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    What does rectified tile mean?

    What does rectified tile mean?

    What does rectified tile mean?

    The grinding operation is performed with a special cutter that "trims" the edges of the tiles to make them exactly linear and perpendicular to each other. ... The rectified tiles, therefore, are the tiles that have been subjected to this step and have perpendicular edges and right angles.

    What does rectified stoneware mean?

    The "rectification" is a process that is carried out at the end of production and allows, through the use of special cutters, to perfectly square all the edges of the tile so as to form perfect 90 ° angles.

    What does unrectified mean?

    Non-rectified tiles, on the other hand, are not subjected to further production processes, and are usually cataloged on the basis of their real dimensions and their caliber after firing.

    What does Lappato rectified mean?

    The lapping process, combined with the grinding of the tile edge, is an increasingly requested process as it guarantees a smoother surface and better aesthetics to the tile. It is a mechanical process that is carried out on the porcelain stoneware tile after it has been fired.

    What does unground floor mean?

    The non-rectified tile, on the other hand, has only beveled edges, therefore not exactly perpendicular, and only thanks to a joint of no less than 3-4 mm does this defect become practically invisible (except if you are a professional).

    What does rectified tile mean? I'll explain it to you in this video #restructuring #rettifica

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    What is the use of the tile joint?

    WHAT THE JOINTS ARE FOR - The joints between one tile and another are used to allow the floor to have a minimum of movement, should the screed on which they are glued move. ... This screed, especially in the first months, will make some movements.

    What is the best porcelain stoneware?

    So let's see which are the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles.
    • Cotto d'Este. Company that has been present on the porcelain stoneware market for over 20 years, with products of the highest quality. ...
    • Lea Ceramiche. ...
    • Atlas Concorde. ...
    • Blustyle. ...
    • The factory. ...
    • Kerlite. ...
    • Slimtech. ...
    • Ava Ceramiche.

    What does lapped floor mean?

    Lapping is a process that minimizes the roughness of the material, thus making the surface smooth and bright. In this way, the aesthetics of natural porcelain stoneware is distorted, which is rough and opaque, in exchange, however, you will have a product with a unique aesthetic.

    What does lapped field full mean?

    The lapped floor is a porcelain stoneware tile floor which has been subjected to the lapping process, which is a treatment that gives the tile a smooth, shiny and soft surface at the same time.

    What does lappato mean?

    Lapping (or lapping in English) is a mechanical operation that is performed on a metal, ceramic or glass surface, to minimize its roughness; by using appropriate abrasives it is possible to bring the surfaces to mirror.

    What does glazed porcelain stoneware mean?

    Glazed porcelain stoneware represents the basic colored tiles on which a layer of glaze is applied before firing to create the aesthetics of the material and reproduce the desired graphic effect: wood, concrete, stone, etc.

    How to recognize rectified tiles?

    To do this, just touch the edge of the tile with your hand: if it is perfectly smooth, without imperfections, then the tile is rectified. It can also be seen with the naked eye. A non-rectified tile has an irregular and non-smooth edge and this can be verified either by touching the edge or by observing it.

    How are tiles laid without joints?

    Since it is not possible to lay the tiles without a joint, the spacer is necessary. For this reason, it is recommended to use a spacer of at least 2mm indoors, especially if the floor is radiated by underfloor heating.

    What does mass-colored stoneware mean?

    Full-body colored porcelain stoneware: what it means and how to recognize it. A stoneware tile is defined as colored in the mass or colored mixture when the color on the surface is found throughout the thickness and body of the tile.

    What does structured tile mean?

    The structured tile has a raised surface, therefore rough and opaque, which makes it very similar to natural stone and guarantees less slipperiness and is therefore a material particularly suitable for outdoor flooring.

    How to clean lapped porcelain stoneware floors?

    Correct cleaning of lapped porcelain stoneware consists of using hot water, a microfibre cloth (or a cotton mop) with a neutral detergent or vinegar. Avoid the use of degreasing products, waxes and aggressive acids.

    How to lap a floor?

    In particular, the lapped floor is obtained following the polishing which, as a rule, is performed with diamond radial heads. Through this process the pores of the ceramic are exposed and the surface of the tile is no longer rough to the touch.

    What does lapped marble mean?

    Lapping is a mechanical process that makes the surface of the stoneware tile smooth and shiny. It is a treatment similar to the polishing of marble that allows to obtain a refined and elegant glossy effect on the tiles and a sensation to the touch of extreme softness and shine.

    How to wash polished porcelain stoneware floors?

    Therefore, for daily cleaning of stoneware it is always good to choose specific products such as GRES BRILL: a concentrated detergent for frequent washing of porcelain stoneware, specific for cleaning polished and lapped (semi-gloss) porcelain stoneware.

    How to wash matt porcelain stoneware floors?

    Cleaning matt porcelain stoneware

    Treat it with a specific floor cleaner; it is preferable to choose a neutral detergent in order not to create halos and stains. Wipe the surface with a mop, rinsing thoroughly and drying with a cloth.

    How to recognize a good porcelain stoneware tile?

    The characteristics of porcelain stoneware are:
    1. Very resistant to atmospheric agents;
    2. Resistant to high temperatures and fire;
    3. In case of fire, no toxic substances are diffused from the stoneware;
    4. Very resistant to thermal shocks;
    5. Resistant to shocks and abrasions;
    6. Lucidity and brilliance;

    What is the easiest floor to clean?

    The floors that can be cleaned more easily are those without discontinuities that have a smooth and polished surface (even in work), such as marble, terracotta and parquet, which have always been used in every type of environment and are currently on the market even at very high prices. accessible.

    What are the best indoor floors?

    Best indoor flooring: parquet
    • Marble floor. With its many facets, colors and types of veins, a marble floor is a high-class solution, capable of giving luster to the most classic of environments. ...
    • Ceramic floor. ...
    • Terracotta flooring.

    What are the most beautiful floors?

    What are the most beautiful floors for your renovation today
    • Wood: a classic that never sets. ...
    • The pvc strips: a very practical solution. ...
    • Concrete: a brand new and modern idea of ​​style. ...
    • The tiles: many patterns and more modern shapes.

    What is used to grout the tiles?

    Few tools are needed to grout the tiles, but they guarantee a job well done; the essential is the following:
    1. putty for tiles;
    2. trowel and rubber trowel, with or without grooves;
    3. sponge;
    4. detergent;
    5. bucket.
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