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    What does the word corrugate mean?

    What does the word corrugate mean?

    What does the word corrugate mean?

    - 1. Wrinkling, wrinkling of the skin (especially of the forehead) by contraction of muscles, as an external sign of anger or, in general, of upset: he frowned and did not answer; she looked at him sternly, frowning.

    What is the wrinkling of the earth's crust?

    corrugation In geology, folded mountainous relief due to orogenetic causes, which can take on different aspects and structures depending on the way in which the causes that originated it have acted, or the phenomenon of rising mountain chains.

    What does frowning mean?

    [cor-ruc-cià-to] adj. Which denotes resentment and anger frowning SIN: glance c.

    What does corrugated mean?

    - 1. Crinkled, furrowed with wrinkles: his forehead was wrinkled. 2. In botany, of leaf or homologous organ which in the pre-leafing has the lamina pleated in all directions (for example, the petals of poppies).

    What is the opposite of corrugated?

    to frown, to frown, to curl, to contract, (lit.) to crease, to wrinkle. ↔ stretch, relax, smooth out.

    Do it yourself | Run the cables into the corrugations

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    What is the synonym of frowning?

    of cave, propri. "curve in the manner of a cave", with the pref. a-¹] (I frown, etc.). - [make the skin wrinkled by muscle contraction] ≈ [→ AGGRONDARE].

    What is the synonym for frowning?

    - Angered, resentful, saddened, or who externally shows a feeling of anger mixed with pain: are you perhaps angry with me ?; he was frowning and dark-faced; sometimes fig., said of the sky or the sea, when the weather becomes dark and stormy.

    What is the green corrugated for?

    The colors of the corrugated tubes are: Black: they are used for the distribution of electricity. Blue: used for audio / video and intercom systems. Green: used for the passage of telephone cables or for TV reception cables.

    What does it mean to be sulky?

    - Pout, show spite and anger in the face; more often with the pron .: how easy you are to sulk! Part. pass sulky, frequent as adj .: he seemed sulky to me; he was frowning; in fig. sense, sulky, dark, cloudy weather, threatening rain.

    What does it mean to worry?

    the intr. pron. worry, grieve: why do you worry so much about that trivial accident ?; or, more often, get angry, get angry: Caron, do not worry: I wanted so there where you can What you want (Dante).

    What does lumpy nose mean?

    Rhinophyma refers to an alteration of the skin structure of the nose. The alteration, of a benign nature, has a slow and progressive evolution and leads to a disproportionate enlargement of the nose, which takes on a bulbous and lumpy shape.

    How were the mountains in third grade formed?

    The mountain ranges of tectonic origin were formed following the movement of the earth's plates, also called plates, which colliding caused the uplift of the rocks of which they are made up and the formation of mountains.

    How were the hills of structural origin formed?

    Structural hills arise from mountains that have been eroded over long periods of time. For example, the Lucanian hills in Basilicata are structural. Sedimentary hills are formed by debris (gravel, rock, etc.) carried by the wind or rivers.

    What is an isolated mountain?

    A mountain (also called mountain) can be isolated (= alone), or it can form a massif (i.e. with many nearby peaks). ... This type of valley originated precisely from a river, which dug into the rocks of the mountain.

    How many threads go through a corrugated pipe?

    The reference standard is CEI 64-8, which is applied for the use of copper electrical cables, and the combined formula is: (Average diameter of cables x Number of cables) for 1,5. Let's take a practical example: 5 cables of 3,00mm must be passed.

    What is corrugated pipe?

    The taped corrugated tubes are produced by the progressive overlapping of spiraled and sintered material one after the other helically. The result is a very flexible PTFE tube that can be produced with very large lengths and diameters (up to 4).

    Which corrugated to bury?

    The cables placed directly in the ground, possibly laid on a bed of sand, must be buried at a minimum depth of at least 0,5 m and must have metal reinforcement with a thickness of not less than 0,8 mm (fig.2.2 d) or an additional mechanical protection along the entire length (fig.

    What is the opposite of broad?

    CONTR poor, scarce, miserable.

    What notice synonym?

    Other synonyms: adversity, unhappiness, bad luck, bad luck, disavowal.

    What does it mean to frown?

    "Curve in the manner of a cave"] (I frown, etc.). - To frown, said of the eyebrows (as it is done to assume a severe, threatening aspect, or even for some internal concern): frowning the long and black eyebrows (Manzoni); for extens., a. the forehead. Part.

    What is the synonym for arrogance?

    supponènza sf [der. of opinionated]. - Being opinionated; presumption, haughtiness and arrogance: his s.

    What is the opposite of modesty?

    to. [quality consisting in not showing pride of one's merits] ≈ simplicity, humility. ↔ (lit.) albagia, haughtiness, arrogance, immodesty, presumption, (lit.)

    What are the different origins of the hills?

    Structural hills are the result of the erosion of ancient mountains; the tectonic hills derive from the uplift of the earth's crust; the morainic hills were born from the accumulation of debris from the glaciers dragged downstream. The hills can also have volcanic origin.

    How were the hills of volcanic origin formed?

    The pressure of the magma causes the formation of volcanic hills. These hills can arise because the magma that presses under the earth's crust does not have sufficient "strength" to escape and therefore does not break the earth's crust but deforms it, lifting it.

    How are the primary school hills born?

    morainic hills, which originated from the debris left by dissolved glaciers; ... structural hills, which were formed from ancient mountains, eroded by atmospheric agents. tectonic hills, which were formed following the uplift of the seabed.

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