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    How to say mixed crossword?

    How to say mixed crossword?


    1. turned.
    2. scrambled.
    3. rimestato.
    4. kneaded.
    5. amalgamated.
    6. worked.
    7. manipulated.
    8. united.

    How to say mixed?

    mixing, mixing, mixing, [referring to a liquid insoluble in another liquid] emulsifying, [referring to a liquid and an arid] malassare. ‖ Put together, unite. ⇓ melt, knead. ↔ divide, isolate, split, separate.

    How to say mix crosswords?

    1. mix up.
    2. unite.
    3. mix.
    4. mix.
    5. bind.
    6. combine.
    7. to melt.
    8. knead.

    What is the saxophone tab called?

    The reed is a thin mobile tongue whose vibration makes wind instruments, called reed instruments, play.

    How did Marco Polo indicate China?

    Much of his fortune was collected in Cathay, a name of ancient China, at the court of the sovereign Kublai Khan, of whom he became an esteemed trustee. The account of his adventures was published as a diary in the famous "Million".

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    What did Marco Polo write?

    Il Milione is the account of Marco Polo's travels to Asia, undertaken together with his father Niccolò Polo and his paternal uncle Matteo Polo, Venetian merchants and travelers, between 1271 and 1295, and his experiences at the court of Kublai Khan, the most great oriental ruler of the time, of whom Marco was at the service for ...

    What did Marco Polo do?

    The merit of Marco Polo's fame certainly lies in his very long journey and in the stay of years in the East, in particular in China; but also, and perhaps above all, in the fact that he has left a story of it, in a beautiful book known as Il Milione or even The book of wonders.

    What does the priest wear around his neck?

    The ecclesiastical collar is a part of the cassock of the Christian church.

    What is the horse's coat called?

    The set of hairs and hairs that cover the horse's skin has the name of coat or pelage.

    What is the synonym for unite?

    (qualities, characteristics) possess, group, add.

    What is the synonym of tasting?

    a-¹] (I taste, etc.). - 1. [ingest a small amount of something enough to taste it] ≈ savor, taste, try.

    What holds synonym together?

    together] ≈ linked, joined, linked. ↑ welded. ↔ loose, split, separated, untied. b.

    Who is an Adonis?

    It symbolizes youthful male beauty but also death and the renewal of nature. From his blood the anemones grew and Adonis is associated with them. He was a beautiful child, the son born of the incestuous relationship between Cinira, king of Cyprus (drunk for the occasion), and his daughter Mirra.

    What is the name of optical radar?

    lidar Optical radar (from English light detection and raging) which uses a laser beam instead of a microwave beam.

    What is the name of wool cutting?

    Depending on the length of the fibers, the wool is then subjected to carded spinning (if with short fibers) or to combing (if with long fibers).

    What is the priest's white collar called?

    It is possible to wear the clergyman as early as the second year of major seminary (after admission to Holy Orders) for diocesan seminarians or from first profession for religious, although it is usually used after ordination to the diaconate.

    How do priests dress?

    amice: it is always white; alb, also called alba: it is white, sometimes decorated with liturgical colors; cingolo: generally it is white in color but it can also be the liturgical color of the day; chasuble or chasuble: it is of the liturgical color of the day; it is worn by the priest (or presbyter);

    What is the name of the priest's stole?

    In the years immediately following the Second Vatican Council, a particular type of stole was marketed, the so-called tristula, characterized by a third vertical band falling on the back and improperly used in particular as a substitute for the chasuble or planet.

    Who was Marco Polo summarized?

    Marco Polo was born in Venice in 1254. Belonging to a family of traders and travelers, he is considered the greatest land explorer of the Middle Ages. His father Niccolò and uncle Matteo, who ran an agency in Soldata in the Crimea, undertook in 1260 a journey to the lands of the Volga (Sarai).

    Why did Marco Polo write the million?

    The title of Marco Polo's work derives from “Emilione”, a name that the author and his family used to distinguish themselves from the various other Polo families that existed in the XNUMXth century in Venice.

    When did you write the Marco Polo Million?

    The centuries-old work that bears the name Il Milione, whose original title was probably: Divisament dou monde, was written in 1298 in the San Giorgio prison in Genoa by the writer Rustichello, to whom Marco Polo had dictated his memoirs.

    What was China called in Marco Polo's time?

    China at the time of Marco Polo was called MANGI and it was an immense kingdom under the leadership of a very powerful king named Fafur.

    What is the opposite of union?

    against division, disintegration, dissolution, divorce, separation, detachment, secession | single individual, single | (fig) discord, contrast, conflict, disagreement, antagonism.

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