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    How to calculate istat revaluation maintenance allowance?

    How to calculate istat revaluation maintenance allowance?

    HOW TO CALCULATE TO reassess the maintenance allowance, reference is made to the consumer price index for blue-collar and white-collar families (FOI), periodically published in the Official Gazette and always available at Istat statistical information centers ( CIS) located on the national territory.

    How to re-evaluate the child support allowance?

    To periodically update the checks, the consumer price index of blue-collar and white-collar families (FOI) is used, net of tobacco consumption. The FOI is published in the Official Gazette pursuant to law 392/78, art.

    How is the Istat revaluation done?

    The ISTAT revaluation (or adjustment) is a mechanism by which the National Institute of Statistics re-evaluates, on an annual basis, the cost of living following the percentage variations of the reference indices. The ISTAT changes are published monthly in the Official Gazette.

    How much does Istat increase every year?

    For those who have entered into an agreed contract, the typical 3 + 2, the law provides for an annual adjustment to 75% of the Istat revaluation. For those who have entered into a free contract, 4 + 4 years, the applicable Istat increase is equal to 100% of the revaluation.

    How to revalue a sum of money in lire?

    Example: if we have to revalue 1.000.000 Lire for 1970, we must multiply this amount by the coefficient of our reference year, that is, by 18,033, thus arriving at a value equal to: 18.033.000 Lire = 9.313,27 Euros.

    How is Istat calculated on the maintenance allowance

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    How is a sum of money revalued?

    Monetary revaluation is, therefore, an arithmetic operation that makes it possible to adjust the sums of money to the current cost of living. In mathematical terms, the revaluation of a sum of money is obtained by multiplying the relative amount of the credit by a so-called revaluation coefficient.

    How is the ISTAT calculation done?

    The calculation in detail
    1. (most recent monthly index * 100 / oldest monthly index) - 100.
    2. Practical example (in euros):
    3. Ultimately the new monthly fee will be € 510,25
    4. You may find it helpful to see Calculating the Percent Change Between Two Values.

    When is the ISTAT revaluation applied?

    The updating of INPS annuities and pensions

    INPS and INAIL are also obliged to apply ISTAT updates to pensions, benefits, sickness or occupational disability benefits paid, adjusting them to the cost of living, on an annual basis.

    How is the fitting coefficient calculated?

    The linking coefficient (in the case of base exchange) is instead expressed with 3 decimals and is calculated by dividing the average annual index of the year of base exchange by 100.

    How is the child support allowance calculated?

    - in the presence of only one child: approximately 25 per cent of the income; - in the presence of two children: 40 per cent of the income; - in the presence of three children: allowance equal to 50 per cent of income.

    How to calculate the maintenance allowance for the spouse?

    Maintenance Check Calculation Example

    - with assignment of the marital home: allowance equal to approximately 1/4 of the income of the obligated spouse (ie from € 300,00 to € 400,00 approximately); - without assignment of the marital home: allowance equal to approximately 1/3 of the income of the obligated spouse (i.e. from € 400,00 to € 535,00 approximately).

    How much is maintenance allowance?

    Child support allowance

    Now she has to pay 380 euros for the ordinary maintenance during the school period, also because the girls are both enrolled in a boarding school. During the periods in which they live with him, the parent will provide direct support for the daughters.

    How is the monetary revaluation coefficient calculated?

    To determine the revaluation coefficient in a given month, 75% of the variation of the Istat FOI index is calculated compared to December of the previous year and the result is added to a fixed rate established by law in the amount of 1,5 %, thus obtaining the "annual revaluation rate of ...

    How is the revaluation of work credits calculated?

    B. the work credits accrued and paid after 1.11.91 are revalued with the monthly system, applying the variation of the consumer price indices for the families of blue-collar and white-collar workers. The statutory interest must be added to the values ​​thus obtained, the percentage of which must be understood on a yearly basis.

    How much is the Istat increase for rents?

    Percentage for the adjustment of leases. According to what was communicated by Istat, the consumer price index for blue-collar and white-collar families in September 2021 was 104,51, a decrease of -0,2% compared to the previous month and an increase of +2,6. , 2020% compared to September XNUMX.

    How is the rent update calculated?

    Let's assume that the annual rent of a property is 9 thousand euros (750 euros per month). The ISTAT variation is 0,3%. From here the following calculation must be made: 9000 x 0,3 = 27,00 euros / 12 = 2,25 euros. From the month following the revaluation, the updated rent will be 752,25 euros.

    How is Istat calculated on lease contracts?

    The formula for calculating the Istat rent adjustment provides for the multiplication of the annual rent currently envisaged for your property by the Istat index and therefore by 100.

    How to revalue the credits?

    To calculate the monetary revaluation it is always necessary to refer to the Istat Indices. The Istat indexes are various, the most used is that for workers' families (FOI). Starting from the date on which the credit arose and taking into account only the months and not the days (as is the case for interest).

    How is a sum discounted?

    The discounting factor (1 / (1 + r) ^ t) measures the current value of a euro available in tot years at the rate r. The discount rate (r) is the remuneration that is given up today in order to have more capital tomorrow.

    What are the debts of value?

    Debts are of currency which, from the outset, consist in the delivery of a sum of money. The debts relating to the restoration of a previous situation which has been harmed are of value. There are debts and debts: debts with the condominium and debts with the tax authorities, those with the bank or for rent.

    When does the TFR revaluation coefficient come out?

    With the ISTAT press release of September 15, 2021, which established the national consumer price index for families of workers and employees (FOI) (without tobacco) at 104,7, the coefficients valid for the month of August were revised. 2021 of the severance pay and work credits.

    How is the revaluation of the TFR fund calculated?

    A revaluation rate consisting of 1,5% fixed plus 75% of annual inflation is applied to the employee leaving indemnity in the company.

    How to calculate TFR revaluation example?

    Therefore, to calculate the severance pay, a share equal to the amount of the annual salary received divided by the coefficient 13,5 is added for each year of work.
    In detail, we will have that:
    1. 20.000/13,5 = €1.481,48;
    2. 22.000/13,5 = €1.629,62;
    3. 25.000/13,5 = €1.851,85.

    Does the recipient of the maintenance allowance have to declare it?

    The maintenance allowance paid to the former spouse is deductible from the income of the person who pays it and is considered taxable income for the recipient spouse. The periodic allowance paid for child support is not taxable. The one-time paid check represents tax-free income.

    How is the maintenance allowance established in the event of separation?

    The spouses themselves can also find an agreement on the amount of the allowance. In the event of a conflict, however, the judge will decide whether the spouse requesting maintenance is entitled to it. If so, the separation judge will always quantify the allowance.

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