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    What is the orthocenter of an obtuse triangle?

    What is the orthocenter of an obtuse triangle?

    we can observe the position of the orthocenter. In acute triangles the orthocenter is ALWAYS INSIDE THE TRIANGLE. In obtuse triangles the heights form a right angle with the opposite side or its extension. The orthocenter is always external to the triangle.

    How do you prove that a triangle is obtuse?

    Like the orthocenter, the circumcenter of an obtuse triangle is also an external point; conversely, if the circumcenter of a triangle is an external point, then the triangle is obtuse.

    How to calculate the internal angles of an obtuse triangle?

    A fundamental law of geometry states that the sum of the three angles of any triangle is equal to 180 °. This means that having measured two of the three angles of a triangle, it is possible to obtain the third by subtracting the sum of the first two angles measured from 180 °.

    How do you calculate the area of ​​an obtuse triangle?

    The area is A = sqrt (t) and the calculation applies to all triangles without exception.

    How to measure orthocenter?

    We draw any triangle ABC and its three heights or the three perpendiculars that start from one vertex and arrive on the opposite side (in orange). As can be observed, they meet at the same point O which will be called the orthocenter of the triangle.


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    In which triangle is the orthocenter always internal?

    In acute triangles the orthocenter is ALWAYS INSIDE THE TRIANGLE. In obtuse triangles the heights form a right angle with the opposite side or its extension. The orthocenter is always external to the triangle.

    How to draw the orthocenter of a right triangle?

    To find the orthocenter, simply trace its three heights. To find the first of the three it is necessary to remember that it has a vertex of the triangle as its extreme and falls perpendicular, forming an angle of 90 °, on the opposite side.

    How do you calculate the area of ​​any triangle?

    Statement: in any triangle the area is given by the product of the length of two sides by the sine of the angle between them, all divided by two.

    How is the area of ​​the scalene rectangle calculated?

    To calculate the area of ​​a scalene triangle, you can divide by 2 the product of the measurement of one side by the measurement of the height relative to it, or use Heron's formula, which requires the measurements of all three sides of the triangle. scalene.

    How to calculate the angles of a right triangle knowing the sides?

    Pythagorean theorem

    In each triangle the sum of two sides is less than a flat angle: BAC <ACD from which adding the angle ACB to both sides, we obtain BAC + ACB <ACD + ACB and therefore, being ACD + ACB = 180 °, without the other is BAC + ACB <180 °.

    How to calculate the angle having the sides?

    Cosine or Carnot's theorem

    In a triangle, the square of the measurement of one side is equal to the sum of the squares of the measurements of the other two, decreased by the double product of the measurements of these two sides by the cosine of the angle between them.

    How do you find the width of an angle?

    It's about the protractor! To use it just make the center of the protractor coincide at the vertex of an angle and the zero of a scale at one of the two sides of the angle. The degree that will result from the crossing of the other side with the protractor will tell us the amplitude of the angle.

    How do you tell if a triangle is acute or obtuse?

    Given a triangle, we will say that it is: acute angle if all its angles are acute; obtuse if it has an obtuse angle; rectangle if it has a right angle.

    Why can an isosceles triangle be obtuse?

    In the case of the isosceles triangle the angles at the base are congruent and in the equilateral triangle all the angles will be congruent. ... Triangles having one of the three obtuse angles (> 90 °) are obtuse angles. An obtuse triangle can only be isosceles or scalene because the angles are not all acute.

    What are the vertices of an obtuse triangle like?

    - in the obtuse triangle the orthocenter is external to the figure; - in the acute triangle the orthocenter is inside the figure; - in the right triangle the orthocenter coincides with the vertex of the right angle.

    How to calculate the area of ​​a triangle without having the height?

    This formula tells us that the AREA of a TRIANGLE is obtained by extracting the SQUARE ROOT of the PRODUCT of its HALF-PERIMETER (P / 2) for the DIFFERENCES between the HALF-PERIMETER and EACH of its SIDES.

    How to calculate the area of ​​a triangle from the perimeter?

    The formula of the perimeter of the isosceles triangle, with a base and two equal sides, can be written like this: P = (a + 2b). The area is calculated as in the other triangles A = (base x height) / 2.

    How many obtuse angles does the obtuse triangle have?

    Definition. The obtuse triangle is that particular type of triangle that has an angle with an amplitude greater than 90 °. Since the sum of the internal angles of a triangle is always equal to 180 °, it means that there will be two acute angles and one obtuse. In the figure you can see a simple example of an obtuse triangle ...

    How do you find the center of a triangle in analytic geometry?

    To determine the coordinates of the center of the triangle, it is necessary to apply this formula: [(axa + bxb + cxc) / 2p]; [(aya + byb + cyc) / 2p]. The terms "xa", "xb", "xc", "ya", "yb" and "yc" are respectively the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle "ABC".

    What is the orthocentre for?

    In geometry, the orthocenter (symbol H, on ETC X4) is the meeting point of the heights of a triangle.

    How to calculate the Orthocenter of a triangle in a Cartesian plane?

    The formula for calculating the orthocenter in analytical geometry
    1. the straight lines corresponding to sides AB, AC and BC are calculated.
    2. The straight line corresponding to the height relative to AB is calculated. ...
    3. Same thing for the height relative to AC.

    How is the Orthocenter of an isosceles triangle located?

    orthocenter is not always in the same position. In an isosceles triangle, the three heights always meet within its area. If the triangle is right, the orthocenter is on the vertex of the right angle. This is because the two legs also act as the height of the triangle.

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