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    Palmaria island where is it?

    Palmaria island where is it?

    The Palmaria island is visible from Gignola, the eastern part just slightly hidden from the Caprione promontory. It is the largest island of the La Spezia archipelago, as well as of Liguria, with an area of ​​1,89 square km and an altitude that reaches 190,6 m asl.

    Where to swim Palmaria?

    A comfortable and short boat trip (communications are frequent in the summer months) allows you to easily reach Palmaria, where you can swim in the pebble beach of Punta Secca, with beautiful backdrops, or to the small beach of Pozzale, on the side opposite of the island.

    Where is Isola del Tino located?

    The island of Tino is located in the Ligurian Sea, at the western end of the Gulf of La Spezia; its territory is part of the municipality of Porto Venere. It is 500 m from the Palmaria Island and 2,5 km from the mainland.

    What is the name of the island opposite Portovenere?

    The island of Palmaria, together with the two islets of Tino and Tinetto and the towns of Porto Venere and Cinque Terre, is part of the World Heritage Site, a recognition that arrived in 2001 by Unesco.

    How to reach Pozzale beach?

    Cala del Pozzale is located on the eastern side of the island of Palmaria, in the municipality of Portovenere; it can only be accessed by sea with the vaporetti that depart from La Spezia and obviously from Portovenere.

    Trekking all’Isola Palmaria

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    How to reach the island of Palmaria?


    To reach Palmaria Island you have to take one of the ferries that depart from La Spezia or Portovenere (these are the most practical, but there are others).

    How to reach the island of Palmarola?

    Palmarola can be reached with the boats of the Ponzesi Barcaioli Cooperative from the island of Ponza. We sail along a stretch of the island along the coast and then cross the 7 miles of sea that separate the two emerged lands (about an hour with a gozzo).

    When can you visit the island of Tino?

    The surface of the island of Tino is entirely reserved for a military zone. For this reason it is possible to visit the island only on two occasions a year: on 13 September on the occasion of the feast of San Venerio and the following Sunday.

    How much does parking cost in Portovenere?

    Cost of parking

    The rate varies according to the period of the year: In high season (from the first Saturday in March to the penultimate Sunday in October) parking is subject to a fee from 8.00 to 21.00 with a rate of € 2,00 / h and maximum daily rate € 10,00. In the low season, parking is free.

    How do you get to Ponza from Rome?

    From the Roma Termini railway station regional trains depart approximately every hour which take about 60 minutes and arrive at the Priverno-Fossanova railway station, which is about 37 kilometers from the port of San Felice Circeo and can be traveled by bus or taxi.

    How do you get around on the island of Ponza?

    Buses: for getting around Ponza you can rely on public transport buses, whose parking is located at the end of the Corso. The buses of the Schiaffini Travel line connect the port of Ponza to Le Forna / Punta Incenso in about 30 minutes of travel with trips throughout the day.

    Where is Ponza and Palmarola located?

    Ponza is located in the central Tyrrhenian Sea, facing the Gulf of Gaeta 21 nautical miles south of San Felice Circeo. It is the largest island in the archipelago of the Pontine Islands, which also includes Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

    How to reach Porto Venere Natural Park?

    Portovenere cannot be reached by train from Deiva Marina because the railway that crosses the Cinque Terre deviates after Riomaggiore, directly on La Spezia. about 13 km. very scenic that lasts 20 minutes, crossing Fezzano, Acquasanta and Le Grazie.

    How to reach the Porto Venere natural park?

    If you arrive from the Cinque Terre, the fastest and most practical way to get to Portovenere (and vice versa) is the ferry. All the Cinque Terre have a small port, practically inside the town, with the exception of Corniglia (the middle ground), which cannot be reached by sea.

    Where do you take the ferry from La Spezia?

    The Promenade Morin, the boarding point for ferries to La Spezia.

    How to get to Ponza by car?

    How to reach the ports for Ponza by car

    The nearest port is that of Anzio, from which 7 ferries a day depart on peak days. Along the A1, we suggest the Frosinone exit to head towards Terracina. Also from the A1 the recommended exit is Cassino to reach the port of Formia.

    What to see in Ponza in 3 days?

    What to do on the Island of Ponza: excursion by boat

    The Grotte di Pilato, Roman caves carved into the rock that in the past were used for fish farming. Punta della Guardia, a rocky spur in the middle of the sea with a wonderful lighthouse that stands on its top

    Why is the island of Ponza famous?

    The island of Ponza is certainly one of the most famous Pontine islands in the Province of Latina. Its coves, crystal clear water and its crescent shape have allowed it to make it famous throughout the Mediterranean.

    How long does it take to get around Ponza?

    4-5 days is enough. The marina must be visited, the tour of the island by boat is essential. You can do without a car if you are staying near the marina. The only road leading to the other side of the island is narrow and there are no parking spaces.

    Where to stay on the island of Ponza?

    Ponza Island hotels and places to stay
    • Feola Hotel. 83 reviews. Hotel View. ...
    • Chiaia Di Luna Hotel. 1.188 reviews. ...
    • Hotel del Capitano. 78 Reviews. ...
    • Hotel La Baia. 150 reviews. ...
    • Fisherman's Village Hotel. 486 reviews. ...
    • Hotel Ortensia. 437 reviews. ...
    • Torre dei Borboni Hotel. 360 reviews. ...
    • Mari hotel. 189 Reviews.

    How do you get to Ponza from Milan?

    The cheapest way to get from Milan to Ponza is to fly and car ferry which costs € 50 - € 160 and takes 7h 37m. What is the fastest way to get from Milan to Ponza? The quickest way to get from Milan to Ponza is to fly and car ferry which costs € 45 - € 220 and takes 7h 10m.

    Where should you embark for Ponza?

    The closest port to Ponza is that of San Felice Circeo which is connected to the island only in summer. From the port of Terracina there are ferries on which it is impossible to board cars. The largest number of ferries and hydrofoils for Ponza leave Formia, although it is the farthest port from the island.

    How much does the ticket cost to go to Ponza?

    Ferries Anzio to Ponza island

    Prices vary depending on the season, but have an average of € 23,40 per person for adults, € 11,70 for children aged 2 to 11 and it is free, for children aged 0 to 2 on board the Laziomar ferries.

    How to get to Ponza from Rome by car?

    Ponza: arrive at the port of Terracina
    1. By car. Take the state road 148 - via Pontina following the signs for Terracina. By car, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.
    2. On the train. From Roma Termini, it is possible to arrive in Terracina internally, making a change at Priverno-Fossanova.
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