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    What are the properties of myrrh?

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    What are the properties of myrrh?

    Many properties are attributed to myrrh: antimicrobial, astringent, carminative, expectorant, vulnerary and anti-catarrhal. However, its only use approved in the herbal field is the external one for the treatment of inflammations of the oropharyngeal cavity.

    How is myrrh used?

    Myrrh is mainly used as a tincture and fluid extract, but also in powder, dry extract, oil and in ointments for external use in the case of chapped lips, wounds, ulcerations, hemorrhoids.

    Where can myrrh be found?

    Myrrh is an aromatic gum extract, extracted from a tree or shrub of the genus Commiphora, of the Burseraceae family, it can also be in powder form. There are over two hundred species of Commiphora, spread along the shores of the Red Sea, in Senegal, Madagascar and India.

    What does myrrh mean?

    There are three gifts with a symbolic meaning (gold for the royalty of the born Child; incense to remember his divinity; myrrh, used for mummification, to tell us about the sacrifice and death of the man Jesus), but they are also three medicinal remedies.

    What does myrrh smell like?

    Myrrh has an intense smell: a mixture of spicy, pungent, bitter notes and has a sweet and sour taste, used to produce essential oils, incense and natural remedies, thanks to its balsamic effect.


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    How is myrrh made?

    Myrrh is a resin secreted from the trunk of a Commiphora type tree, suitably engraved; the substance is produced by the plant to heal the "wound" and solidifies on the bark. Myrrh owes its name to the Semitic word murr which means "bitter".

    How to dissolve myrrh?

    We weigh the quantity of resin and put it in the mortar to pulverize it. 2. Put the pulverized resin in a glass container and put the 10g of alcohol at 95 °, close and shake the container. Do not worry if it does not pulverize completely, since it will melt between the alcohol maceration and the bain-marie.

    Who Brings Myrrh?

    Gaspare wore INCENSE and is the youngest. The name of him even give you from the Greek Galgalath and means lord of Sheba. Baldassare (dark skinned) wore the MIRRA. His name would derive from Balthazar (Babylonian king) and could suggest the origin of him.

    Who were the Magi and where did they come from?

    The Magi were priests, sages and astrologers. And Pope Ratzinger agrees on this: “Belonging to the Persian priestly caste, perhaps they were astronomers. They were wise men from the East. " They were therefore from Persia and are believed to be 'Zoroastrians'.

    Who is gold frankincense and myrrh?

    These gifts, according to the tradition of the time, had a powerful symbolic value: gold is the gift reserved for kings, incense as a sign of divination and finally myrrh, which has always been used in the cult of the dead, to symbolize the mortality of Jesus.

    How is incense made?

    Frankincense is obtained by extracting the oily resin through shallow incisions on the bark from Boswellia plants (especially Boswellia sacra and Boswellia papyrifera), trees capable of living in places characterized by great drought, such as Ethiopia and Arabia.

    What do the Three Kings bring?

    The Magi were therefore three and had the name of Melchior, Gaspare and Baldassarre. Under the guidance of the Star they arrived in Bethlehem and brought as a gift to the Child Jesus: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

    What is the use of incense burning?

    Burning incense purifies the environments, giving concentration, productivity and serenity. Ideal during spiritual practices such as meditation, as it promotes concentration, devotion, prayer and introspection. During yoga sessions, it is often used to promote vitality, energy and centering.

    What does incense mean?

    In the Church, incense has always been used. It is known that for the Catholic religion, prayer must involve several senses of our body at the same time: the religious meaning of incense is to involve our sense of smell during the rite of the celebration of mass.

    Why are they called the Magi?

    "The three pagan kings were called Magi not because they were versed in the magical arts, but for their great competence in the discipline of astrology. The Persians called magi those whom the Jews called scribes, the Greeks philosophers and the Latin wise" - Ludolfo di Saxony (d. 1378), Vita Christi.

    Where are the Magi located?

    The origin of the Magi is to be placed in Persia, ancient Iran. The magi were the priests of the religion of Iran, however their history, functions and position are rather debated.

    What is the name of the wise king who brings myrrh?

    According to tradition, one of the three Magi who brought gifts to the Baby Jesus born a few days ago, together with Gaspar and Melchior, was Baldassarre, king of Arabia, who brought myrrh, a substance with an extraordinary perfume, to the son of God. He is represented up to a certain point in history with features similar to the others.

    Who are Gaspare Melchiorre and Baldassarre?

    Gaspar of Meroa is the enamored king, Baldassare of Nippur is the artist, Melchior of Palmirena is the ousted prince and Taor is the child king, who always arrives last but who will be the first witness of the new era.

    What is the name of the black wise king?

    The colors of the clothes of the Three Kings

    The color that is generally associated with Gaspar is red, a symbol of devotion, while Melchior is associated with purple which symbolizes penance, while Baldassarre is sometimes represented with a white tunic and a blue cloak, a symbol of virginity and purity.

    Who were Gaspare Melchiorre and Baldassarre?

    The name of the Three Kings

    Melchior would be the eldest and his name itself would derive from Melech, which means King. Baldassarre would derive from Balthazar, the mythical Babylonian king, as if to suggest his region of origin. Gasparre, for the Greeks Galgalath, means lord of Sheba.

    How is myrrh essential oil used?

    Use and practical advice on essential oil of myrrh

    Gargle: in a glass of warm water put 5 drops of myrrh. Give prolonged rinsing, at least twice a day, against ulcerations and infections of the mouth. Cosmetic use: compresses against eczema, in 300 ml of distilled water put 6-7 drops of myrrh.

    What color is incense?

    The incense used in religious rites since ancient times is a pale yellow resin obtained from a tree of the genus Boswellia.

    How to use frankincense essential oil?

    Frankincense oil can be used as a pleasant fragrance for home environments because it can purify the air. Just put a few drops in a diffuser or directly in the humidifier of the radiator. Therapeutic properties for coughs and colds.

    How is the incense used in church made?

    church frankincense for ecclesiastical functions religious functions.

    How to burn incense at home?

    Hold the flame over the incense until it catches fire. Let it burn for about 10 seconds. The flame should go out almost completely by itself. If so, look at the tip of the stick - you should see glowing embers, which means the incense is burning properly.

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