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    Rex built-in refrigerator with temperature control?

    Rex built-in refrigerator with temperature control?

    The refrigerator temperature should be set at approximately + 4 ° C and the freezer temperature at -19 ° C (or -18 ° C depending on the model).

    How to adjust the fridge from 1 to 5?

    To summarize in the manual selector to get colder you have to bring it to a higher number like 5, while in the electronic one it's the opposite, to get colder you have to bring it to a lower number (degree) like 1.

    How do you regulate the temperature of the Electrolux refrigerator?

    1. Verify that the appliance cools down properly.
    1. Measure the temperature with a thermometer in a glass of water placed inside the refrigerator.
    2. If the temperature is between +4 and + 5 ° C, the refrigerator is working properly.

    What number to put the refrigerator on?

    The values ​​between 1 and 2 are those at which the knob should be kept in normal conditions: by doing so, the temperature obtained is between 4 and 8 degrees. The range that goes from 6 to 8 degrees, in particular, is the one considered ideal for keeping food in a cool place.

    How do the fridge numbers work?

    By setting the chosen number, you can choose the internal temperature of the refrigerator. Attention: the numbers do not indicate the degrees but the cold so by setting 1 the temperature will be higher while by setting 6 you will reach lower temperatures.

    Refrigerator temperature adjustment difference between manual and electronic selector

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    How to adjust the fridge from 1 to 4?

    My advice is to lower the internal temperature of the fridge a little in summer, so around 4 degrees. In summary, remember: if you have a refrigerator with an internal knob with values ​​ranging from 1 to 5 (sometimes there is also 6), then you have to raise the value to lower the temperature in the refrigerator compartment.

    At what temperature should the fridge be put?

    Solution. 1. The refrigerator temperature should be set at approximately + 4 ° C and the freezer temperature at -19 ° C (or -18 ° C depending on the model). 3.

    How to adjust the fridge from 1 to 6?

    It is a wheel with numbers from 1 to 5, in some cases up to 6. You will not have to cast lots to know on which number to set the thermostat: the number 1 refers to the least cold temperature, while the 5/6 is linked at the coldest temperature.

    How to set up the fridge in the summer?

    In summer, the fridge temperature needs to be lowered slightly while, in winter, it may be necessary to raise it by one degree. Usually, if for example, we keep the thermostat at a temperature of 4 ° C in the summer it will have to be raised by one degree. The setting must not exceed 5 ° C.

    How high should the fridge temperature be in winter?

    In winter, the refrigerator temperature usually remains at the recommended temperature of 4 ° (and -21 ° for the freezer), because the environment in which it is located, even with the heating on, is not as hot as in summer.

    Why is the refrigerator not cooling?

    One of the first things to do if you notice that the fridge is not cooling is to check that the thermostat is correctly adjusted: try to set the minimum temperature and, if this change does not lead to any improvement in cooling, you will probably have to proceed with replacing the thermostat. .

    Why does the fridge make ice inside?

    Why does the fridge make ice? The static refrigerator regulates the internal temperature of the appliance thanks to the thermostat. ... When all this works well, the drops in the refrigerator melt and have no time and no way to solidify and become ice, accumulating.

    How do you adjust the fridge?

    The temperature that must be set ranges from a minimum of + 4 ° C to a maximum of + 6 ° C. The freezer part, on the other hand, ranges from -24 ° C to -18 ° C. Once the correct temperature is set, the refrigerator should self-adjust to keep it constant. If not, the refrigerator probably needs to be changed.

    How to remove the ice from the refrigerator wall?

    Never use a rag that can scratch the refrigerator walls and of course, don't use a knife to remove the ice. The best formula for removing the ice layer is to use a soft soapy cloth and another dry one that allows the moisture to dry.

    How can I see if the fridge thermostat is not working?

    To understand if a thermostat is doing its job properly or not, just do a very simple thing: open the refrigerator and check the temperature. If you realize that it is lower or higher than it should, it means that the thermostat is not working very well.

    How do you see if there is no gas in a fridge?

    Another sign is the presence of humidity in the compressor, in the internal rear wall of the fridge or a strong temperature discontinuity in the wall itself. If we have a cold and a warm area to the touch, it is likely that there is a problem of this type.

    How can I tell if the fridge is broken?

    To understand if the fridge is broken there are several signs that must be considered, such as sudden dripping, temperature increases or the formation of ice crystals in the fridge.

    How to tell if the fridge is working well?

    Depending on the duration of the freezer malfunction, the coin can either refreeze suspended in ice or, in the worst case, sink completely. If the coin remains on the surface, this means that the freezer is working properly.

    How long does a refrigerator last on average?

    The refrigerator is over 10 years old

    Domestic refrigerators can typically last from 10 to 20 years, depending on the build quality, model and maintenance performed over the years.

    What happens when the gas runs out in the refrigerator?

    When the freon gas refill is finished, the coil, which is located on the back of the appliance, must be put back in its place, so all you need to do is close the screw cap of the tap of the bottle.

    How do you check the operation of the thermostat?

    If the valve is closed, to check that it works, tie a string to the thermostat, immerse it in a metal container filled with cold water, place it on the stove and heat the water. If the valve does not open after a few minutes, or if it opens only partially, then you need to get a new thermostat.

    How to defrost the refrigerator without turning it off?

    If you are in a hurry, place a pot of boiling water in the freezer, the hot vapors will defrost the walls of the freezer faster. When all the ice has melted, take the opportunity to clean the freezer with a solution of water and baking soda. Do not use chemical cleaners.

    How do you melt the ice?

    The first thing to do is fill a container with 1,5 l of hot water into which you will need to pour six drops of dish soap and 60 ml of alcohol. By mixing these three ingredients together you will obtain a mix capable of melting the ice in a few seconds.

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