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    VDU worker how many hours of work per week?

    VDU worker how many hours of work per week?

    The same article defines a worker, someone who within the company uses equipment equipped with video terminals, in a systematic or habitual way, for 20 hours a week without counting interruptions and daily breaks.

    How many hours does a video terminal operator have to work?

    A VIDEO TERMINAL WORKER is defined as someone who uses equipment equipped with a video terminal systematically or habitually for twenty hours a week, after deducting the foreseen interruptions.

    What is meant by the workplace of a video terminal?

    Workstation: the set that includes the equipment equipped with a video terminal, possibly with a keyboard or other data entry system, or software for the human-machine interface, optional accessories, connected equipment, including the disk drive , telephone, modem, printer, ...

    For whom are the breaks from work at VDT planned?

    The rule refers to those workers who spend at least 20 hours a week in front of the monitor, who assume the qualification of "video terminals". In practice, all those belonging to this category of workers must take a 15 minute break every 120 minutes of computer work.

    What condition makes VDT work a specific risk case?

    In this sense, the prolonged use of the video display unit can therefore cause in the worker: - “visual fatigue (heartburn, tearing, asthenopia, photophobia, diplopia); - musculoskeletal disorders (headache, cervicobrachialgia, back pain); - fatigue (psychological and psychosomatic disorders) ".


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    What characteristics must the top and the back have?

    The backrest must be adjustable in height and inclination so that the lumbar curve of our back coincides with the support the chair is equipped with. 4. The seat surface and the backrest must be well profiled with lumbar support, thick semi-rigid padding and breathable cover.

    Who are the VDT operators according to the safety regulations?

    They are the so-called VDT workers: workers who, glued to a screen, work by communicating with a system and carrying out specific tasks. ... Whoever does it gets the qualification of video terminal operator or operator of video terminals. A job that is as sedentary as it is tiring and risky!

    What does Legislative Decree 81 provide regarding breaks from work at the VDT?

    81/08 establishes that the videoterminal must absolutely have a break of a quarter of an hour every 2 hours of work on the PC, precisely so that he can rest his eyesight and prevent damage from occurring in the long term.

    What is the duration of the break or change of activity envisaged by Legislative Decree 81 2008 for the worker who uses the VDT continuously?

    lgs 81/08 has the right to a 15 minute break every 120 hours of activity. In this moment of break, the worker must not detach from work but carry out other tasks that do not involve the use of the PC?

    How should the VDU screen be in order not to damage the eyes?

    The screen must be positioned in front of the operator so that, even by acting on any adjustment mechanisms, the upper edge of the screen is placed a little lower than the horizontal that passes through the operator's eyes and at a distance of eyes equal to about 50-70 cm.

    What is the ideal position of the table in relation to the window?

    It must be able to be slightly inclined forward, the visual axis must be inclined on average downwards with respect to the horizontal. It must have a position close to the vertical one, with an angle to the axis of the thighs of 90 °: it must never be bent forward.

    How is the worker assigned to the display screen defined in the consolidated act?

    The same article defines a worker, someone who within the company uses equipment equipped with video terminals, in a systematic or habitual way, for 20 hours a week without counting interruptions and daily breaks.

    When is a table suitable?

    The height of the worktop must be approximately between 70 and 80 cm, however, to ensure greater adaptability according to the different body sizes of the operators, it would be desirable to choose tables whose worktop can be adjusted for a height between 68 and 84 cm ".

    What is the minimum period of use that defines a worker as a screen operator?

    81/08 defines a "video terminal operator" worker, someone who uses equipment equipped with video terminals, in a systematic or habitual way, for more than 20 hours a week without counting interruptions and daily breaks.

    What is the video terminal?

    The video terminal is an alphanumeric or graphic screen regardless of the type of display procedure used.

    What is the definition of video terminal operator and how often should he pause to avoid the risks associated with his activity?

    The subjects who fall within the definition of video terminals - that is, those subjects who carry out work through the use of video terminals for at least 20 hours a week - are protected by the legislation by providing that they make interruptions of 15 minutes every 120 minutes of application. .

    Who works at the video display is legally entitled to a break?

    In the absence of a contractual provision regarding the interruption referred to in paragraph 1, the worker in any case has the right to a fifteen-minute break every one hundred and twenty minutes of continuous application to the video terminal.

    When does mental fatigue occur?

    Work mental fatigue, in general, occurs when a person's skills are not adequate for the type and level of job demands.

    How should I hold my forearms while typing and using the mouse?

    As you type, your shoulders should be relaxed, your forearms, wrists and hands should remain aligned in a straight, neutral position. The wrists should not be bent forward or backward to avoid causing pressure on the inside.

    What are the risks associated with using the software?

    Prolonged use of the PC, maintaining an obliged posture for long periods and poor organizational management, can expose the video terminal worker to fatigue, which can cause visual, musculoskeletal and psychological - psychosomatic disturbances.

    What is the specific article of Legislative Decree 81 08 that speaks of the obligations of the worker?

    Lgs. 81/08, the second paragraph of art. 20 ("Obligations of workers") specifies the methods by which to fulfill the general obligation referred to in paragraph 1: paragraph 1.

    Which standard contains the guidelines on the use of video terminals?

    Legislative Decree 81/08, Consolidated Law on Health and Safety at Work, considers work at the VDT as an activity that involves possible risks for workers, and for which it is therefore mandatory to carry out risk assessment and the implementation of interventions aimed at to protect the health and safety of workers ...

    What are the requirements that the law imposes on the health and safety of those who use and work with video screens?

    Lgs 81/08, in which it is specified that environments, workplaces and video terminals are subjected to checks and that periodic checks are carried out on certain variables such as postural, microclimatic, lighting and general environmental ones.

    Who is subjected to health surveillance in relation to the use of the display screen?

    Videoterminal workers are subjected to health surveillance, in particular with regard to risks for sight and eyes and risks for the musculoskeletal system.

    Which of these positions is correct in front of the VDU?

    The video screen must be in front of us and at a distance of approximately 50 - 70 cm from the eyes. A good solution is to make eye height coincide with the top of the screen. This position, from top to bottom, is less straining for the eyes and allows us to move only the gaze and not the head.

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