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    What is dynamic health?

    What is dynamic health?

    By health, therefore, we do not mean a 'state' but a dynamic condition of equilibrium, based on the subject's ability to interact with the environment by adapting to the continuous change of the surrounding reality.

    What is meant by dynamic health and how does it differ from static health?


    By health we mean a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (WHO). We therefore pass from a "static" concept of health, seen as the absence of disease, to a "dynamic" that recognizes the state of health as adaptability.

    How can health be defined?

    Health is a fundamental component of our life. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease".

    What is the role of physical activity in dynamic health?

    Exercise, in fact, reduces blood pressure, controls the level of blood sugar, positively modulates cholesterol in the blood, helps prevent metabolic, cardiovascular, neoplastic diseases, osteoarthritis and reduces excess adipose tissue.

    What are the different types of health?

    Once adopted, this definition remains to be declined in the three health domains already defined by the WHO: physical, mental and social. In the physical domain, an organism can be defined as “healthy” if it is capable of “allostasis”, that is, of maintaining a balance of internal functioning despite physiological stresses.

    Dynamic health

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    How many dimensions of the overall concept of health?

    In this way the individual is considered in his three dimensions: biological, mental and social. This new concept of health is in contrast to the traditional definition, which considered health simply as "no symptoms".

    What about the health synonym?

    ≈ well-being, prosperity, (not com.) Health. ↔ (lit.) happiness, infirmity, insanity, illness, malaise.

    What are the effects of a sedentary lifestyle?

    The risk increases for a long series of diseases, including serious ones: Overweight and obesity Diabetes and metabolic diseases. Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack.

    What is meant by health education?

    Health education includes the communication of information regarding the social, economic and environmental conditions that have an impact on health, as well as individual risk factors and risk behaviors, as well as the use of the health system.

    What are the benefits of sport?

    The benefits of sport
    • It lowers the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. ...
    • Prevents Alzheimer's. ...
    • It improves mood and allows you to sleep better. ...
    • It makes muscles and bones strong. ...
    • Increase energy. ...
    • Control your weight and build self-esteem. ...
    • Helps socialize. ...
    • Extend your life.

    What does it mean to promote health?

    WHO - World Health Organization - defines health promotion as a process that allows people to exercise greater control over their health and improve it.

    How has the concept of health changed over time?

    After World War II, the desire for peace and peaceful development of all nations led to the definition of health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not the simple absence of a state of disease or infirmity" (WHO).

    What are the 4 aspects of the need for health?

    Genes, income and education, behavior, environment or medical care: which of these factors really affect the health of the population?

    What is the most suitable activity to preserve and maintain our state of health?

    Regular physical activity reduces all-cause and cardiovascular-related mortality by 20-30% in a dose-dependent manner in the general population, but also in people with coronary risk factors and heart patients.

    What role does prevention play in staying healthy?

    In the health field, prevention means the set of actions aimed at maintaining or improving the state of health, therefore aimed at anticipating the onset of a certain type of pathology, or at treating its effects, or at limiting its damage.

    Who does health education?

    The Miur - Directorate General for students, integration and participation has launched various activities and collaborations over the years, aimed at schools of all levels, to protect the right to health, raise awareness on prevention issues and promote correct styles of life.

    What are the affective goals in health education?

    affective objectives: when it is intended to vary the attitudes or values ​​of an individual, from an emotional and relational point of view.

    What is prevention aimed at?

    Prevention, in health care, is a complex of measures useful to prevent the onset, spread and progression of diseases and the occurrence of irreversible damage when the disease is in progress.

    What does a sedentary lifestyle entail?

    Sedentary lifestyle is a medical term used to describe a lifestyle with a lack of motion and exercise. It is commonly found in developed and developing countries.

    How is a sedentary life defined?

    What is the sedentary lifestyle? ... A person who leads a sedentary lifestyle spends most of their time sitting or lying down, using their mobile phone or computer, working in the office, reading, commuting from home to work, watching television or playing games to videogames.

    How to lose weight with a sedentary lifestyle?

    Divide the eating day into 3 main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - plus 2 light snacks (yogurt or fruit), avoiding simple sugars, hydrogenated or animal fats, or sweet and savory snacks. Avoid skipping meals and prefer portions that are not large.

    What gives well-being a synonym?

    ≈ wealth, (not com.) Well-being, prosperity. ↑ wealth. ↔ need, indigence, poverty, narrowness.

    What relaxation is synonymous with?

    ≈ relaxation, peace, quiet, recreation, relaxation, rest, leisure. ↑ idleness. ↔ fatigue, stress, tension. relax ‹rilä′ks› s.

    What is the synonym of guarantee?

    to. [promise something as safe, even with the prep. a of the second arg .: g. help someone; the exercise of democratic freedoms is guaranteed by the Constitution] ≈ ‖ ensure, allow, allow.

    When is an individual healthy?

    Health according to the "World Health Organization"

    At a meeting of the WHO in 1998, the modification of the original definition of the concept of health was proposed in the following terms: "Health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, not mere absence of disease."

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