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    Meaning of amorphous person?

    Meaning of amorphous person?

    Without definite form: amorphous matter. Often used in a fig. Sense, referring to a person to indicate lack of personality and emotionality, indifferent behavior and therefore conciliatory and tolerant: an individual a .; character, amorphous temperament.

    What does it mean that a material with an amorphous structure?

    amorphous, state Particular state of aggregation of matter, and precisely the state of a solid substance that does not have a crystalline structure: isotropic, therefore, with respect to all physical properties at the macroscopic level.

    What is the opposite of amorphous?

    [devoid of personality and consistency: a character a.] ≈ anonymous, banal, inconsistent, indecisive, insignificant, silly, irresolute, dull. ↔ original, distinct. ↑ weird, bizarre, unusual, weird.

    What structure do amorphous substances have?

    Amorphous structures are metastable structures that can transform into crystalline structures only under certain thermodynamic and kinetic conditions. Amorphous structures have isotropic properties, i.e. their physical properties do not depend on the direction in which the sample is analyzed.

    What are amorphous minerals?

    Mineraloids or non-crystalline minerals or amorphous minerals are minerals that do not have a disordered arrangement of the crystal lattice structure.


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