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    What is the largest dinosaur that ever lived?

    What is the largest dinosaur that ever lived?

    Argentinosaurus (Argentinosaurus huinculensis) is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs discovered in Argentina by Guillermo Heredia. Its considerable size would make it, according to some scholars, the largest dinosaur ever found.

    What is the largest dinosaur that ever lived?

    The biggest one? Although "cousin" of the famous Apatosaurus, the estimate of Bruhathkayosaurus is incredible: a length of 40-44 meters for a weight between 175 and 220 tons.

    How tall is the Argentinosaurus?

    The new species, according to the calculations of paleontologists, was 40 meters long and 20 meters high, like a six-story building. Its weight was about 77 tons, as much as 14 elephants or a modern tank. To date, the largest dinosaur ever, the Argentinosaurus, weighed an estimated seventy tons.

    How big was the largest dinosaur?

    The Argentine giant

    It is estimated that giant titanosaurs, with very high necks and very long tails, could measure up to 20 or 25 meters and weigh more than 40 tons (up to over 100 tons), and had pillar-shaped legs.

    What is the worst enemy of the Diplodocus?

    The Allosaurus was a fearsome predator and Diplodocus' greatest enemy. This predator was about nine meters tall and ambushed its prey. He was ambushed because we must not forget that we are talking about one of the longest dinosaurs.


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    What dinosaur is the diplodocus?

    Diplodocus ("diplodocus" Marsh, 1878; common name diplodocus, plural diplodochi) is an extinct genus of sauropod dinosaur from the diplodocid family, whose fossils were found in 1877 by SW Williston.

    When did the diplodocus go extinct?

    Diplodocus carnegii (Hatcher, 1901) is an extinct species of the genus Diplodocus, as well as a new type species of the genus, replacing the species D. longus. This species lived in the Upper Jurassic, approximately 154-152 million years ago, within the Morrison Formation, Wyoming, United States.

    How big is a dinosaur?

    Dinosaurs varied widely in size and weight: the smallest adult theropods were less than a meter long, while the largest sauropod dinosaurs could reach lengths of nearly fifty meters and were tens of meters tall.

    How tall was the Titanosaurus?

    Dimensions. Anatomically describing a Titanosaurus is therefore difficult as many parts of its skeleton are missing. However, it can be assumed that it was 12 to 20 meters long and that with the neck raised it reached more or less 7 meters in height.

    What does Argentinosaurus eat?

    From the researches it was revealed that the dinosaur fed on various vegetation being a herbivorous animal. His favorite diet included palm trees, the same ones that still exist today.

    How many tons does the Argentinosaurus weigh?

    Feeding: vegetable Body length: 22 - 35 meters Height: 13 - 14 meters Weight: 73 tons Did you know that only the argentinosaurus tibia was about 1.55 meters long?

    What are flying dinosaurs?

    Pterosaurs (whose name means "winged lizards") are an extinct order of flying reptiles, which lived throughout the entire Mesozoic, from the Upper Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous, about 230-65 million years ago (Norico-Maastrichtian).

    What is the most famous dinosaur?

    Tyrannosaurus: the T-Rex. In addition to being one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs known to date, Tyrannosaurus Rex, better known as "T. Rex" or "Tyrannosaurus", is probably the most famous dinosaur, thanks to a large media exposure.

    What is the best dinosaur?

    Baptized Max, the gentle giant. It is a dinosaur discovered in the United States, in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming. A relative of the apatosaurus, but with more massive legs.

    What animals spread after the dinosaurs?

    Today the terrestrial giant mammals are those that exceed the ton: elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes. Instead in the alternative evolution of New Zealand, in the absence of terrestrial mammals (which did not come aboard when the archipelago broke away), it was the birds that became giants.

    Why were the dinosaurs so big?

    To limit the loss, especially the large herbivores, they relied on the size. In fact, a large volume tends to disperse heat more slowly. Nonetheless, the size of these reptiles ranged from that of a hen to that of a 5-story building.

    Which dinosaurs had feathers?

    Ultimately, it appears that the earliest feathers are found in the ancestors of pterosaurs and dinosaurs in the Lower Triassic era, approximately 252 million to 247 million years ago.

    How tall was a diplodocus?

    Diplodocus was a huge dinosaur, the longest among those known: the height was 6 meters, the weight of 30 tons, and a specimen found in New Mexico (United States) reached 50 meters in length.

    How long was the Diplodocus' neck?

    Diplodocus characteristics

    The neck of this huge sauropod was held with great strength and musculature in a horizontal position, in fact the mighty neck could measure, in the largest specimens, up to 12 meters in length, equal to the length of an adult T-Rex.

    What does Diplodocus mean?

    - In zoology, a genus of saurischi dinosaurs, to which belongs one of the most gigantic and strange animals that ever existed, Diplodocus carnegiei, which reached a length of 26 meters, lived on the banks of ponds and ate marsh grasses.

    What are carnivorous dinosaurs?

    List of carnivorous dinosaurs
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    • Giganotosaurus.
    • Velociraptor.
    • Allosaurus.
    • Compsognathus.
    • Gallimimus.
    • Albertosaurus.
    • Dilofosauro.

    How much does the Diplodocus weigh?

    The Basel researchers also believe that thanks to the hollow parts, the neck was lighter than previously thought. The diplodocus was a herbivorous dinosaur that lived between 144 and 156 million years ago that reached a total length of 30 meters and weighs twelve tons.

    Where did the Stegosaurus live?

    The stegosaurus armor was complemented by a series of small bony plates embedded in the skin to protect the entire throat. The Stegosaurus probably lived in an open environment where it grazed ferns and shrubs. Remains of Stegosaurus have been found in western North America.

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