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    Reinforced orange zone where?

    Reinforced orange zone where?

    Covid, orange zone strengthened: schools From Monday 1 March, therefore, the teaching activity will take place exclusively at a distance for all schools of all levels and for the University; Lombardy: closure of all schools, including nursery schools and those for children.

    What does reinforced orange zone mean?

    The meaning of the reinforced orange zone is that all schools are closed, with the exception of nursery schools: therefore closing for kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools with 100% distance learning.

    What changes between orange and reinforced orange?

    Differences between orange and enhanced orange

    Another "change": in reinforced orange you cannot visit the homes of friends and relatives - even if it is possible to roam freely in your municipality -, while in "simple" orange it is allowed once a day.

    What can I do in the reinforced orange zone?

    What can be done and what not in the reinforced orange zone
    • School and University ...
    • The movements. ...
    • Second box. ...
    • Shops. ...
    • Bars and restaurants.
    • Hairdressers and beauty centers. ...
    • Parks. ...
    • Smart working in the Pa.

    What are the municipalities in reinforced orange in Lombardy?

    There are 42 Lombard municipalities that are about to change color and switch to "reinforced" orange. Including Como and the entire province. In the metropolitan city of Milan there are Besate, Motta Visconti, Binasco, Casarile, Trucazzano, Melzo, Liscate, Pozzuolo Martesana, Vignate, Rodano.

    "Reinforced orange" zone: these are the rules

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    What are the dark orange areas?

    Dark orange area

    Unlike the orange zone, where elementary and middle schools are open (and 75% distance learning is provided for high school), in the reinforced orange zone all schools, including universities, are closed.

    What can be done in the enhanced orange zone in Lombardy?

    It is possible to carry out motor activity individually in the vicinity of one's home, provided that the distance of at least one meter from any other person is respected and with the obligation to use respiratory protection devices.

    What can't be done in the dark orange area?

    Dark orange zone: what changes for citizens
    • closure of all schools with the exception of crèches.
    • prohibition to go to one's own homes other than the main one, located in the territory of the Region, except for travel motivated by proven and serious situations of necessity.

    What can you do in the dark orange zone?

    Transfers, visits to relatives and friends, second homes, school, shops, bars and restaurants, walks and sports: this is what changes. Bologna, 2 March 2021 - The dark orange zone was established “on the model of what essentially happens in the red zone”, reads a note from the Emilia Romagna Region.

    What can you do in the orange zone?

    Out of the ordinary movements: it is allowed to move within one's own municipality, but it is not allowed to move outside it. You can leave your municipality for these reasons: work, urgency, health, visiting relatives and friends, second homes and sporting activities.

    What changes between the orange and red zone?

    Between the red and orange zones there are different rules regarding the movements inside and outside the Municipality: in the first one you can go out only for reasons of health, work and necessity (with self-certification) while in the second one, movements within the Municipality of residence / domicile they're free.

    What changes from orange zone to dark orange zone?

    Both in the orange and dark orange areas, bars, restaurants, pastry shops and ice cream parlors are closed to the public all day and every day, except for take-away (until 18 pm for drinks and until 22 pm for food) and delivery. home. In any case, it is forbidden to consume food and drinks outside the premises.

    What does the orange zone mean?

    Orange zone: here the rules on movements inside and outside the Municipality, visits, school, sports and open shops. ... In the Regions that are part of the orange zone it is forbidden to move from the Municipality of residence and from the Region, go out under curfew and consume at the table of bars and restaurants (both for lunch and dinner).

    What can you do and not in the orange zone?

    You cannot move from one municipality to another, or from different regions, except for work, study, health or necessity. In such cases, self-declaration is always required. The curfew remains in force from 22 pm to 5 am, but the return to one's home, home or residence is always allowed.

    What can you do in the Orange Restaurants area?

    Restaurants and bars in the orange zone: how does it work? In the orange area, restaurants and bars are closed and only allow take away and take away. The bars close the take-away at 18pm and the restaurants at 22pm, when the curfew begins. There are no time restrictions for home delivery of food.

    What can you do in the orange area of ​​Palermo?

    In the orange zone it is always allowed to move for proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons, as well as to return to one's residence, domicile or home, including second homes.

    What can be done in the red zone of Palermo?

    In the red zone there is a ban on access and removal from the municipal area, by public or private transport, except for travel motivated by proven work needs, situations of necessity for health reasons.

    What can be done in the orange zone from April 26th?

    In the orange zone it is allowed to carry out sporting activities or outdoor motor activities, even in equipped areas and public parks, provided that in any case in compliance with the interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters for sporting activity, unless the presence of a escort for ...

    What can not be done in the yellow zone of Sicily?

    Yellow zone and white zone, different rules.

    What is forbidden? In the yellow zone, and therefore currently only in Sicily, the obligation to wear masks outdoors is in force. There is no curfew, lifted in June.

    What can you do in the orange zone with the Green Pass?

    The movements in and out of the territories located in the orange zone are always allowed to those with a green pass. And to all, but with self-certification, only for proven work, necessity or health needs.

    What can be done in the orange area of ​​Emilia Romagna?

    Orange zone, the movements

    In this area you can move within your municipality from 5 in the morning to 10 in the evening, when the curfew is triggered. Movements to other Municipalities or Regions are allowed only for reasons of necessity, work, health.

    What can you do in the yellow zone?

    All movements are allowed in the yellow zone: within one's own Municipality, between different Municipalities and between Regions. The curfew also expires, so there are no longer hourly limits to circulation and self-certification is no longer necessary.

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