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    What is the weeder?

    What is the weeder?

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    What is the weeder for?

    The weeder is a small tool usually used for the cultivation of a vegetable garden. We are faced with a very useful tool for eliminating weeds that spontaneously arise in home gardens.

    What is meant by weeding?

    - In agriculture, the operation of weeding, consisting in working the earth superficially for 3-4 cm deep, with the weeder, hoes or weeder, in order to break up the soil and thus activate the breathing of the roots, attenuate the evaporation by capillarity and destroy the weeds; is useful ...

    How is weeding done?

    How to use

    Using the clod-breaker in the vegetable garden is within everyone's reach. Thanks to the handle, you can slide the wheel by exerting a certain pressure. Sufficient inclination must be maintained to allow the blade to enter below the surface layer of the soil.

    How to get rid of weeds in a natural way?

    Whether you use a hoe or a weeder, the classic method to eliminate weeds in the vegetable garden consists of this practice which, in addition to eradicating the weeds, oxygenates the earth by moving the surface clods of the soil, positively influences its water supply and involves countless advantages " indirect ".

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    How to destroy weeds from the garden?

    Methods of controlling the spontaneous plants in the garden
    1. Manual weeding.
    2. Cultivator weeder.
    3. Mulch.
    4. Solarization.
    5. False sowing.
    6. Pyrodyswerb.

    How do you destroy grass?

    To completely eliminate the weeds, including the roots, you need to get a systemic herbicide. These herbicides manage to penetrate the roots, killing the plant altogether. If you plan to use it on your lawn, know that it will kill any type of vegetation on the ground.

    How do you keep the grass from growing?

    Creating ornamental borders or paved paths is a great way to eliminate, or rather, not grow weeds. Hedges, for example, by taking up space and providing shade, hinder the growth of weeds that would otherwise grow with sun and open earth.

    How is flame weeding done?

    How does fire weeding work?

    The fire weeding acts thanks to the heat that generates an open flame, the very high temperature released lasts a very short instant, enough to literally "cook" the wild herbs and thus cause the plant to dry out.

    How to make onions big?

    Your onions will be bigger if you practice the repatching technique. This consists of performing multiple transplants. When the seedlings are ready for the first transplant, uproot them and put them back on the ground in tight rows. After fifteen days, repeat the operation, and then again later.

    When to Weed?


    This technique has no standard rhythms. You can do it whenever you want when you notice that the first unwanted shoots are starting to appear here and there, or that the soil has become too hard.

    What is the use of hoeing the earth?

    A thing served.

    First you hoe to prepare the soil for sowing, breaking the clods and turning the most superficial layer of the soil (about 5-15 cm from the surface). Secondly, the hoe is used to remove weeds by breaking up their roots.

    How to hoe around the plants?

    How to do? Just get a hoe to work the earth around the plant, but use it more gently and lightly to make the soil softer on the surface and make sure you get rid of weeds.

    How do you use a weeder?

    How to use the manual grubber? Simple! In fact, all you have to do is let the grubber penetrate deeply near the weed that you want to eliminate. With a simple twist you will be able to grab the weeds between the blades and pull them out of the ground, with the roots obviously attached.

    When to do the weeding?

    When to do the treatment

    What makes the difference are factors such as the proximity of uncultivated fields, humidity, environment, rainfall and temperature. The first treatment with flame weeding must be done at the vegetative restart, that is at the end of winter. The best period falls between the end of February and the beginning of March.

    How to make a herbicide at home?

    For your natural herbicide you will need: 5 liters of water, about 1 kg of salt and a liter and a half of vinegar. First of all, bring the water to a boil. Add the salt and mix everything well. Then add the vinegar and stir until you have obtained a homogeneous mixture.

    How does a thermal herbicide work?

    How does it work? The heat treatment, by suitably modulating the speed of application and the regulation of the flame, allows not to burn the weed but to burn it in such a way as to obtain only the devitalization and to prevent its regrowth.

    How not to make grass grow under the gravel?

    You can choose more to manually remove the dry part or to let it go away on its own over time. You can also put a layer of tar under the gravel and cover it again with clean gravel. The tar will prevent weeds from growing and developing weeds and annoying shoots.

    How to dry weeds quickly?

    3) Vodka

    In the same style as vinegar, the use of a vodka-based mix is ​​also used to eliminate weeds easily and naturally. Just sprinkle the latter with a mixture of water, vodka and a few drops of dish soap to dry them in a very short time.

    How to use bleach as a herbicide?

    A very diluted bleach solution (2 tablespoons per 2 liters of water) is sprayed on the leaves of the affected plants. To prevent leek moth, some gardeners soak young seedlings in a solution of 1 liter of water and 5cl of bleach before transplanting.

    When does the grass die?

    After you tear off the roots you need to cover the earth again with organic. Thus the weed cannot see the light of day and grows weakly. The weed disappears if you keep it covered for a year.

    How and when to weed grass?

    November is not the best time to do the herbicide treatment against weeds but you have to wait until late spring, when the plant will be in full vegetation, even better if in bloom, as the products to be used are systemic, i.e. products that must be absorbed by the plant and ...

    How to burn the roots of a plant?

    There are many methods of killing it: you can wet it with a saline solution, burn it, constantly deprive it of sunlight, or cut it into pieces.
    Method 3 of 4: Burn the Log
    1. Drill holes in the stub. ...
    2. Pour some kerosene into the holes. ...
    3. Arrange the wood on top of the log. ...
    4. Remove the ash and fill the hole.

    When to remove weeds from the garden?

    Mulching: prevention is better than cure

    The saying “prevention is better than cure” also applies to the vegetable garden and to weeds in particular. Getting rid of weeds is in fact one of the garden jobs that, from spring to autumn, you need to do more often, at least once a week.

    How can you destroy the thorns in the ground?

    Among the solutions that respect the environment and the soil for the elimination of brambles we find a simple homemade mixture made of water, vinegar and salt. It is very simple to prepare: use a liter of hot water, 250 ml of white vinegar and 100 grams of salt.

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