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    How much does it cost to support adult children?

    How much does it cost to support adult children?

    On average, the amount of the 2020 child support allowance corresponds to a minimum of 160 euros to a maximum of 350 euros in the case of an only child. If there are several children, the amount of the maintenance allowance ranges from 230 to 600 euros per month.

    How much money does a separated father have to give?

    This tenor must be maintained even after the separation or divorce between the spouses. ... The average amount of the support allowance for a single child in separation, generally ranges from 160/170 euros to 320/350 euros while for separations with several children the allowance can range from 210/230 euros to 420 / 600 euros per month.

    How can I not pay the child support allowance?

    Foster parents generally do not pay maintenance.
    Reach an agreement with the other party.
    1. Be in written form. ...
    2. Be signed by both parties. ...
    3. Understand a child support worksheet. ...
    4. Be filed with the court.

    What does the child support allowance include?

    The "maintenance" includes the "ordinary" expenses: those on aspects of the daily life of the children (food, lodging, clothing), but also school fees or the cost of over-the-counter drugs for seasonal and / or ordinary ailments.

    When does the child support allowance cease?

    WHEN THE OBLIGATION TO SUPPORT THE OLD CHILD Ceases. According to jurisprudence, the obligation to maintain an adult child ceases only when the latter reaches economic independence.

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    When is a child financially independent?

    The adult child becomes economically self-sufficient when he begins to receive an income that corresponds to the professionalism he has acquired compared to normal market conditions (Cass. 8 August 2013 n.

    Does the recipient of the maintenance allowance have to declare it?

    The maintenance allowance paid to the former spouse is deductible from the income of the person who pays it and is considered taxable income for the recipient spouse. The periodic allowance paid for child support is not taxable. The one-time paid check represents tax-free income.

    How much to ask for child support?

    - in the presence of only one child: approximately 25 per cent of the income; - in the presence of two children: 40 per cent of the income; - in the presence of three children: allowance equal to 50 per cent of income.

    What are the extraordinary expenses for the children?

    The former include: routine care (check-ups, pediatric visits, etc.) and the purchase of over-the-counter or frequently used medicines; among the latter, however, dental, ophthalmology, spa or physiotherapy treatments; the purchase of a pair of glasses or orthodontic appliances; etc.

    What are the ordinary expenses?

    15995/2019 of the Court of Rome, it was reiterated that ordinary expenses are "all expenses that occur frequently in everyday life, such as expenses for food, clothing, contributions for housing costs, stationery school materials, canteen , urban transport costs, exits ...

    How to lower the maintenance allowance?

    Usually, the initiative of the appeal for review in terms of reduction of the support is taken by those who are obliged to pay. You can propose the application both if your financial or income conditions have deteriorated, or if those of the former beneficiary spouse have improved.

    What happens if support is not given?

    In the first place it will be possible to proceed in criminal proceedings, with a complaint for violation of art. 570 bis of the penal code. In fact, this law punishes the failure to pay the periodic child support allowance with imprisonment for up to one year or with a fine of between € 103 and € 1.032.

    How can I not pay the maintenance allowance?

    Don't pay support by getting fired

    It is a trick as old as the man: the spouse sentenced to pay alimony to the ex, in agreement with his employer, gets fired by them and then asks the court for a provision to revise the maintenance allowance.

    How does child support work?

    Each parent provides for the maintenance of the children in proportion to their income; the judge establishes the payment of a periodic check in order to implement the principle of proportionality, to be determined considering various parameters.

    What is due to the child in the event of a separation?

    From the moment of the separation of the parents, the children have the right to maintenance. Maintenance that must guarantee them the same standard of living that they enjoyed when the family was still united. ... The allowance must be paid into the account of the parent with whom the children live, who will then have to allocate it to their needs.

    How are the alimony calculated in the event of separation?

    The court quantifies the amount in such a way as to guarantee the former spouse the same standard of living as they had during cohabitation. This should imply, at least in theory, a calculation of this type: the incomes of the two spouses are first added together and the result divided by two.

    What is meant by extraordinary expenses?

    Extraordinary expenses during separation and divorce

    Extraordinary expenses are understood to mean the maintenance costs of children which are not of an ordinary nature and which are not included in the amount of the maintenance allowance. ... These expenses are not eligible for the child support allowance.

    What happens if I don't pay extraordinary expenses?

    When the former spouse does not pay the extraordinary expenses for the children, it is always necessary to keep payment receipts, receipts and invoices; for the recovery of the credit according to some rulings of the Supreme Court, an injunction is not required, you can proceed immediately with the attachment.

    What are the extraordinary expenses in the event of a separation?

    967/2011 issued by the Court of Perugia, it is established that the costs incurred for the orthodontic appliance and related dental care, physiotherapy and spa treatments, specialist health visits and the purchase of particular drugs are to be considered extraordinary expenses.

    How much do you pay in child support allowance?

    The maintenance allowance that the father must pay to the son will be equal to 167 euros per month, in consideration of the fact that 1/3 of the monthly days, the son spends with his father who therefore directly provides for all the ordinary needs of the offspring.

    Where to insert maintenance allowance in 730?

    The amounts of the periodic check must be indicated among the deductible charges in part E, Section II, line E22 and in the specific: in column 1, the tax code of the former spouse, under penalty of forfeiture of the subsidy; in column 2 the amount of checks paid in the tax year.

    How is the one-time divorce allowance calculated?

    According to case law, the one-off divorce allowance must be quantified on the basis of the following calculation: annual annuity calculated on the basis of the alleged divorce allowance due to the economically weaker spouse, multiplied by the fixed coefficient relating to the age referred to in the table on usufruct (...

    How are spouses' incomes taxed?

    The incomes of the spouses are subjected to direct taxation on the basis of the criterion of individual taxation, as the legislator has chosen to exclude the family from the category of taxable persons and the criterion of legal cumulation has been abandoned.

    What does it mean economically self-sufficient?

    For states and regions, self-sufficiency implies becoming economically independent of central state aid (its subsidies), but also having to contribute heavy taxes to the nation's expenses.

    What is economic independence?

    True economic independence consists in feeling happy and satisfied with your financial goals… and there is nothing wrong with that! Remember: Being rich is just a matter of good habits!

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