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    Simplification decree converted into law?

    Simplification decree converted into law?

    The simplification decree was converted into law no. 29, with modifications. The coordinated text of the Decree Law 2021 May 108, n.

    When does the simplification decree come into force?

    With the publication in the Official Gazette, on July 31, the law of July 29, 2021, n. 108, of conversion into law, with modifications, of the decree-law 31 May 2021, n. 77 (better known as the "Simplifications-bis" decree).

    When does the 2021 simplification decree come out?

    In the Official Gazette no. 26 of 30 July 2021, the coordinated text of the Decree Law 31 May 2021, n.

    What are the simplifications of the superbonus?

    The simplification decree introduced important innovations for the superbonus 110. The simplifications concern the documentation for the start of the works (CILA), the construction of architectural barriers and the admission of new cadastral categories to the deductions of the eco-bonus 110.

    When does Bonus 110 change?

    The 110% Superbonus on restructuring will be extended to 2023. At least this is what the Update Note to the Def (Economics and Finance Document) just approved by the Council of Ministers establishes.

    Simplification Decree converted into Law 120/2020: comment (15/09/2020)

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    What is the simplifications decree?

    This is the objective of the Decree Law 31 May 2021 n. 77, the so-called new “Simplification Decree”, but whose full title is “Governance of the national plan for relaunch and resilience and first measures to strengthen administrative structures and to speed up and streamline procedures”.

    How to get 110 renovation?

    To obtain the 110% deduction, the interventions, on the whole, must ensure the improvement of at least 2 energy classes (for example from D to B), also in conjunction with other energy efficiency measures provided for by the eco-bonus which normally provide for a percentage of deduction ...

    When do building bonuses expire?

    The time available for those who intend to take advantage of the various building bonuses according to the formulation currently in force is therefore very little: all of them expire on 31 December 2021.

    Who is eligible for the 110 percent bonus?

    Can take advantage of the bonus 110: Individuals (including family members of the owners and cohabitants, as long as they bear the redevelopment costs) Condominiums. IACP.

    What changes for the superbonus?

    We are moving towards the extension to 2023 of the 110% super bonus, but limited to condominiums and IACP, thus excluding single-family homes. For the other building bonuses, the 50% tax credit and the 65% tax credit for renovations and energy requalification, it is expected to be confirmed for three years.

    What changes with the Cila superbonus?

    Simplified CILA for the 110 percent super bonus: the new form, approved by the Unified Conference on August 5, can be used from 2021 August 4. With the new model for CILA (sworn communication of the start of business), the formalities necessary to access the superbonus are reduced by 110 percent.

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