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    What is needed for nail reconstruction with monophasic gel?

    What is needed for nail reconstruction with monophasic gel?

    Need for nail reconstruction:

    • Stainless steel leather pusher.
    • Cuticle softener (Cuticle Remover)
    • First.
    • Single-phase gel.
    • cleanser.

    What are the products to use for nail reconstruction?

    Needed for nail reconstruction
    • UV lamp.
    • first.
    • cleaner.
    • lime.
    • nail brick buffer.
    • tips for stretching.
    • nail glue.
    • cuticle oil.

    Which gel is used for crowning?

    What kind of gel to use

    If I want to create the camber of an elongation I will use a medium / high density gel to give greater resistance to the structure, vice versa I will use a low density gel for a camber on a covering of natural nails, as they do not require high thickness.

    How is biphasic gel used?

    HOW TO USE: With a flat brush, take a light amount of product and spread it over the entire surface of the nail as if it were an adhesion mediator and cure in the UV lamp 120 seconds. Do not remove the dispersion layer.

    What does it take to make a gel cast?

    Here is what you need:
    1. a 100/150 “thick” grain file.
    2. a 180/200 fine-grained file.
    3. a Buffer.
    4. a cuticle oil.
    5. an orange stick.
    6. a brush.
    7. a disinfectant.
    8. degreaser (Cleaner)

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    What is gel casting?

    Mainly known as Gel Nail Polish. The Nail Gel Casting is none other than the Application of Nails Gel for Reconstruction, such as Builder Gels, monophasic etc ..

    How to do gel nails yourself?

    With a cloth, wipe your nails with some cleansing gel and let it dry for 15 seconds.
    1. Apply the gel primer. The gel primer is just like its name; primes the nails by creating an additional adhesive layer ready for gel polish application. ...
    2. Apply the color gel. ...
    3. Apply the polish.

    What is biphasic gel?

    The biphasic builder gel is a type of gel that combines the base and builder phase, excluding the final sealing and polishing phase. The biphasic method is the least common because it has the same effectiveness as the monophasic, but with one phase less.

    What is the difference between biphasic and monophasic gel?

    The monophasic gel is therefore a builder that can be used simultaneously as a base, crowning and sealant in a single phase, while the biphasic can be used for two phases, just as the triphasic is specific only for one work phase.

    How is monophasic nail gel used?

    Monophasic Gel: Steps to follow
    1. To wash hands.
    2. Remove the cuticles: you must carefully apply the Cuticle Remover on the cuticles, leave it to act for a minute, and then remove the cuticles with the skin pusher very gently. ...
    3. File the free edge and dull the nail plate with 180 file.

    What is used for crowning?

    The top coat is one of the most important tools that a Nail Specialist must learn to use. ... The application of the gel requires a skilled and expert hand, able to spread the product without creating accumulations and creating the right crown on the nail, for protection and an impeccable aesthetic result.

    How is the builder gel applied?

    Modeling. In the first phase of applying the builder gel, it is necessary to have the appropriate brush for modeling the gel; then you will have to take a small amount of product and place it gently in the center of your nail and with circular movements you will have to create a ball.

    What does self-leveling gel mean?

    A gel that once applied with the right technique begins to take almost the desired shape even if not definitively takes the name of self-leveling, this type of gel helps us a lot and saves us a lot of final filing.

    How to do the nail reconstruction at home with a map?

    Now let's see all the steps for nail reconstruction with map.
    1. Position the Map so that it also adheres well to the sides and under the nail.
    2. Spread the Promoter all over the nail.
    3. Apply a thin layer of Gel spreading it all over the nail without touching the cuticle. ...
    4. Cure the gel in the UV lamp.

    How much does it cost to do a nail reconstruction?

    The average cost is around 100 euros: obviously this is an indicative price, which can vary depending on the beauty center. In some it can cost a little less (around 70-80 euros), in others even more than 100. At the most, however, it reaches 140 euros, in the most professional centers.

    How to do the reconstruction steps?

    ◾️ What are the steps for nail reconstruction
    1. preparation of the natural nail.
    2. shape the nail.
    3. place the nail form (map)
    4. application of color and decoration.
    5. finishing.

    What is the difference between triphasic and monophasic gel?

    CONCLUSION: A monophasic gel could be used as a base, builder and sealant. ... A three-phase system involves the use of a specific base, a three-phase or monophasic builder, a specific sealant.

    What changes between triphasic and monophasic gel?

    What changes between monophasic and triphasic gel

    There is in fact no overwhelming difference whether you choose to use monophasic nail gel or triphasic gel. These are the same compositions, but in the mono version, also called 3 in 1 what you need is all mixed together.

    What is the monophasic constructor used for?

    As we have just seen, the monophasic gel is one of the products specially designed to carry out the reconstruction of the nails or for the gel coverage of natural nails. ... Later as a real builder gel, in order to restructure the nail. In the final stage as a polisher and sealant.

    What is a builder gel?

    The UV Builder Gel is an indispensable product that is applied to create the curvature of the nail during nail reconstruction, to cover the natural nail, to reconstruct and to perform extensions with a mold or tip. It must be applied with a UV gel brush.

    What is the UV gel used for?

    The base uv gel is a cosmetic product, essential if you have chosen to undertake a three-phase nail reconstruction. Its function is to increase the adhesion between the natural nail with the nail primer or adhesion promoter and the modeling gel or Acrygel.

    How to apply gel polish?

    How to apply and remove gel polish

    First apply the clear base on the perfectly filed and clean nail, let it dry for 15 seconds in the UV lamp to cure and fix the nail polish. Then do two coats of color, and finish with the top coat, drying the nails in the oven with each draft.

    How much does it cost to do gel nails?

    The prices of nail reconstruction with acrylic made at a specialized beauty center range from about € 30 to € 50, while the reconstruction with gel can cost from € 40 to € 60. The various touch-ups can cost from 5 to 15 euros depending on the intervention to be performed.

    How is Polygel applied?

    Apply the Acid Primer, let it air dry for 30 seconds, and then the Frida Gel Base, cure it and then degrease. Apply the Nail Form to the nail and take the necessary amount of product from the Poly-Acrigel tube (using the spatula), forming a ball and placing it in the center of the nail.

    What is the difference between casting and semi-permanent?

    Compared to the semi-permanent, the removal is much more difficult, you need special equipment and experience for filing (avoiding chipping the sheet or reducing it to a minimum. The casting is much more resistant than the semi-permanent (in some cases even 30 days) , it depends on the subjects.

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