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    What does it mean stupefied?

    What does it mean stupefied?

    What does it mean stupefied?

    past participle of amaze adjective amazement; amazed, amazed: to be, to be amazed.

    What does it mean to be amazed?

    adj. taken by amazement; amazed, surprised: he was amazed and speechless.

    What does it mean you are terrific?

    [for-me-gives-bi-le] adj. 1 Exceptional, extraordinary, out of the ordinary: memory f.

    How do you spell stupefied?

    [stu-pe-fàt-to] agg.

    What is the synonym for astonished?

    - [deeply struck by the astonishment, the surprise and the like.] ≈ stunned, astonished, (lit.) thrilled, amazed, amazed, amazed, surprised, amazed, amazed, amazed. appalled adj.

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    What is the synonym for astonished?

    - [demonstrating astonishment and amazement: the news left him at.] ≈ stunned, amazed, impressed, amazed, amazed, amazed, amazed, amazed, amazed. He is lost, stunned. ↔ impassive, imperturbable, indifferent.

    What does surprised mean?

    of adj., amazed, amazed at something unexpected or out of the ordinary: to be, to remain, to remain s .; I was so s. that there and then I could not say a word; seeing me come in suddenly shook himself abruptly, as if surprised (Verga). / surprised / (ant.

    What does it mean to be surprised?

    Expressing astonishment, being surprised for some reason, mostly manifesting disapproval, indignation or amazement: I am very surprised at your conduct, at your impudence; I am amazed at you, at you; I am amazed that you can think this of me; with the negation, in the sentence I am not surprised, it expresses ...

    How do you say when one is amazed?

    ↑ astounded (by), astounded (by). He is astonished, astonished, dumbfounded.

    What surprise synonym?

    ≈ astonishment, amazement, bewilderment, amazement, [if negative] disappointment. ↑ bewilderment, bewilderment.

    What is awe?

    Strong feeling of wonder and surprise, such as to take away almost the ability to speak and act: Oppressed by astonishment, at my guidance I turned (Dante); there were so many in the city that many die day and night, that one s.

    What hit me synonym?

    1. [making a strong impression on someone's soul, causing disturbance: an episode that has impressed public opinion] ≈ strike, make an effect (or blow or impression) (up), shock, disconcert, upset, shake, touch, upset.

    When is a person surprised?

    Recognize the surprise

    The expression of surprise involves all parts of the face: the eyebrows are raised and arched, sometimes with the appearance of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, the eyes are wide open and the lower jaw is released resulting in the opening of the mouth ("remain open-mouthed ").

    What does it mean to take by surprise?

    The term SURPRISE indicates the action of surprising, especially arriving in a place suddenly, unexpectedly (we wanted to make you a s .; what a s.!, What a beautiful s.!; S party; to take, to seize of s. . someone), or 2.

    What adjective is surprise?

    "surprise" is the feminine singular of the qualifying adjective surprised.

    What is the synonym for dull?

    ≈ faded, discolored, faded, dull, faded. ↔ bright, brilliant, gaudy, lively.

    What is the synonym for terrified?

    tr. [to strike terror: the dark a. many children] ≈ freeze, frighten, frighten, terrify, terrify. ↔ encourage, reassure, hearten, reassure.

    What is the opposite of ostinato?

    ‖ Constant, persevering, tenacious. ↔ compliant, compliant, docile, flexible, submissive.

    What to do for a birthday surprise?

    This is my current list!
    1. Decorate the bed or the bedroom for the awakening of the birthday boy. ...
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    How are the emotions?

    What are emotions

    They can be classified as primary emotions and among these we have joy, sadness, anger, disgust, fear (or anxiety), surprise, which are shared by people belonging to different cultures and therefore biologically rooted.

    What ails synonym?

    [to cause pain and affliction, said of physical and moral pains] ≈ to break down, grieve, grieve, worry, embitter, anguish, anguish, sadden, anguish, persecute, worry, sadden, dishearten.

    What excites synonym?

    ≈ involve, hit, move, impress, (fam.) Take, touch, upset. ↑ thrill, excite, exalt. get excited v.

    What is the synonym for beating?

    (of sound, light) to strike, to bump. percuâ € ¹òâ € ºtersi v. pron. CONTR caress each other.

    What causes the astonishment?

    Amazement is that feeling that is aroused by the collision with an unexpected reality, which exceeds expectations and crushes them. In short, it is that state in which we find ourselves when something surprises us, showing that the world is something else, it is more, it is beyond all the possibilities that we were ready to take into account.

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