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    What does not bleach mean?

    What does not bleach mean?

    What does not bleach mean?

    A solid triangle or a crossed out triangle with an x ​​means "do not bleach": in this case you should not use any type of bleach on the garment.

    What do the symbols on the fabrics mean?

    Circle: professional dry cleaning is required to wash the garment; Triangle: represents bleaching; Square with the circle inside: garment to be dried in a rotary drum dryer; Iron: how to iron the garment.

    What is the no washing machine symbol?

    also point 4). This garment cannot be washed by hand or in the washing machine. This symbol is found for example on leather garments.

    What does it mean not to dry in a tumbler?

    Tumble drying, or drying in a tumble dryer, is a process that not all garments can withstand. In general, it should be avoided for delicates, in particular for those made of wool, silk, special fibers and those which, explicitly, indicate in the label "do not tumble dry".

    How to understand the washing symbols?

    I symboli principali
    1. Basin: wash with water.
    2. Circle: dry cleaning.
    3. Triangle: bleaching.
    4. Square: drying.
    5. Iron: ironing.

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    How to know if a garment can be washed in the washing machine?

    Find out if you can wash a garment in the washing machine.

    A garment is suitable for washing in the washing machine if it has a symbol that depicts a container with a wavy line at the top. To better remember this symbol, consider that it represents your washing machine filled with water.

    How to tell if a garment goes to the dryer?

    Symbols for drying

    To understand how to proceed with drying a freshly washed garment, refer to the symbol in the square. It is the third symbol on labels and indicates whether a garment can be placed in the dryer or should dry naturally.

    What is the No Dryer symbol?

    The symbol that tells you that you cannot put your garment in the dryer is a circle within a square with an "X" on it.

    What does tumbler mean?

    The tumbler is a type of glass used mainly in the preparation and serving of cocktails. It is cylindrical or slightly flared truncated cone shape, with walls of almost uniform thickness, only slightly thicker towards the bottom.

    What is the symbol of not spinning?

    If there is no bar under the bowl symbol, it means that your clothes can be machine washed with a normal spin cycle. Otherwise, if it is crossed out, it corresponds to the “do not spin” symbol.

    What is the symbol for machine washing?

    Bowl + line: the line indicates washing at reduced speed, with delicate programs (low temperature rinse and short spin). Hand basin: hand wash, normal rinse and gentle spin. Basin + N °: machine wash, the number indicates the maximum water temperature.

    What does the triangle on clothing mean?

    The hollow triangle means that the garment can be bleached in any way. The triangle with the word CL indicates that it is possible to bleach with chlorine products. The meaning of this washing symbol instead informs us that we can bleach the garment but without using chlorine.

    What symbol does dry cleaning represent?

    Dry cleaning symbols

    The circle symbol is the dry cleaning symbol. If the circle has an x ​​on it, it means it cannot be dry cleaned, not even by a laundry.

    How to read clothing labels?

    Each fabric label contains various information, first of all:
    1. Name of the manufacturer or brand.
    2. The composition of the fabric with the percentage indication of the fibers.
    3. Symbols for washing in the washing machine or by hand.
    4. Symbols for ironing.
    5. Symbols for drying.
    6. Dry cleaning symbols.

    What Symbol Do We Have If Bleaching Is Prohibited?

    The triangle with internal lines indicates the possibility of bleaching, but without chlorine; The crossed out triangle prohibits bleaching.

    What is the use of the tumbler?

    The Medium Tumbler Glass

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    How much does a tumbler contain?

    The large tumbler is a tall, cylindrical cocktail glass that holds approximately 250ml and is particularly suitable for cocktails to be served over ice, such as the Bloody Mary, and topped with soda or fruit juice.

    How is the tumbler used?

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    What happens if i put in the dryer?

    The heat would irreparably damage the plastic and other materials with which these shoes are made. Also pay attention to garments with rhinestones and embossed applications. In fact, in the dryer they would end up peeling off and ruining in a few seconds.

    How to understand the symbols of the dryer?

    Drying symbols

    Instead, we always find the symbol of the square with a circle inside that indicates whether or not we can dry that garment in the dryer. Specifically: Square with a circle inside: if we find this symbol, it means that we can use the dryer.

    How to dry silk in the dryer?

    Silk. Silk must always dry naturally, outdoors and preferably without direct sunlight. Among the fabrics not to be put in the dryer remember to exclude silk, otherwise you could completely ruin the soft fabric.

    What does it mean to dry flat?

    Dry flat / in the shade / without spin in the washing machine. Dry hanging / in the sun / after spinning in the washing machine.

    How to prevent clothes from shrinking in the dryer?

    How to use the dryer to not shrink the laundry
    1. do not let them dry too much but leave them slightly damp; never choose the program that is too dry because it is the potentially most dangerous one for your clothes;
    2. make a selection of clothing by fabric or by temperature.

    How to wash a garment without water?

    To sanitize and remove stains from a garment without water, special solvents are usually used and obviously you do not need to rinse because rinsing and spinning in the washing machine significantly ruin the texture of the garment. Dry cleaning is therefore recommended for delicate fabrics, such as wool and silk.

    What does the triangle in the labels of Zara mean?

    The circle would indicate that the garment in question is large, and it would therefore be advisable to take one size smaller. The triangle, on the other hand, would indicate that the item fits small, and it will therefore be useful to think about trying on a larger size as well.

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