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    What to use to whiten whites?

    What to use to whiten whites?

    Composed of bicarbonate and water: In a bowl combine 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate in 1 liter of warm water, immerse the items and leave to soak for at least 1 hour. Then proceed with a classic wash with a minimum temperature of 40 ° and leave to dry outdoors.

    How do you get white leaders back?

    To make your clothes white again, you simply have to pour three tablespoons of baking soda into a basin containing hot water and then leave your clothes to soak. For a more effective effect, you can also dilute half a glass of vinegar.

    How to remove yellowing from whites?

    In a basin pour half a glass of vinegar and lemon juice and immerse the items to be washed. After about half an hour of soaking, rinse and prepare another bowl with just lemon slices. In this way, the smell of vinegar will disappear and your clothes will be whiter and shinier than before.

    How to whiten whites in the washing machine?

    We put half a cup of distilled white vinegar in the washing machine drum with the usual white load. We wash as usual using detergent and following the instructions for the care of the garment. In addition to returning white and shiny, our garments will be sanitized and incredibly soft.

    How to whiten clothes with bicarbonate?

    For white and shiny garments, even in the case of yellowed garments, add 1/2 cup of baking soda when the washing machine has filled the water completely, so that it can dissolve well, and proceed with the normal wash.

    How to whiten laundry without bleach: here are 4 natural methods!

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    How to whiten a graying garment?

    Method: pour 4 liters of warm enough water with 115 g of baking soda into a sink or bowl and mix well until the baking soda is completely dissolved. Dip yellowed or graying cloths in this solution, making sure each garment stays submerged. Leave to soak for about 8 hours.

    How to remove stains from a white shirt that has turned pink?

    Soak the stained clothing for 8 hours in a solution of bleach and cold water. Repeat the washing in the washing machine again. It is very important to NEVER dry your clothes before removing the color.

    How to whiten a gray garment in the washing machine?

    In fact, the ash is needed, which must be filtered with a sieve to remove the coal. Then you have to put a glass of this ash in the tub with lots of hot water in which the graying white garments are to be soaked. After about 30 minutes, the laundry can be washed in the washing machine: white is guaranteed!

    How do whites wash?

    White garments, depending on the fabric, can be washed at 30 °, 40 ° or 60 °. Usually, the ideal washing temperature for not too dirty whites is 30 ° - 40 °. Synthetic fibers should always be washed at 30 °, or even cold.

    How to bleach whites?

    That's how:
    1. put the stained whites in a large bowl full of water (10 liters), add 1 glass of bleach and leave them to soak for at least 1 hour;
    2. clean the washing machine with a damp cloth to remove any color residues left in the drum;

    How to remove yellow spots from white t-shirt?

    Create a solution consisting of one tablespoon of carbonate and three of water and sprinkle it on the yellow areas to be treated. Rub and let it act. Then wash in the washing machine with a mild detergent that has whitening power: you will have your shiny white t-shirt again.

    How to whiten sheets yellowed by time?

    The secret to removing the yellow from sheets and linen is, instead, to immerse the garment in a basin. The same must contain hot water, salt and lemon. Lemon can also be replaced by baking soda and salt can be coarse (two tablespoons for every liter of water).

    How to whiten a white garment that has turned pink?

    Then prepare the washing machine or a basin and add a cup of distilled vinegar into the wash. If the pink stain persists, soak the stained clothing in a solution of water and vinegar overnight. Then, proceed with the washing and ... your clothes will be bright white again!

    How to wash delicate whites in the washing machine?

    At the end of the washing cycle, keep the white clothes to soak in the washing machine for 3 or 4 hours, then proceed with the spin cycle. If you decide to wash delicate items in the washing machine, remember that the water temperature must be lower, within 30-40 degrees.

    How to whiten white T shirts?

    What you have to do is pour half a glass of vinegar into a basin of water and lemon juice, leaving the clothes to soak for about half an hour, then wash and soak your shirt or shirt in a basin with some lemon slices that will take away the strong vinegar smell.

    How to wash white and colored items together?

    To put it simply, if you have a white and a colored t-shirt to wash, the two shouldn't fit in the washing machine drum together. The whites must therefore be separated from the colored ones and it is necessary to do two separate washing cycles.

    How to whiten synthetic clothes?

    To whiten the yellowed synthetic fabric (or simply to bring out the white), soak the fabric with 1 sachet of chemical baking powder (the one for dessert) in warm water a few pieces of Marseille soap (better if grated), or yeast , water and Marseille soap paste.

    Why do whites with bleach turn pink?

    This is because in reality, what happens when a fabric comes into contact with bleach, is a real chemical reaction that leads to the alteration of the starting color of the fabric which therefore becomes completely compromised.

    How to remove colors that have transferred to the laundry?

    Pour in 240ml of white vinegar or, if the laundry label says it's possible, 60ml of bleach. add 4 liters of water and leave to soak for half an hour. Rinse and wash your clothes. After this 30-minute treatment, rinse the fabrics with cold water and put them in the washing machine.

    How to fix the color transfer?

    Remove the offending garment from the laundry, and wash the stained clothing again in cold water. Often the color spots disappear in the wash. Pre-treat remaining stains with heavily soiled liquid laundry detergent. Wash again in cold water.

    How to bleach a garment with bleach?

    For even discoloration, soak your garment in a solution of equal parts hot water and bleach, ideal for effectively bleaching colored fabrics. Check carefully the effect gradually obtained, because the bleach can be too aggressive or discolor the fabric too much.

    How to whiten polyester fabrics?

    To whiten whites, soak the fabric in a mixture made with half a glass of dish soap in 4 liters of hot water, and leave it to act overnight. Then wash as usual (see step 2) but adding 1/2 cup of vinegar for the final rinse.

    How to whiten a white garment that has become blue?

    Soak the garment with a solution consisting of 1 glass of vinegar for every 2 liters of water and let it act for an hour. Then rinse with water and coarse salt, then let it dry in the air but not in contact with direct sunlight.

    How to remove the faded color on white garments?

    How to remove stains of faded color?
    1. Place the garment in a basin.
    2. Add vinegar and ice.
    3. Leave it to soak for an hour.
    4. Proceed with normal washing in the washing machine.

    How to whiten the white part of a black and white dress?

    Proceed as follows: in a plastic bowl dilute a tablespoon of bleach with three tablespoons of warm water. Take a cotton ball and wet it in the liquid, squeezing it lightly. Now rub the stains gently, being careful not to go beyond the white area.

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