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    Position cutlery for liking?

    Position cutlery for liking?

    If the meal is over, communicating it is very simple. Just place the cutlery at 6:30. That is, straight, in the center of the plate, with the handles touching the lower edge. If the plate is very large, you may be tempted to place them right in the center.

    How to put the cutlery If you liked it?

    Some etiquette, however, argue that both cutlery should be placed with the handle resting on the plate at 16:20 (currently the most used convention). Still others state that both cutlery should instead be positioned with the handle resting on the plate at 15 pm.

    How to communicate with forks?

    If we have finished enjoying our first course and are ready to receive the next one, what we need to do is to communicate it to the waiter by crossing the cutlery, making a cross on the plate. The knife must be positioned below, while the fork above.

    How to place cutlery and glasses?

    Place the glasses and napkin The glasses are placed above the knives (i.e. above the cutlery on the right). Starting from the left the glass for water, then that of the glass for wine and the third glass (the narrower one) that will be used for the sparkling wine.

    How to place fork and knife?


    Without delay then: the forks are placed to the left, the knives instead go to the right with the sharp side facing the plate.

    Etiquette Lessons | Position of the cutlery PAUSE AND END OF MEAL

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    How to place the spoon?

    Directly next to it we will find the fork for the main dishes, immediately next to the plate. Broth knife and spoon to the right of the cover - the spoon will go to the outside of the plate, because in the middle is the place for the fish knife.

    How to place knives?

    The knife, on the other hand, must be placed to the right of the plate, with the blade facing inwards. Immediately after, put the fish one and then, finally, the spoon (which is used only if you are serving a soup or a consommé).

    How to set the table with glasses?

    The glasses are placed at the top and to the right of the table setting. As a reference, keep about the tip of the knife, in descending order, to scale to the right. It starts with the water one, the largest, then the glass of red wine, and goes down until you reach the white wine glass.

    How should the cutlery be positioned at the table?

    The cutlery should be arranged from a minimum of three to many more on the sides of the plate with the tip pointing upwards. To the left go the forks, to the right first knives, and then the spoons arranged with the concave side facing upwards.

    How to set the table in an original way?

    Cutlery. The etiquette dictates that you put the knife on the right and the forks on the left (where the napkin must also be placed). On an easy table, however, everything (or almost) is allowed: the napkin can be placed on top of the plate, and knife and fork can even be together, both on the right.

    How do you put the forks at the end of a meal?

    At the end of the meal, both cutlery must be positioned with the handle resting on the plate at 18:30: the knife on the right, with the blade inside, and the fork on the left, with the tips pointing upwards.

    What does it mean to cross cutlery?


    If, on the other hand, we are finished and we are ready to receive the next course, what we need to do is cross the cutlery making a cross on the plate. The knife goes below and the fork above. The waiter understands that he can take away and proceed with the second.

    How to hold the fork?

    Rule number two: the fork is held between the thumb and forefinger with the right hand. He always moves with measured gestures from plate to mouth without making a noise. You never cut meat with a fork and chicken is the only thing you can eat with your hands.

    How to arrange the cutlery at the table?

    When setting the cutlery, you start with the knife, which is placed to the right of the plate with the blade facing towards it. Then the forks are placed on the left and the large spoon on the right. The tip of the fork and the hollow of the spoon point upwards.

    What does table etiquette say?

    Posture: you must always stand with your back straight without ever resting your elbows on the table. The arms go to the sides and only the hands on the tablecloth. Do not stretch them under the table, you could also run the risk of hitting those of those who sit opposite or next to you, even with unpleasant misunderstandings.

    How to set the napkin table?

    The napkin simply folds up (into a rectangle or triangle) and is usually placed to the left (a few times in the center above the plate). Above the forks goes any saucer of bread and above the knife and spoon go the glasses.

    Which fork do you take first?

    The basic rule is one: always start from the outside inwards. In a self-respecting dinner, an appetizer cannot be missing, so the first fork to use will be the smallest among those we will have on our left.

    How to recognize the cutlery?

    About the same size as a dessert fork, it has the sharpest prongs and a sharp side. As you can see from the diagram, the forks are located to the left of the plate and their handles (if they are arranged in a horizontal position) are always facing left, the direction corresponding to the hand of use.

    Who eats spaghetti with a spoon?

    Spaghetti and long pasta can only be eaten with a fork. They are not cut with a knife, nor is a spoon used to facilitate oneself.

    Where is the wine poured into the large or small glass?

    Only the glasses that will be used during the meal will be placed on the table and no more: water, the largest, and the wine, smaller, are needed.

    How to set the Csaba glasses?

    THE GLASSES. They are positioned in the upper right part of the plate, above the knife, usually in the house there are two, one with and the other without a stem: the wine glass on the right and the tumbler for water inside on the left. If they both have stems, they will have different sizes and the larger one is for water.

    Where do you put the napkin on the right or left table?

    The napkin must be placed to the left of the table place (therefore the plate and the forks), folded in a simple way, possibly like a book.

    Where do you put the appetizer plate?

    1. Start with the underplate, above which you place the dinner plate and complete with the plate.
    2. If there is an appetizer, put the saucer instead of the soup plate.
    3. Up to three plates can be stacked.

    Why does the fork go left?

    Etiquette is first of all logical: the spoon goes to the right of the plate because it is used with the right, the fork to the left because it is used with the left, and it is different from education. Education comes from affectivity, from the family, has a language: "thank you", "please", "sorry", "please", "goodnight".

    How to eat with a fork?

    The fork is held with the right hand, between the thumb and forefinger, while when making the cut it must be held with the left one. With the same hand the cut food will then be taken to bring it to the mouth, without putting down the knife or changing hands.

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