow good drainage and allow the young roots to easily penetrate the soil. For planting it is necessary to dig a hole of 50 cm.

    How many olive trees fit into one hectare?

    How many olive trees in a hectare: the olive trees grown with the classic planting layout, 6 x 6 meters, provide about 250 plants / hectare. These plants, if well nourished and lightly pruned every year, can guarantee on average an annual yield of 80-90 q / ha of olives.

    How much oil is produced with 10 kg of olives?

    To conclude we can say that from 100 kg of olives you get from 10 to 20 liters of oil, so to make a liter of oil it takes about 5-10 kg of olives. To know: 1 kg of oil, its specific weight at 15 ° C is 0,915-0,919 kg / m3, it is equal to about 1,12 liters.

    How many kilos of olives does it take to make a liter of oil?

    Broadly speaking, however, we can say that 1-6 kg of olives are needed to produce 7 liter of oil. Our olives, harvested by hand at the right ripening period, are not always harvested at the moment of maximum yield.

    How much does a kilo of olives cost?

    · The milling

    In a nutshell, squeezing oil from olives with a traditional mill costs on average about €. 15,00 for every quintal of pressed olives, which means that for 1 kg of olives, you have to shell out €.

    Which olive yields the most?

    Il Leccino wins across the board. In all nurseries it constitutes at least 30% of production, with peaks of up to 50% in the Vasco Nannini company, "which is associated, says Fabrizio Nannini, with another 30% of Leccio del Corno, a variety that in recent years it is increasingly in demand ".

    How many olive trees do you need to earn?

    250 olive trees are few to start a business there are at least 2000-3000 plants and consider that there are also companies with more than ten plants, I personally have about 70 plants and I don't sell oil, my aunt to 200 plants and 'does not gain anything; the advice I give you is to move to the countryside ...

    What are the best oil olives?

    Best olive trees for oil for a super-intensive olive grove
    • Arbequina. Originally from Catalonia, it is a very popular variety of olive tree in Spain: it ensures excellent yield, is particularly resistant to cold and has a long life.
    • Arbosana. ...
    • Koroneiki. ...
    • Maurino. ...
    • Leccio del Corno. ...
    • Piantone of Mogliano.

    How much does it cost to make a hectare of olive grove?

    "The cost is around 5-6 thousand euros per hectare and the olive grove becomes productive even from the second year after planting".

    How big is a hectare?

    The hectare (symbol ha) is a unit of measurement for the area recognized by the International System of Units, equal to 10000 m², i.e. the area of ​​a square with a side length of 100 meters (1 hm²).

    How much is a hectare of land?

    With the reform of the land registry of 1936, agricultural measures are expressed with the metric system (international system), in which the unit of measurement is the ara (a) = 100 square meters, the multiple is the hectare (ha) = 10.000 sq m, the submultiple is the centiara (approx) = 1 sq m.

    How much oil comes out of 1 quintal of olives?

    In our case studies, albeit not systematic, but highly representative of reality, we had to note that most of the mills provided yields between 12 and 13 kg of oil per quintal of olive, therefore corresponding to 70-75% of oil extraction present. .

    How many liters of oil from a quintal of olives?

    In the end, from our experience of these weeks we are seeing that the average yield is around 10%: about 10 kilos of oil for every quintal of olives that you bring us from crushing. But these are not 10 liters of oil, but almost 11: in fact, don't forget that one liter of oil weighs about 916 grams.

    How much does the oil mill cost per quintal?

    How much does the oil mill cost per quintal? In particular, this expense varies from 12 euros per quintal for companies that mill between 1.000 and 5.000 quintals, to 4 euros per quintal in the larger ones, which work more than 15.000 quintals.

    How many kilos of olives for a millstone?

    Given that, in the weight-oil ratio, the weight of the olives is in kilos, while that of the oil is in liters, and that there is therefore a difference that is not calculated, in different areas of Sicily the average is made on the basis of "Sack of millstone", which is 33 kilos: three sacks correspond to one hundred kilos.

    How much does a box full of olives weigh?

    A box carries about 20 kg of sorted olives. The unit of measurement used for olives, however, is not the box, but the "measure", which is the content of one of those baskets that have traditionally been used to collect and transport olives on carts. The size is approximately 1/4 lighter than the cassette.

    How to make olive oil yourself?

    To make oil at home, all you have to do is put the olives in the press, operate it, collect the pasta and wait. The olive paste is ready when droplets of oil begin to emerge on the surface that you will have to take with extreme patience and attention.

    How many trees are there in one hectare?

    How many trees in 1 hectare? To ensure adequate coverage and efficient productivity per hectare, a planting density of about 10.000 plants per hectare could have been used, thus creating a forest of about 12,5 ha.

    How do I know if the olive tree is dead?

    Bend some of the smaller branches to see if they break. If they break quickly without arching, the branch is dead. If many branches are dead, the tree may die.

    How much water does an olive tree need?

    An adult plant around 50/70 years old will need about 4 quintals of water. We will proceed proportionally if the age of the plant is lower or higher.

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