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    What scooter 125 do you recommend?

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    What scooter 125 do you recommend?

    Scooter 125: 10 models to drive with a B license

    1. Kymco Agility 125 R16. - Don't miss the Gazzetta's newsletters. ...
    2. Suzuki Address 110. - The Suzuki Address 110 is a little known scooter. ...
    3. Honda SH 125I ABS 2020. - ...
    4. Honda Forza 125. - ...
    5. Yamaha Xenter 125. — ...
    6. Peugeot Tweet 125. — ...
    7. Sym Symphony S 125. — ...
    8. Piaggio Liberty 125 Abs. -

    What scooter 125 to take?

    TOP The best-selling in the category is the Honda SH 125, also leader in the general sales ranking in the period January-July 2019. Powered by a single cylinder capable of delivering 12 hp at 8.500 rpm and 11 Nm at 6.500 rpm. is able to sprint brio at the traffic lights.

    What are the fastest 125 scooters?

    • Aprilia RS: 34,0 hp at the wheel, 166,7 km / h.
    • Cagiva Mito: 31,2 hp, 166,7 km/h.
    • GFR speed: 29,3 CV, 162,1 km/h.
    • Honda NSR: 32,6 CV, 155,2 km / h.
    • Suzuki RG: 29,1 CV, 162,1 km/h.
    • Yamaha TZR: 32,1 CV, 159,3 km / h.

    What are the cheapest 125 scooters?

    • Yamaha N-Max.
    • Yamaha Xenter.
    • Honda PCX.
    • Honda SH.
    • Kymco Agility.
    • Piaggio Medley.

    What are the most reliable scooters?

    To clarify, we have selected the best ones and listed them in alphabetical order. Here are the best medium displacement scooters.
    • BMW C 400.
    • Honda SH300i and SH350i.
    • Honda Forza 300 and Forza 350.
    • Kawasaki J300.
    • Kymco Downtown 350 TCS.
    • Kymco X-Town CT.
    • Piaggio Beverly 300-400.
    • Suzuki Burgman 400.

    Used scooters | THE 6 BEST 125 cc used UNDER 2.000 euros

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    Which is the most comfortable scooter?

    Motociclismo's answer

    Coming to your question, the recent Suzuki Burgman 400, precisely equipped with progressive linkage, is by far the most comfortable at the rear. Other "top of the range" defend themselves (Honda Forza 300 and the Yamaha X-Max family, for example).

    Which scooter brand is cheaper?

    • Honda SH 150. The “registered” SH is the best seller among high wheels since its debut in 2001. ...
    • Kymco People S 200. ...
    • Peugeot Tweet 150. ...
    • Piaggio Liberty 150. ...
    • Suzuki Burgman 200. ...
    • Suzuki SIXteen. ...
    • SYM Joyride 200. ...
    • SYM Symphony S 150.

    What is the cheapest 125?

    Best quality / price ratio for the Honda CB125F, excellent choices also Brixton and Zontes.
    • Benelli BN 125 2.490 Euro.
    • Brixton Cromwell 125 2.499 Euro.
    • Brixton Felsberg 125 2.699 Euro.
    • Brixton Sunray 125 2.799 Euro.
    • Brixton Rayburn 125 2.999 Euro.
    • Hanway Black Café 2.590 Euro.
    • Hanway Scrambler 125 2.590 Euro.

    How much do you pay for the insurance of a 125?

    Let's say, however, that on average for a 125 scooter it is necessary to spend around 300 euros for an annual insurance.

    Which scooters are the least stolen?

    The models preferred by thieves

    Detached by more than 4.700 units, with 2.094 subtractions, is the Liberty, followed by the Vespa (1.844), Scarabeo (1.726), Beverly (937), T-Max (513). The ranking closes 4 models that, on average, register less than 400 thefts a year, Agility, People, APE and Majesty.

    What's the fastest 125?

    At 41 hp, the Honda RS 125 Streamliner achieved a top speed of 146,77 mph (over 236 km / h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats, setting a new category record. Scott Kolb was aiming for the record of 136,1 mph which he had held for 27 years.

    What speed does the Liberty 125 reach?

    When moving out of town, the characteristics of compactness and lightness put the Liberty 125 a little embarrassed. The vehicle is very stable but you cannot expect too much from the engine: sometimes the starting point and the speed of 95-100 km / h maximum are not sufficient to overtake in total tranquility.

    Which scooter 125 to buy in 2021?

    Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350

    In view of 2021 Honda presents the new Forza 125 and Forza 350. Both scooters have common characteristics such as the design that is not distorted compared to that of the previous models, but which at the same time is completely renewed.

    Which scooter 125 to buy 2020?

    Honda SH 125I ABS 2020

    Definitely one of the best 125 scooters around. The 2020 model sports a Euro 5 engine of almost 45 km / l with the tank moved under the platform and a 28-liter compartment under the saddle.

    How many km can a 125 scooter do per day?

    Have a nice trip and let us know !! I'll answer the opening question: yes, with a 125 you can do 600-650 km.

    How to save on motorcycle insurance 125?

    The last piece of advice we want to give you to save on 125 motorcycle insurance or any other engine size is to take out a policy with the same company with which you insure one or more other vehicles. Insurance companies tend to offer lower premiums when purchasing multiple policies.

    How much do you pay for the insurance of a 125 in Naples?

    In this way, insuring Lorenzo's 125cc in Milan costs 398 euros on both sites. In Rome 575 euros, once again on both comparators. In Naples 1491 or 1506 euros, prices practically equal to the 500cc of the older brother.

    How Much Do I Pay for Car Insurance?

    The average cost of the car liability insurance drops. This was revealed by the Statistical Bulletin of Ivass. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the average price paid for the car policy was 379 euros, down 6,1 percent on an annual basis. 50 percent of policyholders pay less than 339 euros, while 90 percent pay less than 594 euros.

    What is the cheapest scooter 300?

    Peda Motor Super 300: among the cheapest models in the segment, it uses a not particularly powerful 288 cc engine (20 HP); Peda Motor Wind 300: despite being equipped with a 300 cc engine, this low-wheeled scooter is the least powerful in its segment (17,7 HP);

    What motorcycle to buy with 3000 euros?


    How do you scrape a scooter?

    To scrap a scooter, all you have to do is locate the authorized demolition center closest to your home. Since some centers offer free demolition, before proceeding, try to check if there is such a center in your city of residence.

    What is the best scooter 200?

    Scooter with high wheels 200-300cc
    • 7 vices and 7 motorbikes. If the traffic of the cities is hellish, whoever crosses it must also have some sin. ...
    • Geplois 250. ...
    • Sym HD 200f. ...
    • Kymco People S 200. ...
    • Aprilia Scarabeo 250 IE. ...
    • Yamaha X-City 250. ...
    • Honda SH300i. ...
    • Piaggio Carnaby 200.

    What is the best scooter 400?

    The best scooters of medium displacement 300-350-400
    • Kawasaki J300.
    • Kymco Downtown 350 TCS.
    • Kymco X-Town CT.
    • Piaggio Beverly 300-400.
    • Suzuki Burgman 400.
    • SYM Maxsym 400.
    • Vespa GTS 300.
    • Yamaha XMax.
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