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    What is the selvedge?

    What is the selvedge?

    What is the selvedge?

    The selvedge is the uncut edge of a piece of fabric, the right and left side when it comes out of the hoop. It is created on the lateral edges of a warp when the shuttle, after having placed the weft thread in the shed, returns to the other side.

    What is meant by selvedge?

    [each of the two lateral margins of a piece of fabric] β‰ˆ lyser, edge. ⇑ edge, hem.

    What are the verses of the fabric?

    In hairy fabrics the direction goes in the sense of the warp never in the sense of the weft, that is, downwards. The reverse checked printed fabric often appears elongated compared to the right side.

    How can the selvedges be?

    The Selvedge is always in the part of the warp that highlights the raised fibers, on the reverse side you can see some small holes. A beautiful selvedge is for the fabric what the frame for the picture is. The selvedge must be very straight, without teeth, and have the same tension as the bottom fabric.

    What is the height of the fabric?

    The width in technical language is called height and is variable, the standard measure is 90 cm (one height) but traditionally the fabric can be folded in two (double height: 150 cm) before being wrapped.


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