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    What fish together with guppies?

    What fish together with guppies?

    For example, you can add invertebrates such as ghost shrimp to your aquarium. They are great to pair with guppies - they are a real natural cleaning team and they are quiet, shy and peaceful! They make a great addition to any aquarium and are highly recommended.

    Which tropical fish can be together?

    Most freshwater gregarious fish can be kept together. For example Tetra, Danio, Rasbora, Corydoras, along with angelfish and dwarf cichlids (not African great lake cichlids). Fortunately, all of these fish eat the same type of food, such as tropical fish flakes or pellets.

    Which fish to put with Endler?

    Fauna: Poecilia wingei, neocaridine davidi, m. Betta spkendens, various Planorbis, Planorbarius, Lymnaea, Physia, Melanoides; Other information: Without filter or CO2, heater for the Betta.

    What fish can I put in a 60 liter aquarium?

    How many fish?
    • Aquarium <30lt: a Betta or some Endler / Rasbora Galaxy.
    • 30-50lt aquarium: 4-8 Guppy / Platy / Danio - 4 Corydoras.
    • Aquarium 60-80lt: 6-12 Guppy / Platy / Danio - 4 Otocinclus - 6 Corydoras.
    • Aquarium 90-120lt: Ramirezi couple - 4 Otocinclus - 6 Corydoras.

    How many guppies is advisable in a 60 lt aquarium?

    Hi, it is possible to add two male and 4 female Guppies, about 10 Tetra Neons, and 6 - 8 Otocinclus.

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    How many guppies in an aquarium?

    They must be bred in groups of no less than 5 individuals (3 females and 2 males), the number of females must be greater than that of males, otherwise they get too stressed.

    How many guppies in 50 liters?

    Re: how many guppies in 50 l

    Guppies reproduce in any environmental condition, put only one male and two females because within a few months the number of fry and then of adult guppies will constantly increase.

    How many neon fish in 60 liters?

    In terms of organic load then in a 60 cm having 20 guppies is equivalent to having 20 neons, there is no difference.

    How many marine fish in 60 liters?

    2 clownfish, 1 or 2 bottom shrimp and, if possible, 1 seahorse. Or, as an alternative to the seahorse, a pair of Gramma Loreto.

    How big is a 60 liter aquarium?

    60 liter aquarium. Measurements: 60 x 30 x 35 cm. Glass thickness: 6 mm.

    How to breed Endlers?


    They have no specific needs as they can be kept in different water conditions. Starting from the temperature this can be chosen between 18 and 30 ° C, but it is advisable not to go below 30 ° C. Always keeping in mind that in nature they live between 27 and 30 ° C.

    What do Endler's fry eat?

    Endler feed

    The fry feed on micro algae and micro fauna that nestle in the roots of floating plants.

    What fish can be put with the scalars in the aquarium?

    Which fish to make scalars live with

    It is possible to introduce cardinal fish, guppies, cleaners and scalars of equal size into the aquarium: coexistence with small fish must be planned by breeding them together with young scalars.

    What fish can I put with the Mollies?

    They can also feed on algae and some types of aquarium plants. Mollies also enjoy protein, but they can't live with just that. Feed them shrimp, tubifex, and bloodworms from time to time.

    What fish to put with the platys?

    Alternatively, you can have only one male along with several females. Compared to fish of other species, the Platy is very calm, generally the coexistence is peaceful and proceeds in harmony. With guppies, sucker fish, callictids and snails there is no difficulty.

    How many marine fish in 50 liters?

    1 medium-sized fish (12-20 cm) every 100-200 liters. 1 small fish (5-10 cm) every 50-80 liters. Obviously the adult size of the fish in question must be taken into consideration (some species are usually sold small and can deceive the inexperienced aquarist).

    How many fish can be put in the marine aquarium?

    Generally, we could use this rule: For small and medium-sized fish, the rule is five centimeters of fish for every 10 liters of tank capacity. For medium and large fish sizes, the rule is two inches of fish for every 10 liters.

    How many liters does the clownfish need?

    The aquarium should have a capacity of approximately 200 liters. Clownfish are not great swimmers and do not stray from their anemone, which instead needs space.

    How many neon fish in the aquarium?

    Neon is a peaceful fish and loves to swim in schools, so it needs to live in a group of six or more, otherwise it could get stressed and sick.

    How many liters for each neon?

    How to take care of neon fish

    A fish tank suitable for neon fish should have a capacity of at least approximately 60 liters.

    How many fish to introduce at a time?

    For this you can use some product that accelerates the development of filter bacteria. After about ten days you can add a few more fish (4 or 5 at a time) and slowly add the ones you want: remember that the fewer fish you add, the better!

    How many guppies in a 30 liter aquarium?

    A 2 cm Guppy requires 4-6 liters and therefore in 30 liters you can put a maximum of 3 pairs.

    How many fish can fit in a 40 liter aquarium?

    I would say that you can include group fish of 3-4 cm max and few swimmers or a single fish, from 4-5 cm, such as a Betta splendes.

    How many Platy in 20 liters?

    Basically I have a 20 l aquarium with 2 ancistrus 2corydoras 4 platy 5 small ones inside and I forgot 2 cardinias. You must continue with the medicine by further raising the temperature to 29-30 ° C for the entire duration of the treatment. Also add a tablespoon of fine table salt.

    How do you tell if a climber is male or female?

    The distinction is in the form; in the female we will have the shape of a cylinder while in the male it has a pointed or cone shape slightly smaller than the female.

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