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    What is it like to give birth to the second child?

    What is it like to give birth to the second child?

    What is it like to give birth to the second child?

    The dilation of the cervix is ​​slow and the time begins to be calculated from when the cervix is ​​completely smoothed out and the contractions occur at regular intervals, every five minutes. The second one will happen faster. The fear is much less, since you have already given birth once.

    How many hours of labor for the second child?

    However, in general it can be said that at the first birth the duration of labor (from the beginning to the expulsive phase) should not exceed 18 hours, which drops to 12 in the case of subsequent children.

    How to promote dilation of the cervix?

    Hot packs: according to our grandmothers, a hot bath or a pack with hot water not only relaxes the muscles of the uterus and gives a feeling of overall relaxation, but can also stimulate the production of oxytocin; Actea Racemosa tincture: manages to smooth out the uterine cervix and lowers the level of anxiety.

    How to know if you are pregnant with your second child?

    1. Morning sickness. You're more likely to have morning sickness again with your second pregnancy. ...
    2. Food cravings and aversions. ...
    3. The mood changes. ...
    4. Constipation. ...
    5. Nasal congestion. ...
    6. Fatigue. ...
    7. Increased urge to urinate during pregnancy. ...
    8. 8. Childbirth takes less time.

    How to tell if childbirth is near forum?

    10 labor symptoms that warn you of your baby's imminent arrival
    • The child is channeled and the belly "goes down"
    • The cervix dilates.
    • Cramps and increased back pain.
    • Looseness of the joints.
    • Diarrhea.
    • You don't gain weight anymore.
    • Fatigue and "nesting instinct"

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    How were you the day before you gave birth?

    Symptoms of the days before childbirth

    tiredness or, on the contrary, a lot of energy: tiredness has accompanied us for almost the whole pregnancy, but in the end we are really exhausted, especially if we have put on a few extra pounds, we get lazy and even taking a short walk tires us a lot.

    What symptoms did you have before going into labor?

    The most important signs that herald the actual onset of labor (prodromal phase) are: the emission of the cervical plug; the onset of regular and worsening contractions over time; spontaneous rupture of membranes (water rupture).

    How is the belly in the second month of pregnancy?

    The belly in the second month of pregnancy

    Belly growth in the second month of pregnancy is still imperceptible. Even if a real hormonal revolution is taking place inside the woman, the embryo is very small and therefore the belly does not grow yet.

    When do you start seeing pregnant belly?

    The first hint of a tummy will be visible starting from the third month. Your breasts and waistline will gradually begin to increase and, over the next 4 weeks, weight gain will be physiological. Nothing strange: your baby is starting to grow!

    What changes between the first and second pregnancy?

    The first pregnancy is made up of long sleeps, shopping for newborns and a lot of time to dedicate to yourself, the second one involves many sleepless nights, trying to chase your baby with an 8 month old baby bump, finding positions to pick up the baby. baby without resting it on his stomach and zero time to ...

    How to speed up the arrival of childbirth?

    13 natural tricks to stimulate your body and start labor
    1. Walk, walk, walk ... ...
    2. Go for a good breaststroke swim. ...
    3. Go up and down the stairs. ...
    4. Get on all fours for ten minutes a day. ...
    5. Make love! ...
    6. Drink raspberry leaf tea. ...
    7. Massage your nipples.

    When do you start shortening the cervix?

    The first signs of dilation come in the prodromal phase, when you lose the mucous plug. It is a state that lasts from 4 to 6 hours: the cervix shortens and passes from a dilation of 2-3 centimeters up to 5 centimeters.

    What to eat to stimulate contractions?

    In general, foods rich in fiber, and therefore enemies of constipation, are useful for freeing the intestine and rectum (prunes, nuts, fruits and vegetables) and help in the final phase of gestation and also to start labor.

    How many hours of labor can you do?

    Normal labor usually begins within 2 weeks (before or after) of the expected date of delivery. In the case of the first pregnancy, labor generally lasts an average of 12-18 h; subsequent labor is often shorter, averaging 6-8 h.

    What can the pain of childbirth be compared to?

    Some women report pain very similar to that of severe renal colic. An intense and piercing pain that can travel from the back to the pubis. Others tell me the same type of pain but characterized by its extent.

    How long does it take between labor and delivery?

    However, on average the duration of labor and delivery is about 18 hours for the first birth, and 12 hours for the following ones.

    How is the belly in the third month of pregnancy?

    Third month of pregnancy, belly

    In the third month of pregnancy, the belly begins to show. It widens the waist a little and increases the breasts. Mum's weight increases, which by the end of the 12th week may have gained about 1-2 kg.

    How is the belly at the 4th month of pregnancy?

    Belly at 4 months

    The belly begins to be more visible, developing forward over the course of the fourth month. The body gradually begins to change. Right in the fourth month, some women may notice the appearance of a darker vertical line that starts from the navel and goes all the way down to the pubis.

    What does the belly look like in the first month of pregnancy?

    In the first month of pregnancy, the woman may feel greater pressure in the lower abdomen, a sort of cramps that affect the entire pubic area. Also you may notice swelling of the belly and also of the breasts.

    What does it feel like two months pregnant?

    Among the symptoms that can be felt during the second month of pregnancy is the typical nausea and sometimes even vomiting. Probably greater fatigue; some women feel extreme exhaustion and are very sleepy. The breasts often increase in size as they become more sensitive and may ache.

    When does a pregnant belly start to grow?

    In the nine months of gestation the belly grows with a certain progression. Then around the 28th week, it makes a major growth 'spurt' and becomes a real baby bump. This baby bump will still grow and will accompany the woman until the end of the pregnancy.

    Like the baby at 2 months of pregnancy?

    It is about 2 centimeters long and weighs 2 grams. The face is rounded and takes on a more human aspect. The neck connects the head to the body. Other developments: the semicircular canals of the ear, the palate, the valves of the heart and the nerve cells of the retina.

    How did you feel the day before the birth?

    The contractions of labor are like real cramps in the belly and back, of a certain intensity. The belly becomes harder and harder and back pain may intensify. You can feel tension in the abdominals, strong pressure at the bottom, cramps in the hips.

    How long does the prodromal stage last?

    First stage: the prodromal phase of childbirth

    It is a preparation phase, in which the mother's tissues prepare for the passage and exit of the baby. Overall, it can last from a few hours to a few days: it is difficult to know when it starts, because it is not always characterized by precise signals.

    How long did the prodrome lasted for you?

    They are the so-called "prodrome of labor", they are basically contractions that prepare the uterus for the actual birth. These often irregular contractions can last for days, and sometimes even weeks, before the baby is ready to be born in earnest.

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