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    Reset pin on

    Reset pin on

    Reset pin on

    Log in to the app with your Sky ID. Enter the "Do it yourself" section and then the "Services" section. Here, go to Smartcard: Reset PIN and then click on RESET AND ENTER PIN. Again, the new PIN will be emailed to you.

    What is the Sky PIN code?

    The Pin can be retrieved via the smart card. Just take it out of the receiver slot and check the following: - If your smart card number starts with 0001/0002/0003, your original pin is 0000. - If your smart card number starts with 0004, the your original pin is 7498.

    How to join Sky do it yourself?

    Just log in with your Sky iD to easily consult it at any time and in any place, even from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

    What to do if Sky Q freezes?

    Press and hold the TV GUIDE button
    1. reconnect the power cable by holding down the TV GUIDE button until you see the yellow / orange envelope on the front of the decoder flash (about one minute)
    2. release the TV GUIDE key.
    3. wait about a minute and turn the decoder back on.

    Why can't I access DIY Sky?

    If, on the other hand, it is impossible at that moment to access the service, you can try to contact Sky assistance as follows:
    1. by phone: here you will find the free and paid numbers;
    2. with the guided tours of the website;
    3. via chatbot with the Virtual Assistant.

    Reset Your PIN on Sky Q - Sky Help

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    How to enable Sky ID?

    Go to the Sky website, click on Login, and on the gray box β€œAre you not registered? create your Sky ID now β€œ. Then enter the data: Customer code (see here where to find it if you have lost it)

    What to do if Sky Q does not connect to WiFi?

    To remedy the problem from the Sky Q Platinum remote control, hold down the Home button and go to Settings> General> Network connection to check the connection, in case of absence or problems press the Reset button.

    Why does the download on Sky not work?

    Sky On Demand does not work: causes and solutions

    The first thing to do, first of all, is to check the network connection of the decoder to verify that it has not been interrupted. If this were the case, you will have to restore it perhaps by reviewing the WiFi settings, restarting the router or decoder.

    How to update Sky Q decoder?

    How to update Sky Q Platinum

    Once the connection is established, simply press the Home button on the remote control, go to the Settings> Info section, select the Software Version item and press the directional arrow to the right to select the Update button.

    How can I cancel Sky online?

    How to cancel Sky online

    One of the easiest ways to cancel Sky is to act online. To use this method, just go to the Sky website, select the type of subscription to cancel and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the procedure.

    How can I see my Sky contract?

    Nell'app My Sky

    If you have downloaded the My Sky app, log in by entering your credentials, press the Profile icon at the top right and scroll down to the Your subscriptions section where you will find the customer code.

    How to recover the Timvision PIN?

    You can choose to disable the PIN request from the specific section of your Profile. If you have lost or do not remember your PIN, enter the Profile select reset PIN. You will be sent an email with a temporary PIN that you will need to customize.

    How to connect the Sky decoder to the wifi?

    If your Sky decoder has the Wi-Fi logo on the front, it means that the latter is enabled for wireless Internet connection. All you have to do is turn on the decoder, take the Sky remote control and establish the connection with your Wi-Fi network.

    How to connect the Sky decoder to the Internet?

    How to connect the My Sky decoder to the internet via Wi-Fi
    1. Turn on your My Sky. Turn on your My Sky HD decoder and tune in to any channel.
    2. Select the item "Configure" ...
    3. Select the item "Data line" ...
    4. Press the yellow button.

    How to download apps on SKY Q decoder?

    Using the directional arrows on the remote control, then select the app of your interest among Sky Sport, Sky TG24, Sky Meteo and MyPhotos and press the central button on the remote control to access the chosen application.

    Who has Sky also has Sky Go?

    Sky Go is a free service included in Sky customers' subscription and has no activation costs. The service allows you to associate up to 4 devices, allows the Download & Play function to watch content in offline mode and the Restart, Pause and Replay functions.

    How to watch Sky Go on PC without an app?

    In fact, just log in to, enter the credentials of your Sky subscription and use the service quickly and easily.

    How to talk to Sky for free?

    The Sky toll-free number is 800 922 335, and it is free from all telephones. The 199 100 400 is the official number of Sky customer service and the call costs 15 cents per minute.

    What number is 02917171?

    How to speak to an operator via the Sky toll-free number

    The fastest way is to call the Sky number 02 917171, a number dedicated to the do-it-yourself service. The service is available every day, from 8.30 to 22.30.

    How to contact Sky via Email?

    Call Center at number 170. Ordinary mail to P.O.Box 13057, 20141 Milan, PEC at

    Where can I find the TIMvision purchase PIN?

    The PIN is set in the initial setup, to change it simply access the Settings section from the TIMvision home or using the yellow button on the remote control and select the Purchase Data - Purchase PIN section.

    How to change password on TIMvision?

    I would suggest you contact 187 and say that you need to reset the secret question to change the TimVision password or ask them directly if I can do the procedure for you.

    How to enter wifi password on TIMvision?

    So, if you already have a TIMvision account, or you want to log in via your or email address, press the Login button you see on the app home screen. Then enter your email and password in the respective text fields and tap or on the Enter item.

    How do I know when my Sky contract expires?

    Natural expiration: corresponds to the expiration of your Sky subscription, which you can find out by accessing the Do it yourself in the Contract data section.

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