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    How much water to give to cyclamen?

    How much water to give to cyclamen?

    In both situations, in autumn and winter the cyclamen does not need a lot of water: wet it only when the potted soil has lost moisture and do not overdo it, otherwise you risk that the bulb will rot.

    How often is cyclamen watered?

    Cyclamen is a plant that prefers to have a soil that is always moist but not completely impregnated with water. Indicatively, it is recommended to water the plant once every 4-6 days maximum, with a glass of water. This provided that the temperature is optimal.

    What to do with cyclamen in the summer?

    During the summer, the cyclamen loses its flowers and the leaves wither: we must not think that the plant is dead, because it is simply entering a phase of "rest". So let's remove flowers and dried leaves and put it in a sheltered place. Fertilization must also be stopped during this period.

    Where to put cyclamen in the summer?


    Cyclamen love the light even if it does not have to be direct: it is therefore good to place the pots in a cool area of ​​the house. With the arrival of spring, the plant naturally enters a dormant phase: always eliminate dry leaves and withered flowers.

    Where to place the cyclamen?

    If you choose to grow cyclamen on the ground, in the garden, the most suitable species is the wild one, with smaller flowers, which is one of the classic cold-resistant plants. You must be careful to place it in shady areas, perhaps under hedges and large trees, sheltered from wind and frost.


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    How to water potted cyclamen?

    In both situations, in autumn and winter the cyclamen does not need a lot of water: wet it only when the potted soil has lost moisture and do not overdo it, otherwise you risk that the bulb will rot.

    How to put cyclamen to rest?

    The withered cyclamen should be placed in a cool but not cold area of ​​the terrace, which is bright, not in the shade but not exposed to direct sunlight; the soil must be kept slightly moist.

    When does cyclamen die?

    Winters are mild and summers are dry. Plants learn to survive flowering in winter or early spring and go dormant in summer when humidity is low. With proper care, dormant cyclamen plants will reappear in the fall.

    When to water cyclamen bulbs?

    In winter, the plant requires more water because it is the flowering period, which is why it is best to water it every two or three days. On the contrary, the cyclamen in summer is in a phase of vegetative rest and therefore requires a lower intake of liquids.

    How to stimulate the flowering of cyclamen?

    To keep it blooming or to stimulate a new flowering, put it in a place outside, but in the shade. The ideal is the basement of a courtyard or the part of a garden perpetually covered by the branches of other trees. In a place where the temperature is lower, your cyclamen can become lush again.

    How to protect cyclamen from the cold?

    To prevent your Cyclamen from dying due to excessive cold, you could plant them in antifreeze terracotta planters. Primroses flower in winter and usually die in summer so you can plant them every time you set up your winter flowering balcony.

    What to do if cyclamen has yellow leaves?

    Too much water also causes the leaves to turn yellow. Generally the plant should be watered 2-3 times a week, but from June onwards it must first be reduced and then eliminated the water supply to then resume in September. During the rest period, the bulb must be buried.

    How to save dry cyclamen?

    Remember to water the cyclamen less frequently, but always be careful not to leave the soil too dry. Continue in this way until the cyclamen leaves have also withered: remove the dead leaves and transfer the pot to a cool but bright area of ​​the house.

    How to remove the dried flowers of cyclamen?

    To detach the withered flowers, no scissors are needed, just grab the stem and tear it off at the base. 2. The leaves also begin to wither, especially the basal ones, which are the oldest: they turn yellow and dry out. In this case, to eliminate them, it is better to use a pair of scissors, also cutting off the peduncle.

    What are cyclamen balls?

    After the flowering period, the cyclamen form "balls" on the tops of the curled stems, there are seeds that are ripening inside ... Sowing the cyclamen from seed is easy, but it takes patience to see the flowering which takes a year or more. ... Cover the seeds with soil as much as their diameter.

    How to protect dipladenia in winter?

    During the cold months the dipladenia must be kept around between 10 and 14 ° C, therefore in winter it is advisable to shelter the plant in a cool place, away from domestic heating and harsh external temperatures. The ideal is to place the dipladenia inside the stairs, if well illuminated by natural light.

    Why do cyclamen dry out?

    Too much water is not good for your cyclamen which may suffer and wither. In fact, being a plant that loves the cold months, it does not need an excessive amount of water to survive. If you have watered too much, check that the roots of the plant are not rotting.

    When does cyclamen lose its leaves?

    In spring-summer the cyclamen completely loses its leaves. At this time you need to keep the bulb in a shady and cool place, watering from time to time only near the bulb, to keep it vital.

    Why do cyclamen shed their leaves?

    Cyclamen leaf drop is a common symptom of heat or cold stress. The plant also prefers bright but indirect light. Plants found in a south window or in a warm part of the garden can suffer and indicate their discomfort from the fall.

    Why does jasmine have yellow leaves?

    The leaves that turn yellow could be due to large excesses of watering, and to a cultivation substratum kept humid for a long time, or even soaked with water; in fact these plants are very afraid of water stagnation, especially when they are grown in pots.

    What temperatures can cyclamen tolerate?

    TEMPERATURE: the optimal one for growing cyclamen during the flowering period should not exceed 15-16 ° C.

    How to save a plant that has caught a frost?

    Let's see what to do to stop the situation.
    1. Check if the soil is moist. A soil that is too wet can be lethal for plants in winter: the water freezes and squeezes the roots, damaging them. ...
    2. Leave the dead leaves where they are. ...
    3. Create a makeshift greenhouse. ...
    4. Move the plant to the sun. ...
    5. Go easy on the fertilizer.

    How to save a plant that has caught frost?

    We proceed by removing all the part damaged by the cold, using a sharp and clean knife, possibly sterilized, given that the cold and rotting parts may have opened the way to bacterial or fungal diseases; then clean and sterilize the knife with each cut, to avoid the transmission of ...

    How to make cyclamen bloom from the previous year?

    To make the cyclamen bloom again, all you have to do is preserve these bulbs until next spring. During the summer, make sure they don't get too much sun, so keep them in the shade and water them constantly. When autumn comes, you can transfer the bulbs into potting soil.

    Why don't cyclamens make flowers?

    Tubers and bulbous plants store many nutrients (in the form of starches) in their swollen stems or swollen roots, which they use the following season to produce a luxuriant flowering; if we do not allow the tubers to store this reserve, the result is that we do not have any flowers ...

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