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    What to do with the cotton tape?

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    What to do with the cotton tape?

    You work with the webbing: bags

    1. The bag with rigid handles. ...
    2. The elegant bag with intertwined handles. ...
    3. The pochette for the sea. ...
    4. The all pink bag for the sea. ...
    5. Sling bag for summer. ...
    6. The clutch bag with chain handle. ...
    7. The crochet backpack. ...
    8. The perforated bag.

    What to do with tape and crochet?

    With tape and crochet you can make pretty baskets for the home: you can indulge yourself in creating all the shapes and colors that we like best. They can be useful for storing toys, balls, newspapers and everything that comes to mind.

    How much tape do you need to make a basket?

    Since the fuchsia ribbon was thicker to make the base, I only did 6 rounds with the same pattern as the white basket and 8 rounds for the height. For the small fuchsia basket you need only 3 base turns and 2 of height, it measures 12 cm in width and 5 cm in height.

    How much tape for a carpet?

    How much tape do I need to make a rug? To make a medium-sized rug, we need about 3 kilos of tape.

    How many meters of tape for a bag?

    How much do you need to make a bag

    An average bag in crochet webbing should not weigh more than 800 / 900gr (and that already seems enough to me). Lately you can find on the market the stretch tulle tape which is very light and particularly suitable for making bags.

    webbing with t-shirts

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    What can be done with the sling?

    You work with the webbing: bags
    1. The bag with rigid handles. ...
    2. The elegant bag with intertwined handles. ...
    3. The pochette for the sea. ...
    4. The all pink bag for the sea. ...
    5. Sling bag for summer. ...
    6. The clutch bag with chain handle. ...
    7. The crochet backpack. ...
    8. The perforated bag.

    How to make a hard bag bottom?

    What you need to do to have a rigid bottom bag is to simply cut out from the cardboard (or whatever you have decided to use) the shape of the base of the bag and make a lining in which to slip it.

    How to make a DIY carpet?

    To make a DIY circular rug, you can use a hula hoop. It is covered with recycled fabric and then, with other fabrics to be recycled (for example old T-shirts), weaves are created from the outside towards the inside, until the entire internal area of ​​the circle is filled.

    How to make a basket for the birth?

    How to line a baby basket: create the patterns
    1. Draw the inner circle of the basket on the sheet of paper.
    2. Do the same with the outer circle.
    3. Take the measure of the internal sides, in height and in maximum width.
    4. Do the same thing with the sides and the circumference of the outside of the basket.

    How to starch crochet baskets?

    for each tablespoon of water, you need to use 3 tablespoons of vinyl glue. Dissolve the glue with water and immerse your work keeping it in the liquid until it is well impregnated. Blow on the work to avoid that some spaces are blocked by the glue, shape it and let it dry.

    What can be done with crochet?

    Bags, sweaters, tops, bandanas, sandals, necklaces, earrings, placemats, flowers: here are many original summer crochet works to copy, fresh, colorful and easy to do.

    What can be done with cotton?

    Cotton fabrics are widely used in both clothing and furniture:
    1. denim, used to make jeans;
    2. chintz, printed and shiny hand.
    3. sponge, used for making bath towels;
    4. seersucker, with a rippled surface;
    5. bandera cloth, used for the embroidery of the same name;

    How to make a sling with a shirt?

    Enlarge the shirt to work on the middle and cut diagonally from the second strip below to the first strip above and so on to the end of the strips. This system allows to obtain a unique yarn without even a knot.

    How to cover a basket with tulle?

    The procedure first of all involves adding the tulle along the entire basket, and then putting special ribbons along the entire handle of the basket. Then, the bows and flowers are taken and glued directly onto the tulle basket, again using hot glue.

    What to do with a wicker basket?

    1) they can become containers, simple yet fascinating: laundry holder in the bathroom, a container for storing pillows and blankets in the living room or bedroom; magazine racks, umbrellas, toys or containers useful for holding whatever you need. Convenient for storing in the hallway.

    What to put under the carpet to keep it from slipping?

    Simply take a silicone gun, turn the carpet and apply a series of parallel strips. We let it dry and lay on the floor. We will no longer put our joints at risk. Alternatively, we always have adhesive strips available.

    How do you wash the carpets?

    Dip a soft brush or sponge into the water with the vinegar, and then rub gently following the direction of the fabric or fringes. Rinse well with water and then remove the excess with the help of a brush. Let the carpet dry in the sun.

    What can you put under the rugs to keep from slipping?

    Glue or putty

    Caulking and gluing can also hold the carpet in place. You can use hot glue and acrylic latex putty if you choose to use this method.

    Where to buy thermoset for bags? thermoset for bags.

    How to stiffen a leather bag?

    To harden the skin you have to alter its structure on a molecular level.
    Dip the skin in boiling water.
    1. After the first minute you should already see the skin darken and wrinkle.
    2. The more the leather remains immersed in water, the more its degree of hardness will increase.

    What number of crochet hooks for the sling?

    To start the work with the tape you will need a large crochet hook, usually the most used is the number 10 and, of course, the tape.

    How much raffia does it take to make a bag?

    To make a walking bag, get about 6 reels of 25-gram raffia and a No.

    How to recycle cotton t-shirts?

    You can cut them into the shape you like best and join the various parts with the sewing machine. After that, you can put your cushions on sofas, on your pet's bed or wherever you like. Look for different shapes of pillows and cover them. You can cover them with cotton, cloth or any soft material.

    What to do with the old sheets?

    The sheets that for various reasons have shrunk (it happens), can become:
    1. sheets for a single bed. ...
    2. tablecloths for everyday lunch (I repeat: everyday lunch ... ...
    3. duvet covers for the children's bed. ...
    4. nice tablecloths for your picnics. ...
    5. carpets.

    How to recover a t shirt?

    You can use vinegar to revive the colors of a faded shirt without worrying about the persistence of the vinegar smell. Acetic acid (vinegar) is extremely volatile so you will feel that marked smell for a few hours as long as you air the garment well, so avoid the dryer for this operation.

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