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    What is marble grit?

    What is marble grit?

    Known throughout the world with different names (terrazzo tiles, baldosa ...), grit is one of the first materials created thanks to the recycling of waste from marble and stone processing, bound with cement, colored with natural oxides and mixed with water.

    How to clean marble grit floors?

    To clean the grit floor, take care to use a damp cloth and a detergent with a neutral pH. From time to time, to give your floor a more polished look, use wax. This operation should be done every 2/3 months.

    What are the tiles?

    Slab consisting of a layer of cement conglomerate and a surface layer of cement mixed with marble grit. - various colors can be obtained by painting the cement mortar and using various types of marble. Slabs are mainly used for floors.

    How to combine grit floors?

    To the nuances of the grit, combine furniture in light wood, copper, coral or mint and then add a few touches of black. The other furnishings must have neutral and decidedly soft tones. To furnish with dark floors I have already written an article about it.

    How to recover a grit floor?

    Recover a grit floor

    If very worn, it will require roughing, i.e. a deep cleaning of the surface. After that, washing and grouting will be required, followed by sanding.

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    How to grout terrazzo floors?

    The grouting of the grits is carried out to restore the damaged joints. It is carried out with a very liquid water and cement-stucco grout, to allow the stucco to penetrate better into the spaces between one grit and the next.

    How to polish a marble grit floor?

    Denatured alcohol

    Then pass it on the floor and let it act for a while. After that, rinse with warm water. Your marble grit floor will be as shiny as the first day!

    What to combine with cement tiles?

    The combination of cement tiles and parquet or wood-effect porcelain stoneware is perfect for warm and welcoming vintage environments, while the combination with concrete or resin-effect stoneware is ideal for creating contemporary spaces with a modern or "industrial" design .

    How to enhance an ugly floor?

    By covering a part of the entrance with white brushed MDF matchboard with horizontal slats and fixing a wooden plank to the wall that acts as a seat on three sides, you can create a relaxation area illuminated by the window.

    How to choose the color of the floor at home?

    It will be sufficient to harmonize the color of the walls by choosing turtledove if the dark floor has veins or shades that tend to beige or tones more full of red if we have chosen a walnut floor and finally light gray if you have chosen a stoneware is inspired by cement.

    How much does the grit floor cost?

    The prices of these tiles can vary from 10 to 12 per tile upwards based on the decoration and value. The price of a grit floor is around € 50 per square meter, the cost varies according to the size and thickness.

    How is the grit made?

    Known throughout the world with different names (terrazzo tiles, baldosa ...), grit is one of the first materials created thanks to the recycling of waste from marble and stone processing, bound with cement, colored with natural oxides and mixed with water.

    How to polish old floors?

    To avoid losing the original shine, it is good to clean an old grit floor with degreasing products with a neutral pH and then it is good practice to apply a wax that creates a glossy layer to make the tiles shiny and shiny.

    How to polish the floor without a polisher?

    Polishing very dull home marbles without a polisher

    Proceed by dissolving two tablespoons of baking soda in a bucket of hot water together with half a glass of salt and a measuring cup of liquid Marseille soap. The compound created must be passed on all surfaces and left to dry.

    How to clean an old marble floor?

    Ordinary cleaning of surfaces, not only in marble but also in granite, (of bathrooms, kitchens, worktops, etc.), must be done simply with Marseille soap. Pass a soft damp sponge on the soap and then rub the marble, granite or stone. Then just rinse with a damp cloth.

    How to match the floor color?

    Focus on light and dark contrast

    If you are looking for a strong effect, which is impactful for those who enter the room, then focus on the contrast between dark colors and light colors. The floor can be dark and the walls light or vice versa: the effect you will get will surely be unique.

    How to combine light floor?

    Light floor

    Choose doors in shades of white, gray, dove gray or natural wood. Don't opt ​​for colored doors as you may get tired.

    How to combine white flooring?

    In this case it is better to opt for neutral colors such as classic white, ivory, a refined light gray or in any case choose a shade in the lighter version that recalls one of the colors present in the floor motifs.

    How to grout the cement tiles?

    Grouting of cement tiles

    - Fill the joints with a spatula, taking care not to spread the grout on the surface of the cement tiles. - Remove excess sealant immediately with a damp rag. - Do not use acids to remove any grout stains on cement tiles.

    How to clean stains on grit floors?

    First we need to dilute the white vinegar in hot water and then we can use it to wash our grit floor. If we notice particular stains, we can leave it to act for a few minutes before proceeding with rinsing and finally drying the floor.

    How is the grit polished?

    If you have to polish your grit floor, you will therefore have to perform a thorough degreasing of the floor, using however detergents with a medium pH, and avoiding products that are too acidic and aggressive, which can ruin the shine and integrity of the surface layers of the grits.

    How to polish the marble floor?

    With 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a little bit of water added a little at a time, you will get a creamy paste to be applied with a thin layer over the entire marble surface. Do not scrub, but leave for about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water.

    How to fill the holes in the marble?

    Typically the cracks and crevices are filled with a specific and waterproof silicone, passing the surface with sandpaper of a fairly fine grain. However, it is possible to grout the marble even without polishing it.

    How is Sintolit used?

    Sintolit is a bi-component mastic, the hardener used is about 3% which is mixed with the mastic. Apply to the marble to be glued after about 4/5 minutes the setting begins, with a well-sharpened spatula you have to remove and cut the excess mastic, wait a few hours to sand if necessary ...

    How to grout the travertine thresholds?

    The grouting of the travertine surfaces is carried out by sprinkling the material with a liquid substance which is then subsequently dried, completely covering the holes and sealing them to perfection. Depending on the substance used, a different visual effect will be obtained.

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