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    Tart mold with groove?

    Tart mold with groove?

    Tart mold with groove?

    The crafty mold is nothing more than a pie mold with a groove on the base, in order to create a hollow for the filling. Once the dough is cooked in the mold, the tart must be taken out of the oven and turned upside down.

    How do you use the smart pan?

    Once the tart is cooked and the base for our main dish is ready, place a tray or plate on the work surface and turn the mold over. Then, gently, turn the base of the tart so that you have the concave side facing you.

    How to butter the crafty mold?

    We put the pan to be buttered for a couple of minutes in the hot oven and let it heat slightly. We take the pan out of the oven and when it is still hot we quickly pass the stick of butter; the butter will form a light patina and the inside of the pan will be perfectly buttered.

    How to make a crafty tart mold?

    The classic idea to create the crafty DIY mold is to do the so-called blind or white cooking, so you can lay a layer of parchment paper on the tart or savory pie, after you have spread the base in the pan, then you arrange the chickpeas or dried legumes evenly, so that they cover ...

    Which pan to use for tart?

    The tart molds

    You can use both a rigid metal pan and a silicone mold, which you will have to grease very well with butter.


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    How do you put the shortcrust pastry in the pan?

    The most commonly used techniques are the following: roll out the shortcrust pastry on a sheet of parchment paper and transfer it directly to the pan; roll out the shortcrust pastry on a surface and then transport it with your hands into the pan.

    What is the crafty mold?

    The crafty mold is nothing more than a pie mold with a groove on the base, in order to create a hollow for the filling. ... The clever mold therefore lends itself to being used for all those pies that are stuffed in the center.

    How to make the hole for the donut?

    There are two ways to do this, the first is to take some parchment paper, roll it up and place it in the center of our greased and floured pan or lined with parchment paper and then pour the mixture to be cooked all around. This way you will have a fairly inaccurate donut.

    How to make a donut mold?

    With parchment paper: Take a round pan with high sides, suitable for cooking in the oven and line it with parchment paper. Then take a glass or cup without a handle and place it in the center of the turned pan (the bottom of the glass must be on top).

    What can be used instead of baking cups?

    In fact, they can be replaced easily. There is, in fact, a method for making do-it-yourself baking cups. All you need is a material that we all already have at home: baking paper. Speaking of parchment paper: this too can be easily replaced with a little ingenuity.

    How to oil a cake pan?

    the extra trick: oil or grease the pan and pour over two tablespoons of breadcrumbs to slide all over the bottom and sides of the pan in order to create a sort of coating on which to pour the cake mixture.

    How to grease a cake pan?

    Grease the pan. Choose whether to grease the pan with butter or pastry fat. They are two of the most used ingredients to grease the molds of sweet and savory baked goods. The butter enriches the taste of the dough and gives golden nuances to the base of the baked product.

    How to remove the cake from the crafty mold?

    Then, if the sides of the mold are straight (as in the case of a loaf pan or a classic round pan) slide the blade of a knife around the cake to detach it. Then place a rack on the pan and turn it over. Shake it well, letting it come off the mold.

    What is Benedetta Rossi's smart pan for?

    The artisanal crafty cake pan was specially made by Kasanova to allow Benedetta Rossi to bake her dough in the best possible way! ... This particular 35x35cm square pan is suitable for sweet and savory recipes and its "sharp edges" allow you to roll out the dough in the best possible way, without waste!

    What to do with Benedetta's smart pan?

    Here I leave you all the crafty cakes I made with different fillings:

    How to remove the shortcrust pastry from the pan?

    Tap lightly on the base of the mold to facilitate the detachment of the cake.
    The base is lined with:
    1. wet parchment paper and then well squeezed. or.
    2. the pan is greased with butter and then the parchment paper is laid down so that it adheres. or.
    3. rub the parchment paper into a ball and then open it.

    How to make baking paper adhere?

    With the brush, sprinkle the surface of the pan 7 with very soft butter and make the parchment paper adhere to the bottom (8-9). Sprinkle the edge 10 with butter and also coat the sides of the pan (11-12). Your pan is now perfectly lined and ready to welcome your preparations!

    How to make a cake mold?

    Press the aluminum foil with your fingers so that it takes the shape of the container. Remove the container and turn the aluminum foil over. Done! You have already got the shape of your cake pan!
    You will need:
    1. Aluminum sheets.
    2. Scissors.
    3. Container.

    How to reduce the diameter of a cake pan?

    Do you have a pan that is too large for your dough? Help yourself with aluminum foil to make it smaller. With a little creativity it is also possible to give your cake the shape you prefer, what do you think of a heart?

    How can you keep the cheesecake from sticking?

    If you do not want to risk it sticking to the bottom and you want a further guarantee, you can put a disc of baking paper on the bottom of the pan (making it sit still, slightly dirtying the base with butter) and grease and flour only the edge, since the bottom is already covered by the card.

    How do you use the circle for cakes?

    The ring is usually adjustable from 16 to 30 cm. It can be used for baking desserts and cakes in the oven, placing it on a pan that acts as a base. Also very suitable for containing mousses and parfaits, Bavarians or cheesecakes that need to stay in shape.

    How to remove cold cheesecake from the mold?

    Dip a knife in hot water and run it along the edges of the cheesecake to release it from the sides of the mold. Dip the knife back into hot water if necessary and to prevent parts of the cake from falling apart. After this, unhook the side of the mold and lift the sides.

    Where to find the crafty mold?

    The crafty Decora mold in gray non-stick steel can be found at € 9 always on Amazon.

    Where to buy crafty mold? crafty mold.

    How do you use the tart mold?

    The trick is to put the grill in the freezer for 10/15 minutes. It will harden just enough to be able to unmold and place on the tart. The grid has a diameter of 30 centimeters but can be adapted to all molds simply by cutting the edges.

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