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    How much does it cost to recharge the electric car column?

    How much does it cost to recharge the electric car column?

    With Alperia the cost of recharging the electric car in consumption mode is 0,47 euros / kWh for Quick alternating current columns at 22 kW, otherwise in direct current you pay 0,55 euros / kWh in Fast stations up to 75 kW, or € 0,75 / kWh in Hyper columns above 75 kW.

    How do you pay at the electricity columns?

    How to pay for charging the electric car at the columns

    Payment at the charging stations is linked to the type of service. The latter can be: according to consumption, then recharges and pays for energy; with subscriptions to the electricity columns and flat rate included in the monthly or annual fee.

    How much does it cost to travel 100 km with an electric car?

    Therefore, the cost per km is approximately 0,18 x 0,25 = 0,045 € / km, or just 4,5 cents per km traveled. For a journey of 100 km, such as that usually used to compare consumption, the cost is 0,045 x 100 = 4,5 €.

    How to pay for electric car charging?

    Digital payment: the simplest way to pay for a full battery charge is digitally, for example via an app or "PayPal". To pay for the top-up via the app, you must have previously downloaded the application of the relevant operator and photograph the QR code on the charging station.

    How much does a public charging station cost?

    The purchase and installation of a 44 kW single-socket alternating current column involves an expense between 7.000 and 9.000 euros + VAT.


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    Who can install the electrical outlets?

    to date, no permit or practice is required from the municipality to install an electricity column! In addition, the electric car is to all intents and purposes like a "household appliance". You will have no obligations towards “the Network Operator” and therefore no permissions or authorizations are needed even towards him.

    How do electric charging stations work?

    The electric charging column is nothing more than an energy distributor through which it is possible to recharge the car with an electric engine. There are various forms of columns: pole, wall or portable. Work is also underway to make charging on wireless platforms possible.

    How to recharge your electric car for free?

    Throughout the year 2021 it is possible to recharge the electric car for free in the Enel X and Be Charge columns using the Telepass Pay App. The service provides 100% cash back reimbursement.

    Which card for charging electric cars?

    The EnelX RFID card

    The Enel X card is the alternative tool to the “JuicePass” company app, to be able to recharge the electric car. You can have the RFID card through the company's app for 16 euros.

    How much does it cost to drive 100 km with a diesel car?

    Traveling 100 km with a diesel car costs on average 11 euros, to do it with a petrol car you spend 16, with an electric car the cost varies from 6 to 12 euros depending on whether the recharge is done at home or at a fast post.

    How much does a full tank of electricity cost?

    To make a "full tank", just multiply 42 by the unit cost per kWh. Thus, the final cost varies between € 8,4 and € 33,6.

    How many km with 100 kW?

    Typically it ranges from a minimum of 20-22 kWh up to 100 and more kWh. With very different ranges, obviously: it ranges from 150-200 km up to 6-700 km. But the cost depends above all on another factor: where to recharge.

    How to recharge at the charging stations?

    To recharge, connect one end of the cable to the electric car socket and only then to the socket of the indicated charging station. Discover Enel X products in our shop.

    What are the free charging stations?

    Carge is an App to recharge electric cars on public columns created by a Greek startup: with this application you can refuel electricity on columns throughout Europe at over 100 charging points thanks to interoperability agreements between different operators between which there is ...

    Who installs Wallbox?

    In the case of an independent home, it will be possible to proceed with the purchase of the Wallbox and the consequent installation. All this will be carried out by a specialized technician sent by the company from which the home charging device was purchased.

    How many kW for electric columns?

    Electric car, how many kW do you need for charging? A vehicle equipped with a medium-sized battery needs 40 kWh. The average cost of energy is between € 0,20 and € 0,25 per kWh in the case of charging at home, or between € 0,45 and € 0,50 at a public column.

    How much do you earn with electricity columns?

    - at 7,4 kW: € 2 / per hour of recharging; - at 11 kW: € 1,5 / for every half hour of charging; - at 22 kW: € 3 / for every half hour of charging.

    How to recharge Enel columns?

    The top-up screen inside the Enel X Juice Pass app.
    1. Select one of the available charging stations on the map;
    2. Open the detail section that presents the information of the column, to check the type of sockets supported, the charging power and the possibility of booking a recharge;

    How many km does an electric motor make?

    An electric motor is estimated to last longer than a petrol or diesel one. Some even speak of 650.000km (referring to a Tesla Model S). Here, however, the problem is mostly represented by the batteries.

    How many km is a Tesla with one kWh?

    About 5,6 km with one kWh and 178 Wh / km, based on my real consumption measured on mixed routes (highway and city). Much depends on whether or not air conditioning and heating are used, the speed of travel and any climbs or descents.

    How long does a kWh last?

    Its symbol is kWh and is used for electricity metering. The value of 1 kilowatt hour is in fact equivalent to the work done by a machine that develops a constant power of 1 kilowatt (i.e. 1000 watts) for a duration of one hour.

    How much does it cost to drive 100 km with LPG?

    Savings for those traveling on LPG and methane

    Petrol 100 km cost € 16,86, diesel 13,72, LPG 7,31 and methane 6,56.

    How much does it cost to travel 100 km?

    PETROL Obviously last, in our savings ranking, petrol strikes above all for the important detachment of other fuels. In fact, an average of € 11,93 is needed to travel 100 km! For the calculation we considered a consumption in the mixed cycle of 7,5 liters / 100 km.

    How much does it cost to drive 100 km with methane?

    In this regard, we must remember that 1 m3 of methane is approximately 0,7 kg. Translated with the current prices obtained from Mise, to travel 100 km in the same WLTP cycle you need: 8,96 euros with petrol, 6,76 euros with diesel and just over 8 euros for methane.

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