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    How to sanitize the washing machine?

    How to sanitize the washing machine?


    Start an empty wash cycle for a few moments so that the appliance fills with water. Then interrupt it to put the bleach or white vinegar into the drum. Leave to soak for an hour and then reschedule the wash. When finished, you will have a disinfected and scented washing machine.

    How to do a vacuum wash to clean the washing machine?

    With white vinegar

    To thoroughly clean the washing machine, schedule a vacuum wash, with a temperature of at least 90 degrees. Pour a cup of white vinegar into the basket or into the detergent compartment: it will not damage the washing machine but will help eliminate all bad smells in a natural and effective way.

    How is vacuum washing done?

    On the other hand, once every three months you can schedule a wash with the program for cotton garments empty, keeping the drawer open. When the water fills the latter, pour in a liter of bleach or white vinegar. After that, restart the cycle and then stop it.

    How to clean the washing machine with bleach?

    To disinfect it, select an empty washing cycle, when the water has filled the drum, stop washing and add a glass of bleach. Let the product act for about 40 minutes before starting the wash again and letting the washing machine finish the program.

    How to disinfect the washing machine with vinegar and baking soda?

    By inserting through the detergent compartment, a glass of vinegar and two tablespoons of bicarbonate. We advise you to wash at 90 degrees, in order to allow maximum sanitation of the appliance. Avoid the spin cycle, let the water drain so that the various pipes can be cleaned well.

    How to sanitize the washing machine and eliminate bad smells

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    How much vinegar and baking soda for a washing machine?

    How to clean the washing machine filter

    To clean the drum and the non-visible parts of the washing machine and eliminate bad smells, pour 250 ml of vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda into the drum and perform a wash at 60 °, with the washing machine empty.

    How to disinfect the washing machine after washing dog things?

    How to disinfect the washing machine

    If you want to further disinfect the washing machine, perhaps because blankets or dog clothes have been washed, a disinfectant can be used or during the vacuum washing you can pour a cup of bleach and clean the seals with alcohol.

    How much bleach to clean the washing machine?

    It is important not to pour bleach and detergent into the same compartment. As for the doses of bleach to use for the laundry, usually the right proportion is about 175 ml in a wash: about one part of bleach every 30 parts of water, if we are talking about a normal load.

    How to wash washing machine that stinks?

    To clean and disinfect it, you have to do a vacuum washing machine once a month, at high temperatures, pouring a glass of white vinegar into the basket and into the detergent compartment. In addition to removing limescale, the natural product eliminates bad odor.

    How to clean washing machine gasket with bleach?

    Make a mix of water and bleach or water and white vinegar and clean the gasket with a soft cloth. You can also help yourself with cotton swabs.

    How to do a vacuum wash to clean the dishwasher?

    Alternatively, for a deeper clean, you can opt for a vacuum wash. Just pour about a liter of white vinegar into the bottom of the washing machine and start a complete cycle. Select the highest temperature in order to optimize the sanitizing power of the vinegar.

    Where do you put the Calgon pill?

    All Calgon products must be placed in the main washing machine compartment. This allows the product to act on the hidden parts of the washing machine. If your detergent and Calgon product are the same format (gel, powder or tablet), you can put them together in the detergent drawer.

    How to remove dust from the washing machine?

    Alternatively, we recommend using 2 liters of white vinegar diluted in water, adding a spoonful of baking soda and setting the wash at a temperature above 60 ° C. This procedure will allow you to thoroughly disinfect the washing machine, eliminating mold and bacteria. .

    How to clean the washing machine with coarse salt?

    To clean limescale residues there are several specific products on the market, but you can opt for a natural and do-it-yourself method. It is sufficient to obtain 1 kg of coarse salt and place it in the basket and in the drawer for detergents: by starting an empty washing cycle, the salt will dissolve the limescale deposited.

    How to get rid of the bad smell of the laundry?

    Pour a few tablespoons of baking soda (dosing it according to the load of clothes you are going to put in the washing machine) into the softener drawer. Thanks to its action in water, the baking soda will help you eliminate any bad smells and avoid unpleasant surprises once the washing machine door is open.

    Why does the washing machine smell?

    The bad smell of the washing machine can be caused by water that is too calcareous: the limescale stops inside the pipes causing a strong and unpleasant odor or it can accumulate in the drum. Exhaust pipes. Sometimes the washing machine gives off an unpleasant sewage smell.

    How to clean the washing machine that smells without vinegar?

    Eliminate the bad smell from the washing machine

    If you want to have an optimal result, as mentioned previously you can have the washing machine do a vacuum wash at 90 ° by putting the baking soda and lemon inside the tray.

    How to disinfect the washing machine do it yourself?

    You can carry out a wash cycle with white vinegar empty once a month.
    1. pour 2 liters of white vinegar diluted with a little water directly into the basket.
    2. add 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
    3. start a fairly long washing program at a temperature above 60 °

    How to clean the dishwasher with bleach?

    For ordinary cleaning, you can pour 2 glasses of bleach into the bottom of the dishwasher and start the rinse program. Instead, for extraordinary cleaning, you can pour a cap of bleach instead of detergent and perform a wash at a high temperature.

    What do the washing machine symbols mean?

    If there is a cross on it, the garment cannot be washed, but needs to be taken to the laundry. If there is a number, it indicates the recommended temperature, which can be 30 °, 40 ° or 60 ° and even 90 °. If the tray is crossed out, it is not possible to wash with water.

    What does vacuum washing mean?

    In this way, as with other types of household appliances, you will be able to leave the mixture of hot water and bleach to soak, thoroughly sanitizing and eliminating bad smells that ruin your laundry.

    How to wash dog raincoat?

    Machine wash at 30 ° with cycle for synthetic fibers and 800 rpm spin. Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softeners.

    How do you wash dog cushions?

    Dog cushions should be washed regularly to prevent the spread of mites and parasites. For a thorough cleaning it is recommended to shake them before washing in order to remove the hair and soak them in a container with warm water and Marseille soap for at least 30 minutes.

    When to put vinegar in the washing machine?

    Vinegar, a powerful descaler for the washing machine

    The procedure for using the vinegar in the washing machine to descale it is very simple: just a liter of white vinegar poured directly into the washing machine drum, setting a program of a couple of hours at 60 °.

    How much vinegar in the laundry?

    Wash Clothes. Keep your clothing clean with vinegar. Pour 120 cup (XNUMX ml) of distilled white vinegar into the washing machine instead of the normal detergent you usually use. This allows you to clean clothing without using the harsh chemicals found in many commercial products.

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