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    Mantuan pumpkin when to plant?

    Mantuan pumpkin when to plant?

    Sowing period For this the pumpkin must be sown in spring, once the temperatures are stable. If you want to put the seed directly in the garden, it is good to do it starting from April, so as not to incur late frosts or night cold that can put the plant in difficulty.

    When is the Mantuan pumpkin planted?

    Sow the pumpkin between April and May, both in open fields and in containers for subsequent transplanting. Beware of weeds that have a lot of space in this crop. Sow the pumpkin in the open field and / or planting seedlings with earthen bread from the beginning of May, or even from the end of April.

    What is the real Mantuan pumpkin?

    It has a gray-green skin and a turban-like shape. An orange pulp, a compact texture, a sweet taste. It is the Mantuan pumpkin, which belongs to the large family of a vegetable with wide uses and powerful symbolic value.

    Where to plant pumpkins?

    The ideal for growing it in the garden is a mild temperature, around 20 degrees. In the hottest summer months it can be useful to use shade nets. Soil and fertilizer. Pumpkin needs rich soil, ideally with a pH between 6 and 7.

    When to plant pumpkin seeds?

    The best times to sow pumpkins are the months of April and May, when the minimum temperatures during the day do not drop below 15/18 ° C. Unfortunately, sometimes the frost returns ruin the young pumpkin seedlings just born, especially when sowing takes place in April.

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    How to plant pumpkin seeds in pots?

    The seeds should be planted at least 30 centimeters apart, leaving only three or four fruits in all. If for reasons of space you could not afford more than a simple pot, you can still try to plant only five seeds in the hope that they will take root.

    How to store pumpkin seeds for sowing?

    The ideal solution is to place the pumpkin seeds in a paper bag or letter envelope, to be kept in a box that you have chosen to store your seeds, preferably in wood or cardboard. Starting from April you can start sowing in the seedbed.

    How often do pumpkin plants need to be watered?

    Frequency of watering the pumpkin

    Water twice a week at the start of cultivation. As soon as the first fruits are formed, which often correspond to the first real heats, make sure that the soil does not dry out between two waterings.

    How to plant Mantuan pumpkins?

    The right depth at which to plant the pumpkins is 2/3 centimeters, to do this it is advisable to make holes to be placed at the right distance from each other and insert two or three seeds in each. After sprouting, it will eventually be possible to thin out by removing the extra seedlings.

    How to care for a pumpkin plant?

    Pumpkin plants should be watered in the morning and when the soil is dry. It is also necessary to avoid wetting the leaves: humidity favors the development of a fungus called "white sickness" which kills the plant.

    How to recognize the Mantuan pumpkin?

    Mantuan squash (Cucurbita maxima)

    Appearance: typical of the region from which it takes its name, it has a gray-green skin, turban-shaped hat, yellow-orange pulp. Taste: very mellow and compact, the Mantovana pumpkin has a sweet and delicate taste.

    What are the best pumpkins to eat?

    The best pumpkins are small ones with dry pulp and therefore tastier. Better to avoid those that are too large, they could be rich in water and less tasty. For the same type of pumpkin, for the same size, choose the one that weighs more.

    How many calories does the Mantuan pumpkin have?

    It is also an element rich in virtues, with a low caloric content (about 17 calories per 100 grams of product), low in simple sugars and therefore very light, rich in vitamins A and C, with digestive, laxative, diuretic and refreshing properties. .

    How and when to sow spinach?

    Spinach can be grown practically all year round. Generally they are sown in spring (March / April), for harvests before summer, or in September to have them in autumn. To be avoided if possible that they are in the field in the hottest months, when they would require frequent irrigation and shading nets.

    What can be sown in October?

    What to sow in October
    • Lettuce and baby lettuce.
    • Spinach.
    • Garlic.
    • Peas.
    • Rocket.
    • Radish.
    • Shallot.
    • Turnip greens.

    Why don't pumpkins grow?

    If the weather is too hot and humid early in the season, some plants delay the production of female flowers. If the squash delays female flowering, late shoots often don't have time to develop before the days get shorter and the cold sets in.

    How much distance for zucchini plants?

    The sixth of implantation. The courgettes are sown at distances of 100 x 80 cm at least between the plants, being demanding plants both in terms of space and nutrient it is important that they are not arranged too close.

    How do you cut the pumpkin plant?

    The pumpkin plant grows very fast if it has been well cared for, so it is also necessary to prune it properly so that it does not end up suffocating the fruit. The cut must always be performed above the fourth or fifth leaf of each shoot because in this way the plant will develop in width.

    How many pumpkins does a plant produce?

    HARVEST 60-90 days after the transplant; in large-fruited varieties, it produces 2-3 10-15kg fruits and other smaller 5-6kg fruits. It should be harvested when fully ripe (dull sound on the percussion with the knuckles).

    How long does it take for the pumpkin to grow?

    However, keep in mind that pumpkins require a long growing season (generally 75 to 100 frost-free days), so you need to plant them from late May in northern locations to early July in the south.

    When is pumpkin not good?

    If the squash is not ripe, touching and pressing the outside of the vegetable will flex. If it is ripe, this does not happen: the peel offers resistance. If you then hit the peel, a harmonic sound will ensue. If not, the noise you get will be dull.

    How do you water zucchini?

    The cultivation of courgettes requires a lot of water, because the first 25-35 cm of soil must be kept constantly humid. Water daily in the cooler periods of the day to avoid the sudden change in temperature making the plant sick.

    How are pumpkin seeds stored?

    In pumpkin, the seeds are found in the soft pulp, which is usually thrown away. Just remove the pulp with a spoon and wash the seeds under running water with the help of a colander. Once the seeds are completely free of pulp residues, they must be dried.

    How are the seeds stored?

    The seeds must be stored in cool, dry, ventilated places (too much heat makes them lose their energy and germination energy very quickly), so as not to ferment and not to be affected by insects.

    How to clean and dry pumpkin seeds?

    When the pumpkin seeds are completely dry, you need to arrange them on a plane (always without overlapping them) and let them dry naturally, away from humidity, checking and turning them every day. This operation takes at least a week, but it can also take much longer.

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