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    What is rollover?

    What is rollover?

    The overturning of a socket is a physical operation, which is proposed as an additional service to be paid by the customer during the installation of the router and of a new line based on Fiber (FTTH and FTTC) or on ADSL if the telephone is conveyed via VOIP .

    How to get more phones with fiber?

    if you want to call with more than one telephone you can use a multi-base cordless phone. Connect the base of the main cordless phone to the modem port and the other bases to the power sockets in the rooms where you want to use them.

    How to avoid the overturning of the sockets?

    This intervention, as we have already said, serves in fact to make the phones work in the various telephone sockets that we already have at home even with a new generation subscription. To prevent the sockets from overturning, simply replace the old telephone with one or more comfortable cordless devices.

    How to mount the optical fiber in the house?

    From the central, through the distribution to the fiber optic connection in the house. An optical socket is installed inside your apartment, with its optical connector and from this a cable called an optical strap will start to be connected to the modem.

    What does overturning mean?

    The overturning of the sockets serves to make all the telephone sockets present in the system work if the telephone service is of the VoIP type, therefore it is offered at the output of the dedicated ports of the Router.

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    How do you do the overturning of the sockets?

    The overturning of the telephone sockets consists in placing them all in parallel with the modem installed, ie positioning the mother telephone socket at the same level as the others.

    How to overturn the telephone line?

    How is the telephone sockets overturned?
    1. Open the main telephone socket and disconnect the rest of the system from this socket. ...
    2. Connect the wires that we have disconnected from the main socket to a second socket (taken in the center in the image) and connect the rest of the system to this;

    What does the Telecom technician do when he comes home for Fiber?

    The technician CHECK that your telephone line is ready for the activation of the requested service. REMEMBER to always leave the Modem on in order to use the home telephone. ... DELIVERS you the Fiber Modem ready to navigate. CONNECT the Modem and Phones.

    How much does it cost me to bring fiber optics home?

    According to Selectra's analysis, the switch would cost around 160 euros if the modem was paid in installments for 24 months, or even 210 euros if for 48 months.

    How to get the optical fiber?

    In reality, it is not possible to request the installation of the optical fiber directly, but it is an automatic operation carried out by the providers: when the operator covers a Municipality or an area, it will therefore be possible to activate one of the offers in optical fiber of the price list.

    How to connect two phones in the house?

    It is sufficient to interpose a decoupler between each telephone and its socket and privacy is ensured. A decoupler is needed for each telephone station that is to be protected from intrusion, so several telephones, answering machines, fax machines and modems can be connected together.

    How to connect multiple phones to the modem?

    Connect multiple phones in VoIP in VDSL

    Connect (if necessary) the first telephone to socket 2 (Telephone or Phone or Line) behind the router / modem, while to socket 1 (Telephone or Phone or Line) we connect an RJ11 telephone cable to be inserted into the Voice (or Phone) socket of the filter used.

    How do you know which is the main telephone socket?

    Re: Recognize the main telephone socket in the home system. Generally it is the one near the entrance door because the twisted pair enters from there. However, disconnect two poles and see if you have azzittiyo all the sockets. If you have disconnected the main twisted pair.

    How many telephone sockets in the house?

    in real estate units up to 100 square meters, for level 3, 3 telephone / data sockets are sufficient; in the real estate units over 100 square meters, for levels 1 and 2, 3 telephone / data sockets are sufficient; in real estate units up to 100 square meters, for level 3, 4 telephone / data sockets are sufficient.

    What is the optical socket?

    The fiber optic socket is needed to connect the fiber router and when you activate a new fiber contract on the FTTH line, but also on the FTTC line, it is good to have a clear idea right away about where exactly you want to install the Fiber modem router.

    How to disconnect the telephone system?

    To "overturn" (dissect) the system correctly, you have to keep in mind only two simple rules: The incoming cable with the VDSL signal must go directly to the modem / router, without any branches before or after (performance decreases because they create interference by reflecting the signal)

    How long does it take for the technician to install the fiber?

    The duration of the intervention is approximately 2/3 hours. This time starts from the moment the technician arrives at the customer's home. The activities at the customer's home are: Installation of the optical stud.

    How long does it take for technician Tim to activate the fiber?

    As for the connection times of the optical fiber line, these are normally around two weeks, in practice the time to make an appointment with the technician.

    What does the technician do to activate the telephone line?

    What will the technician do at my location (office / home)? The technician will test the line on the main telephone socket using, where possible, the existing system or installing a new ad hoc socket.

    Which socket to connect the fiber modem to?

    Using a socket with two RJ11 ports (you can find it for a few euros), connect the twisted pair coming from the drop to one of the two ports of the socket, and the modem is then connected to this port.

    How to connect Wind fiber modem to the phone?

    connect the modem to the fiber socket or to the electrical socket. connect the white telephone cord with gray ends to the socket. insert the power supply into the power port. use the LAN cable to connect your device to the modem or enter the Wi-Fi password.

    How much does the overturning of the sockets cost?

    The cost of overturning the sockets is variable. It can be performed by a technician of the telephone operator with whom we subscribe an ADSL or Fiber tariff, and has a variable cost (with Tiscali it costs 29 euros, with Vodafone 79 euros, while with other operators it is still different).

    How is a telephone system built?

    The domestic telephone system consists of connections set up in a building to create connection points for fixed telephony. ... The telephone pair consists of two conductors twisted together (twisted or "twisted").

    Where do telephone cables go?

    For public utility systems (public or private declared of public utility by decree) the wires and cables can pass - even without the owner's consent - both over public or private properties and in front of the sides of buildings where there are no windows or other openings.

    How to connect a second telephone with the Fastweb modem?

    In the socket at the top you put the modem in the modem output of the filter, while the telephone you put it on the telephone output of the filter. In the socket at the bottom put the ADSL filter and connect only the telephone to the telephone outlet of the filter.

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