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    How much does the first house deed cost?

    How much does the first house deed cost?

    The fee can vary both according to the area and the price of the property, usually between € 1500 and € 2000, to which taxes are added, which can vary significantly depending on the type of sale, as we will see later.

    How much does the first home notary cost in 2021?

    How much does the first house deed cost by a notary

    Generally, we can say that the 2021 average rates required to make a deed by the notary fluctuate between 1.300 and 3.000 euros, to which are added taxes, which depend on the type of sale.

    When do you pay the notary for the deed?

    The payment of the notarial fee is usually required at the time of the deed: check or bank transfer for amounts of less than one thousand euros, issuance of a particular cashier's check for high amounts.

    How to save on the cost of the notary?

    8 tricks to save on notary costs
    1. 1) Establish a relationship with the Notary. ...
    2. 2) Tell the Notary, albeit briefly, your needs: do not assume that you already know which is the best tool for you. ...
    3. 3) Ask the Notary for a total, all-inclusive estimate of taxes, rights, fees, etc.

    What do you pay at the time of the deed?

    The registration tax is equivalent to 9% of the cadastral value, while the cadastral and mortgage taxes are fixed and equal to 50 euros each. All that remains is to add the VAT and the notary's fee to find out how much the buyer of a property will have to pay to carry out the notarial deed.

    How much does the notarial deed cost

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    How do you pay for a house at the notary?

    There are two payment systems recommended at the time of the notarial deed: bank draft or bank transfer. The seller, the notary himself, could refuse to proceed with the sale, if the buyer comes with a simple block of bank checks.

    What happens after the deed is made?

    With the notarial deed, the seller acquires the right to collect the agreed sum for the property sold and also stops paying for it, condominium fees, taxes and miscellaneous expenses: from the moment of signing the house deed, they pass in full to be paid by the buyer.

    How is the cost of a notary deed calculated?

    The calculation, in this case, is: 100.000 (price of the property) x 4% (VAT) = 4000. To which 600 euros of taxes must be added.
    1. registration tax = € 200;
    2. cadastral tax = € 200;
    3. mortgage tax = € 200;
    4. VAT = €100.000 x 0.04 = €4.000;
    5. Total = € 4.600.

    How to calculate the notary's fee?

    Spending example
    1. Registration tax at 2% of the revalued annuity value (400x115 = 46200x2% = € 924 you pay € 1000 which is the minimum tax.
    2. Mortgage and cadastral tax: 50 € + 50 € = 100 €;
    3. Notary's fee: € 1100 + 22% VAT = € 1342;
    4. The remaining € 1150 is given by all the missing expenses, such as surveys, certificates, stamps.

    How much does a notary cost to purchase a first home with a mortgage?

    The registration tax to be paid will be € 2.540. To this you will have to add the cadastral and mortgage tax of € 50 each. The notary, as a fee, would ask you around € 2.500 for the sale and € 1.800 for the loan agreement (I'm considering a loan of € 230.000).

    What to ask the Notary before the deed?

    For this reason, the first thing to ask the Notary before the deed is which contract most corresponds to the type of result that the parties want to achieve. For example, if a person intends to buy a house, he can ask the Notary what is the means by which he can pay the consideration.

    How is the cadastral value of the first home calculated?

    Usually, to calculate the cadastral value of the property, the cadastral income must be multiplied by a coefficient established by the legislation. The cadastral coefficients established by law are as follows: Residential buildings with first home facility: cadastral income X 115,5.

    How much does the mortgage deed cost?

    In principle, a loan deed is between € 1.349,00 and € 3.338,50 and changes according to the bracket of the mortgage value. When the value of the mortgage reaches 93 thousand euros, the minimum remuneration of the notary per notary deed will be 1.350 euros up to a maximum of 1.720 euros.

    Who pays the notary fees for first home purchases?

    Who pays the notary's cost? In general, according to the law, the expenses necessary for the home sale contract and other ancillary costs, including notary fees in particular, are the responsibility of the buyer, so much so that it is the latter who chooses the professional. of their own trust.

    How to calculate tax register?

    registration tax equal to 9% of the price or cadastral value (cadastral income multiplied by 126 which is the statutory coefficient). In the event that an amount is less than 1000 euros, the tax will be raised until it reaches the minimum value of 1000 euros.

    How much does a notary deed cost for a garage?

    This means that on average we will spend 1.000-1.500 euros as a notary for garages which can be even higher in the case of a particularly complex deed, for a value of up to 25.000 euros.

    How much does it cost to divide a property by a notary?

    Average costs of division notary deeds

    Registration tax: in all cases the minimum tax is 200,00 euros; 1% of the divisional mass (without adjustment). Mortgage tax: fixed tax of 200,00 euros. Cadastral tax: fixed tax of 200,00 euros. Flat-rate stamp duty: is 230,00 euros.

    How does the notarial deed take place?

    The signing of the deed takes place after the notary has read the contract before the parties, who must provide their identity documents, as well as the cadastral plans of the property being sold. The payment of the balance and the delivery of the keys take place together with the notarial deed.

    How to protect yourself after the deed?

    Let's see how to protect yourself after the deed.
    And then? How to protect yourself and what documents to request from the notary following the deed
    1. registration of the deed with the Revenue Agency;
    2. to deposit a copy of the dossier at the Real Estate Registry within twenty days of signing;

    How long can you stay at home after the deed?

    According to the provisions of the 2021 regulations in force, after the signing of the deed, which is the last step for the definitive transfer of the property from seller to buyer, the house must be vacated immediately if not already vacated before the deed.

    How do you pay for a property?

    The payment of the price is normally done by non-transferable bank draft or bank transfer. If the seller trusts the buyer, he can also accept to be paid with non-transferable bank checks, the coverage of which is obviously not guaranteed by the Institute.

    How to pay for the purchase of a house?

    At the time of the deed, the payment of the price generally takes place. For the purchase of the house the sums to be paid are obviously important, and therefore it is necessary to arrange the payment by check or bank transfer.

    Who pays the mortgage deed?

    For the stipulation of the deed of purchase of a property and the related loan deed, the notary is always chosen by the purchaser of the property. For mortgage deeds of subrogation, since it is the bank that bears the cost of the loan deed, it is the bank that chooses the notary.

    How much does a deed for a second home cost?

    For example, if the value of the property does not exceed 93 thousand euros, the parcel will start at around 1.300 euros. On the other hand, when you want to buy a house worth at least 280 thousand euros, for the notary you could start with a minimum of 2 thousand euros.

    How to calculate the notary fees for buying a second home?

    Notary fees for buying a second home from private individuals

    register equal to 9% of the tax value of the property (ie the cadastral income multiplied by the second home coefficient of 126) with a minimum of € 1.000,00.

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